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Eleusine Indica Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Eleusine Indica
Glycemic Index / Load
Indian Goosegrass, Yard Grass
Botanical Name
Eleusine Indica
Hindi Name
Jangali Marua
Chinese Name
Xi Shuai Cao

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Eleusine Indica Cures


Action of Eleusine Indica

Nutrients in Eleusine Indica

Eleusine Indica
Combines With

Taste of
Eleusine Indica

Parts Used

Whole Plant,
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Indian Goosegrass is a plant.
It is annual.
It grows in a temperate climate.
It grows up to 1 M.


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Materia Medica for Eleusine Indica

Queries on Eleusine Indica
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04 May 2016
can it cure dry cough
09 Jun 2016
Dear Kimuli Joseph
Yes, it is used to cure dry Cough. It is effective in curing it. However, the best Herbs for dry cough are Liquorice, hyssop and Eucalyptus. Drink Liquorice tea, twice a day. Take one table spoon of honey, with a pinch of black pepper in it. Honey soothes the lining of the tissues of your throat. Oregano is a good expectorant. Boil some oregano in a cup of water. Filter it and drink it regularly to help improve your condition.
Jenny rose ( Philippines )
19 Jul 2017
Can i use it as an alternative for surgical silk?
Glen ( Philippines )
03 Sep 2017
is it curable for person who has d iabetes? and how to prepare it?
04 Sep 2017
Glen, there was a segment by Jessica Soho about this grass (Eluesine Indica or Pergis) and will cure Diabetes. Accordingly, You have to boil it for ten minutes and drink it. This was shown on Philippine TV on 9/3/17.
05 Sep 2017
yes Glen, I saw it in Jessica Soho and seems to be beneficial not only in diabetes but also help in regenerating our whole body. No wonder why some animals are healthy inspite of eating grass....Maybe i will give it a try ..
Besanyiz ( Philippines )
09 Sep 2017
there a cure for aids
Swapnil Khera ( India )
03 Oct 2017
Hiv can be cured by Black Cumin Seed oil. You may take it in the form of oil with honey. Or take it in the form of powder. Have it for 2 to 3 months. every day. Also take immunity-boosting herbs. Like Golden Seal and Echinacea, for a month.
19 Dec 2017
I'm seeling black cumin. If you want to buy, just pm me.
Chona ( Cebu city phils )
11 Sep 2017
is this effective for person with myoma?
03 Oct 2017
https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Myoma-Cid5055 I have harae dthe link of Myoma cures with yo. Please refer.
Evelyn ( Philippines )
12 Sep 2017
is this ok for epilesy?
03 Oct 2017
What is the age of the person, and since when is the person suffering from Epilepsy ?
You should never take the remedies for Epilepsy, without explaining all the symptoms in detail.
Carlo ( Philippines )
14 Sep 2017
Can it help to cure hair fall or grow hair?
03 Oct 2017
For Hair Fall, this isnot the herb. Read Hair Fall. https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Hair-Fall-Cid5035
Cecilia ( Philippines )
17 Sep 2017
is wiregrass ok for non dialysis patient with chronic kidney disease stage 4.thank you and more power.
May ( Philippines )
22 Sep 2017
Is this effective for person wirh ovarian cyst?
03 Oct 2017
No. FOr ovary cysts. Fever nut and Chaste Berry are the best best herbs. Chaste Berry tea, one cup, every day can be taken. This is a wonder herb to cure PCOS.
Bhe ( PHIL. )
26 Sep 2017
Can paragis plant can cure to tb?
27 Oct 2017
https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Tuberculosis-Cid1094 This is the link which I read last night about Tb.
Melva T Bayot ( Philippines )
01 Oct 2017
Is there any side effect when using paragis?
Tom ( Japan )
02 Oct 2017
Where can I buy it ?
Ex b
28 Feb 2018
national bookstore bambang nueva vizcaya
03 Oct 2017
Buy it form vendors who sell the herbs online. iherbs is good.
Sad ( Philippines )
05 Oct 2017
Can paragis cure vdrl or positive in syphilis?
Ex b
28 Feb 2018
kindly use your internet hahahaha
Mary cris ( Phillipines )
09 Oct 2017
Is this effective in tyroid
Ex b
28 Feb 2018
its for you to find out dude
Minnie ( Philippines )
10 Oct 2017
Is this effective with emphyzyma? 76y/o?
Mercy ( Nigeria )
12 Oct 2017
Pls how can Paragis be taken for fibroids?
Sannjh Mankotia ( India )
27 Oct 2017
The best remedy for Fibroids are Bahunina and Dandelon. Very easuli available. Take Bauhinia capsules, one every day for a month and drink a bowl of Dandelion soup every day for a month. I do not know which of the two did cure my Fibroids, But I am completely cured of it now. I took Dandelion soup for 45 days and Bauhinia for a month. My fibroids were in the Uterus, I also took Chaste Berry tea , one cup on alternate days. for a month.
Chioma Norah ( Nigeria )
15 Oct 2017
Please help me, how do I prepare Paragis for Myoma (fibroid).
Allysa Garcia ( Philippines )
15 Oct 2017
Is Paragis effective for deworming?
27 Oct 2017
You can not use it for kids.
15 Jan 2019
why? it cannot use for kids?
Riane Lopez ( Manila, Philippines )
26 Oct 2017
a friend of mine tried smoking paragis tops as he would do with his marijuana and 15 mins later he says it has "almost the same effect" of marijuana. since then he quit smoking marijuana and had opted to smoke paragis.

