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Tannic Acid

What does Tannic Acid do for the body

Tannic acid is a Polyphenol. It is a form Tannin and has mild Acidic property. It helps to eliminate digestive disorders and control various kinds of Internal Bleeding. Tannic Acid has strong Antibacterial property which helps to remove harmful bacteria from the body.

Benefits of Tannic Acid
Tannic Acid is beneficial for the overall health. It helps to treat the following diseases :
Asthma in Children
Internal hemorrhoids
Urinary Disorders
Bowel Diseases
Colon Infection
Skin Allergy

Functions of Tannic Acid
Tannic acid adds moisture to the skin and makes the skin firm. It removes the dead skin cells and restores the Skin elasticity. Tannic Acid reduces the puffiness of the Eyes. Tannic acid helps in the proper digestion of the food and bowel movement. This cures digestive disorder such as Diarrhea. Tannic Acid treats Cold Sores, Fever Blisters and Sore Throat. It cures Bloody Urine and Luekorrhea.

Effect of Tannic Acid Deficiency
Deficiency of Tannic Acid may lead to Dull Skin and Digestive disorders.

Effect of Excessive Tannic Acid in the body
Excessive intake of Tannic Acid may cause Gastric Irritation and Nausea. It leads to Liver and Kidney problems. Excess of Tannic Acid can cause Constipation and Vomiting.

Herbs Containing Tannic Acid

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