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Crossandra Infundibuliformis Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Crossandra Infundibuliformis
Glycemic Index / Load
Firecracker Flower
Botanical Name
Crossandra Undulaefolia , Crossandra Infundibuliformis
Hindi Name

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Crossandra Infundibuliformis Cures

Highly Effective


Action of Crossandra Infundibuliformis

Nutrients in Crossandra Infundibuliformis

Parts Used

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Crossandra Undulaefolia is a shrub.
It is evergreen.
It grows in temperate and tropical climates.
It grows up to One Meter.
Best used for Phlegm and Wound healing


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Materia Medica for Crossandra Infundibuliformis

Queries on Crossandra Infundibuliformis
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11 Mar 2016
leaves of this plants are used as medicine. how should we take it
16 Mar 2016
Dear Deepti Yes, the Herb has a multitude of benefits. It is used to cure many diseases. Would you please be specific with the disease you wish to cure ? We can only tell you the method of taking this Herb in context to a particular disease. So, it is important for us to know the condition which you wish to cure.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Donna F Williams
23 Sep 2019
how do you utilize it? As a tea with the leaves or how?
26 Sep 2019
Dear Donna
The leaves of the plant are used to cure various ailments. Please specify for what you want to take it? The procedure to take the herb is different for each and every illness.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
V Kumaran ( Malaysia )
23 May 2016
Dear Sir,
My father (85 years) has been suffering from bronchitis and COPD and has heart problem. He has been having phlegm (I believe from chest). He has been seeing his doctors every 3 months for the past three years. Although they have been helpful, and my dad has been quite stable, but it has always been same prescription drugs for the past few years and his phlegm has not gone. He does get breathlessness sometimes, so he gets new prescription drug! He also has water retention, so he takes diuretic drug on alternate days. I am currently trying Vasaka as I take it too (for just a few days). We have the plant growing in our backyard. I would appreciate your kind advise on how to use Crossandra I. plant to assist with the phelgm removal. Maybe I can alternate with Vasaka or completely replace with Crossandra I. Thank you.
Koel Mittal
27 Jun 2016
Dear V Kumaran , There is no need to replace Vasaka with Crossandra. As so far there is no evidence of Crossandra for Phlegm cure. Vasaka is the right choice for Phlegm and Bronchitis .
Narayanasamy Raja ( India )
06 Jul 2016
It can use for the treatment of ulcer?
Athrva Gokhale
06 Jul 2016
This plant is used to aid wound healing of Ulcers. It is effective herb to cure wounds. The only relation of this her with Ulcers is that it heals wounds of Ulcers. As of now, the herb is not used in the treatment of Ulcers. Herbs highly effective for curing Ulcers are--
Burdock, Snow Lotus and Agrimony. Visit the page Ulcer in the disease section of this website and look for the cure.
Narayanasamy Raja ( India )
14 Jul 2016
I would like to do a project on antiulcer activity, so please give the plant names having antiulcer activity, and which plants should easily available in tamilnadu. And in that plant the activity shouldn't done by anyone.
18 Jul 2016
In the ACTION section of this website, write Anti ulcer and there you will get the list of the herbs having this property.
Hope this will be useful in your research.
Anushka mishra ( Uttar Pradesh )
06 Apr 2017
How it give the benefit
A.M.M.ILYAS ( Sri Lanka / Kandy )
26 Dec 2017
Could you please show me the photograph of this plant.
Hema ( Tamilnadu )
06 Jan 2018
hi sir,
this flower is edible or not
Beth Matthews ( Mobile, AL )
05 Sep 2020
I would like to know how to use it for 2 separate people. 1 for detoxing and healing the liver?
2 for the anti inflammatory uses, I have Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain syndrome, muscle spasms etc.
Vishaka ( India )
05 Apr 2021
I have got pimples and dark spots problem and mine is a little dry skin. Will the firecracker flower benefit in some way for clear skin? If it benefits, will there be any side effects after I use it?
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