when he described what he feels, it seems as though there is a numbness and light headedness. he also quit cigarettes and had been smoking dried paragis bulbs.

is there a research regarding the toxicity of this herb?
Herbpathy Team
27 Oct 2017
No, we have not come across any such proving. The query has been forwarded to our Research Team. Thank You
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Zaida ( Philippines )
27 Oct 2017
Is paragis good for cleansing aorta because it is ballooning already to prevent the rapture due to eating too much fatty foods like eating too much meat
Manuel R. Ramos
27 Apr 2018
Based on the properties of paragis, I think it will help . I have tried other alternatives . From malunggay , to turmeric , zeolite , fish oil . I think all of them helps in one way or another. But I think zeolite and fish oil works the best judging on results I got with these products. Based on my analysis or reasoning, the zeolite removes calcium and other heavy metals . And supply the minerals. Depending on the formulation. The fish oil removes the organic clogging materials especially the lipo proteins. I think the minerals are very important too in improving the integrity of the arteries. I used to have chest pains.. There is none now.
Jane Kyla Truza ( Philippines )
01 Nov 2017
Does paragis is good for women who are suffering abnormal vaginal blooding cause by thicken uterus lining?
03 Nov 2017
Try to drink banana leaves (saba). 5 yrs ago i had experience the same with yours my mother advice me to drink it. Proven it helps me a lot.
Jinky Walsi ( Philippines )
04 Nov 2017
i have an ovarian cyst . my left ovary is surgically removed but last month i have my ultrasound and they said that i have a cyst in my right ovary. what should i do , i tried to drink paragis tea but i dont feel good ,i feel so much pelvic pain when i drink parages.
27 Nov 2017
You can try Chaste Berry tea, one cup every day for a month. Also, you can take Saw Palmetto capsules too. One daily for 20 days. Do not drink Paragis tea, if you do not feel good. Drink CHASTE BERRY TEA.
Marisa Son ( Philippines )
06 Nov 2017
Can paragis cure insomnia?
Cora javier ( Marikina city, philippines )
17 Nov 2017
hi, is it safe to take hypertension medicine and take paragis at the same time? thank you
Ex b
28 Feb 2018
ofcourse not, it can lead you from being overdose. once in a while maybe after 5 minutes or years
27 Nov 2017
This herb is known to lower the high Bp. If you already are taking medicines for High Bp, then you must take the herbs with caution. You might have to lower the dosage allopathic medicine that you are already taking.
Angelica mabale ( Philippines )
23 Nov 2017
Can this paragis Can help to stop focal seisurez?
27 Nov 2017
Please explain your problem in detail. Along with all the symptoms.
Cray ( Philippines )
05 Dec 2017
... is it okie to take it even when I have heart disorder? ... I tried drinking and I felt fast heart palpitations and short breath. should I continue or stop.

I'm under medication for thyroid disorder.
17 Jan 2018
Please stop it. It seems , the herb did not suit you. Are you taking any other medication too ?
Reyal ( Phiippines )
28 Jun 2018
What does this taste like?
Mohammeed ( Nigeria )
09 Nov 2018
Can paragis cured hepatitis B and C?
Roselle Capooc ( PHILIPPINES )
06 Jan 2019
Is it okay for dialysis patient?
Jonathan Ramirez ( US )
15 Aug 2019
Hi, can Goosegrass cure endiometriosis or uterine bleeding?
19 Aug 2019
Dear Jonathan, Dong Quai: Take 1 tablespoon of dried Dong Quai root. Boil it for 10 min and drink this decoction once in a day. Dong Quai is the best remedy for female reproductive organs. Take it for a month. Maca : Take 1 teaspoon Maca powder with warm milk. It regulates hormonal balance and improves blood circulation. Take it for a month. Take Ashoka tonic 1 teaspoon daily for 1 month. Do not take the medicines while you are menstruating.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Guillaume Lussault ( France )
19 Aug 2020
I have some issue with sugar eating, I have seen your advice about boiling 10 minutes, my question is, should I boil seeds or leaf ?
As strange as it can be, there is some in my garden.
I collected seeds and made some potion with it instinctively, but maybe am I wrong...
Thank you for your work !

20 Aug 2020
Hey Guillaume. Well, it is good for Diabetic people, so if have trouble consuming sugar, you can surely try it. The whole plant( grass ) is to be used for boiling.
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