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Anhidrosis Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Paseena Na Ana, Pasina Na Ana
Anhidrosis Symptoms
Feeling Hot
Muscle cramps
Muscle Weakness
No Sweating or Less Sweating

Anhidrosis Cured By

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Anhidrosis is a disease of the Anhidrosis.
When Sweat Glands fail to produce sweat, it is Anhidrosis.
Sweat Glands are distributed in the whole body. When the body is hot they secret a watery secretion called Sweat. Sweating means the air plant of the Body. When the body becomes hot, the Sweat Glands ( Eccrine Gland ) secret sweat to cool down the Body.
But in Anhidrosis, the body fails to cool itself. It may cause overheating, Heatstroke and other fatal conditions.

Types of Sweat Glands
Eccrine Glands
Apocrine glands
They are distributed through out the Whole Body. They produce transparent and odorless liquid which consists of small amount of Urea and Salt.
When these glands are not able to produce sweat it causes problems.

Causes of Anhidrosis
Genetic Factors
Nervous Disorder
Parkinson's disease
Some kind of Medication
Infection in the Sweat Glands
Absence of Sweat Glands by Birth or Some kind of Blockage in the Sweat Glands

If not treated properly, Anhidrosis may cause
Heat Stroke
Heat Exhaustion

Note : Avoid using deodorants directly on the Body or Skin. It may block the Sweat Glands that will make you sick.

Alkalize or Die:
The modern eating habits has increased the levels of toxins in our body and our body is designed to be Alkaline. The acidic nature of body give rise to many health issues. So the only need is to detoxify the Body. The Diuretic Herbs can help.

Body Part(s)

Sweat Glands

Materia Medica for Anhidrosis

Single Herb

Baking Soda for Anhidrosis

Have a teaspoon of Baking soda with a glass of water after dinner.

Cucumber Juice ( Kheera juice ) for Anhidrosis

Have a glass of fresh Cucumber juice daily.

Liquorice for Anhidrosis

Take dried Liquorice Root and make a tea. Drink this tea 2 times in winter and once in summers. It will improve the sweating process in the Body. On the other hand it also enhances the function of Respiratory Tract.

Ginger For Anhidrosis

Ginger is known to improve the Blood Circulation and provides oxygen to each cell in the Body. It induces the perspiration process in the Body.
Drink Ginger tea 3 times in Winter and 2 times in Summer.

Bay Leaf ( Tejpatta ) for Anhidrosis

Make an infusion of 2-3 Bay Leaves in one cup of water. Strain and drink it.
Queries on Anhidrosis
23 Apr 2016
Hi , I am not sweating in even summer , when others sweat. Body temperature rise and does not cool, even stay in AC. I may be an hidrosis. Please tell me some medicine
26 Apr 2016
Dear Gunjan
We advise you to try the following.
1. Take Yarrow tea daily. Take for 15 days.
2. Also take Cucumber Juice daily and add some lemon juice too. Please take for 15 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Tim ( Canada )
09 Jun 2016
I have been suffering from this skin condition since October 2015 where I can't sweat and my skin turns completely red and I have an intense stinging pain. With what you suggested to Gunjan, help?

