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Jaborandi Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Pilocarpus Jaborandi
Homeopathic Name
Jaborandi   -   Mother Tincture

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Jaborandi Cures


Action of Jaborandi

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Jaborandi

Parts Used

Leaves, Roots
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Pilocarpus Jaborandi is a shrub like tree.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to 7 M.
It belongs to Rutaceaea family.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Jaborandi

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Herbal Treatment For Baldness 37

Mix 1 teaspoon of Saw Palmetto powder in 2 teaspoons of Jaborandi Hair Oil. Massage your scalp with this oil daily to stop hair loss. Jaborandi Hair Oil is a hair tonic, mixing it with Saw Palmetto promotes fast growth to the roots.
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05 Feb 2017
I have severe anhidrosis so i want to try jaborandi for it, as it seems the most effective treatment for anhidrosis according to your site.How is it used for anhidrosis and how long?
Also,what are the other things that i can do for anhidrosis?
09 Feb 2017
Ferhan. Have half teaspoon of Baking Soda in a glass of water after dinner. Include Capsicum in your daily diet, in the form of salads. Drink 200 ml of cucumber juice every day.
Liquorice tea is also helpful in curing this disease.
Drink a glass of Apple Cider vinegar water every day.
Add a spoon of this vinegar to one glass of warm water. Consume it for a month.
All these herbs will help you to get rid of Anhidrosis
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Pooja ( Maharashtra )
22 Mar 2017
Hello mam/sir
Pooja here,
Actually I've started treatment at Richfill haircare centre and they gave me jabarondi hair-oil , shampoo so just wanted to clear my doubt ... Does jaborandi oil shampoo have side effect on our body ?
Paresh Thakur
23 Mar 2017
Pooja. Jaborandi hair oil is used to cure hair fall or hair loss.
It also strengthens the roots. so, you may apply it on the scalp twice a week. Do not ingest the oil, that may be toxic. Avoid the contact with eyes and nose.
Neha ( Delhi )
11 May 2017
Hi sir I neha,
I having hair fall,,,,I m get treatment with homeopathic doctor she gives me arnica oil and jaborandi q and she told me,,,hair oil me jaborandi mix krke lagane hai...But usko lagane se hair fall ho rha hai I m only using 3 times now
Mikhil Shastri ( Chennai )
22 May 2017
Dear Neha. If you think the mixture that your doctor advised you did not suit your body, then you may stop it.Did you get your Kidney Function Test done?
It is very important that you get that done and share the result.
If you d not have any Kidney Disorder, then the cure will be suggested accordingly. , But, Kidney Function Test is important to come to the root cause of the Hair fall problem that you are suffering from .
Faraz ( Pakistan )
22 May 2017
How to use jaborandi for hypohidrosis??...and can we make apple cider vinegar at home..plz mention tge process
Ashwani Soni ( India )
22 May 2017
You may drink Jaborandi tea for a week. This will help to cure hypohidrosis.
Also, drink a glass of fresh Cucumber juice everyday for 15 days.
Baking Soda is another cure for hypohidrosis, drink a glass of water, with a pinch of Baking Soda added to it. Try to alkalize your body. take diuretic herbs like Varuna, Coconut Water, Drumstick, etc.
Aditya ( Patna )
17 Jul 2017
Sir mera nam Aditya ha mera 2 sal Sa but hair fall ho RHA ha on top head Alost bladness aaga ha bht treatment karaya but kuch bhe faida nahe kiya I am getting depress now ma kya karu which medicines should I use for stop hairfall and regrowth
Prakash sharma
30 Apr 2018
Jaborandi q thuja q canthrish q ...mixed ..apply
Sanjeev Kumar ( Bihar )
25 Jul 2017
Hello sir, myself sanjeev Kumar. I am suffering from hair fall. Can jaborandi q rescue it.
Sharon ( Usa )
29 Jul 2017
How do you treat glaucoma with jaborandi?
28 Oct 2017
I have anhidrosis due to a nervous disorder.So which foods and herbs are the best in the case of anhidrosis due to a nervous disorder?
Bhaskara naik ( India /odisha )
07 Dec 2017
If i use jabarandi hairoil first time statingly show hair fall?
NOOR UL HUDA ( Pakistan )
12 Dec 2017
Dear sir White hairs ko black krnay k liy jaborandi q ko ks trah use krna hy kindly reply
Subham Biswas ( India )
06 Jan 2018
Sir, I have scalp psoriasis with hairfall. Should I take R65 daily with sulphur 1000 1 day a week? Can I use jaborandi q on the forehead for stopping hair fall? Sir please suggest me. I am having this problem for the last 7-8years.
Prakash sharma
30 Apr 2018
Mixed R89 few drops with jaborandi q ....and little water ...and apply effectes area
Rinky ( India )
18 Jan 2018
I am 30 years old and working in a steel industry.
In last 1 year, I have problems of grey hair, hair fall and dandruff.
so please suggest me what to do .
06 Apr 2018
I bought jaborandi in dilution form using for anhidrosis.
After i bought it i investigated and found that tincture form which is i think same with dilution is used for night sweats and extreme sweating not for anhidrosis.
But,in tea form it is used for anhidrosis.
However,i can only find it in dilution form.
So,what do you say?Can i still use jaborandi in dilution form for anhidrosis?Or should it be in tea form?
16 Apr 2018
Nahit. It is okay if you have found its dilution. It is not mandatory to take the tea only.
You may take it for one month. Also, you may try Baking Soda for Anhidrosis. Have a pinch of Baking Soda in a glass of water.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
13 Apr 2018
Why don't you answer my question?
Nitish kumar ( India bihar )
07 Nov 2018
My name is nitish Kumar . I belongs to Bihar . I am use jaborandi treatment with saw palmetto mix oil And saw palmetto tablet and sampoo ,Arnica tablet ,autrain capsul.but my hair fall perday 40 to 50 hair. Sir ,I am very depress .now I do......plz reply
Dr. Sarfraz Ali
26 May 2020
meet a nearby Trichologist (Hair and Scalp disorder expert).
29 Nov 2018
Arnica hair tonic mother tincture of jaborandi pilocarpus
Is it a good combine for growing new hairs
Vimal ( India )
15 Dec 2018
Sir how is Jaborandi useful in psoriasis
Vinesh Parekh ( India/ Gujarat )
16 Dec 2018
I am suffering from Anhidrosis. I do not sweat in any temperatures. As a result of that, I get dizziness, sun stroke and uneasiness within no time.
How does Jaborandi help in treating Anhidrosis? Does it help in cooling down the body temperature or opening up pores of sweat glands?
I am really curious to know if there is a solution to Anhidrosis.
Thank you,
17 Jan 2019
Hello can I use jaborandi in eye drops for high eye pressure if so how would I dilute the tincture how many drops would I use and also where is the best place to buy it from. Many thanks
Gayatri bhattacharya ( Kolkata/ West Bengal )
22 Apr 2019
I have hair fall problem. I am applying Jaborandi Q, arnica Q and amlaki Q together on my scalp everyday night for last 5 months. Now somebody told me to consume jaborandi 6 ch 2 drops 2 times daily orally. Will it be safe?
Aditi ( West Bengal )
24 Apr 2019
I have 10-15 white hair problem, in only 28,female is jaborandi will cure that if taken orally n applied on hair??
Bidhya Lohani ( Nepal )
15 Sep 2020
Hello, Thank you for helping. I am using jaborandi by recommendation from my doctor but some people told that jaborandi cant be use directly in scalp. my doctor told you can use it directly. can you please help me to find out why cannot it be use directly and what happens if it is use directly? whats the reason behind it????

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