10 Jun 2016
Dear Tim
As we have not seen your actual condition. We suggest to apply coconut oil. It will give you some relief. We also suggest you to, please confirm, what kind of skin condition do you have?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Tim ( Canada )
11 Jun 2016
I believe I might have anhidrosis. I'm going to try what you suggested Gunjan and take Yarrow tea daily and possibly some Cucumber Juice. I also might take Baking Soda after dinner.
Sanjay singh ( India )
25 Aug 2016
Sir my brother is 3 years old and he doesnt sweat from his birth....sir if he had no sweat gland so there is any tratment for it.....
30 Aug 2016
Dear Sanjay
He is only three years old, my personal advise is not to give him any medicine. Just try to give him a healthy diet. If you doubt about his Sweat Glands, you may consult your doctor. Take him out every day and do some physical activities with him. Some times, the glands may develop in the growing age of a the person. So, don't worry and let him grow.
Ferhan koyuncugil
23 Sep 2016
I have had anhidrosis for 5 years,so i can't sweat at all. Therefore,i want to try baking soda for anhidrosis as your site suggests.What i want to know is that how many days in a row can i use it?
Also,you suggest to use baking soda after dinner?How should it be?right after dinner or a few hours after dinner?which is better?
Besides,accoding to your site baking soda is the most effective treatment for the anhidrosis,what is the next best treatment or treatments?
Please answer all my questions briefly.
Thanks for your help,i really need it.
05 Oct 2016
Dear Ferhan
I advise you to take 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda in the whole day. Divide it into 4 parts and add it to a glass of water. Also Add cucumber and Peppermint to your daily diet.
Join some yoga classes and daily go for yoga. Always remember that chronic disease may take time to heal. So follow the suggestion for at least 2 months.
Ferhan Koyuncugil
10 Oct 2016
Thanks for your suggestions but can you tell me how can i divide 1 teaspoon of it into 4 parts?Also,my anhidrosis is caused by autonomic dysfunction aka autonomic neuropathy or disautonomia so please take this into account.And maybe you can suggest some treatment directly for this illness.Also,when should i drink this water?Right after each meal or a few hours later?As i have hypoglycemia i eat 3 meals and 3 snacks so the timing is so important for me as ican easily get irritated what i eat or drink.
Ashutosh Singh ( India / uttar pradesh )
31 Oct 2016
From an year I realize that my body is unable to sweat even in summers , it getting hard to stay in sun. My skin getting rough . My body unable to cool itself. Plz suggest me some medine, and a doctor . Plz help me .
23 Nov 2016
Dear Ashutosh
Drink Plenty of water and go for Exercise daily. Go for running and c if your body gets sweat or not.
Sonata Rad ( France )
11 Dec 2016
Hi, I am 46 and was diagnosed with brain tumor. I am thinking of what are the possible causes. I am unable to sweat as this is building toxins in my body. Please give some advice.
16 Dec 2016
Dear Sonata Have you tried Green Leaf juice? Take 1 glass 3 times in a day and add Wheat Grass juice in it.
Also take Galium Aparine tincture, take 10 drops 3 times in a day.
Have 1 tablespoon of Turmeric with a pinch of Black Pepper.
Have 3 Apricot Kernels 3 times in a day.
Take these remedies for 1 month. Do not compromise with your health.
Sonata Rad ( France )
11 Dec 2016
Please add that I am unable to sweat since I was little and I have all the symptoms as for instance, brittle toes and in generally very poor skin.
19 Dec 2016
Dear Sonata Rad
Try to go for regular exercise and do some Yoga asans.
Take the following herbs.
Add some Epsom salt in a tub of warm water. Soak your feet for 15 to 20 min. Then dry your feet and apply some Coconut oil. Do it before going to bed. Do it 2 to 3 times in a week.
Take some Spinach, Carrot leaves, Beetroot leaves and Celery. Have a glass of Green leaf juice daily 3 times in a day. Take it for 15 days only. Also eat Beetroot and carrot in your salad.
Follow these things seriously to get better results.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Peace ( USA )
16 Dec 2016
Hi, I would like to know what is best to take for herpes 2,
19 Dec 2016
Dear Peace
I suggest you to take immunity booster herbs. You can fight against Herpes only when your Immune system is good. It will suppress the effects of Herpes. Try Echinacea and Goldenseal.
30 Dec 2016
I want to try bay leaves for anhidrosis,how many days in a row should i use?If it will be in tea form how many cups in a day?
11 Jan 2017
Dear Yilmaz
Yes you may try Bay leaves. Please scroll up and see the method given under Materia Medica. For more information you may write to Herbpathy.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
11 Jan 2017
Why don't you reply my question?
12 Jan 2017
Dear Yilmaz
I think Herbpathy team has already replied you.
08 Feb 2017
How many days in a row can i use bay leaves for anhidrosis?I am asking this because there is no information about it on materia medica.
13 Feb 2017
Dear Ferhan
Add 2 Bay leaves in a cup of boiling water. Boil it for 5 min. Have a cup once in a day for 1 week.
15 Feb 2017
Thanks but in materia medica,it says make an infusion of bay leaves but you say i should boil it.So,Should i boil bay leaves or make an infusion of bay leaves?
Himanshu Shuwal ( India )
14 Feb 2017
i dont get enough sweat in winter
after all i workout daily but my body only goes hot and felt itching like needles are putting inside my body skin.
what should i do?
17 Feb 2017
Dear Himanshu
Have 1 Burdock root capsule every day for 15 days.
Have Cinnamon Tea every day and add a pinch of Black pepper into it.
Have Ginger or Garlic decoction every day.
Have diaphretic teas like Cayenne Pepper and Chilies.
Have it for 15 days and also go for yoga and do some exercise daily.
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