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Tremella Fuciformis Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Tremella Fuciformis
Glycemic Index / Load
Tremella Fuciformis
Botanical Name
Tremella Fuciformis
Chinese Name
Yin Er

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Tremella Fuciformis Cures


Action of Tremella Fuciformis

Nutrients in Tremella Fuciformis

Taste of
Tremella Fuciformis

Nature of
Tremella Fuciformis


Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Tremella Fuciformis

Do not consume it during pregnancy.
Avoid using it if your suffering with Cough and Cold.
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Tremella Fuciformis is a fungus.
It grows in tropical, subtropical and temperate climates.
Best used for Dry Cough.

In TCM :
Tremella Fuciformis: Yin Er, Bai Mu Er
Meridians associated: Lung and Stomach


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Tremella Fuciformis

Tremella Fuciformis General

Tremella Fuciformis contains high level of Vitamin D. It is rich in Dietary fiber. It nourishes Lungs, Kidneys and Stomach.
It is very beneficial for the Skin. It makes the Skin moist and soft. It improves the Skin tone.
It strengthens the bones. It helps to maintain ideal weight.
It fights tumor growth. During Chemotherapy, it prevents the depletion of White blood cells in the Body.
It reduces harmful cholesterol and protects the Liver. It heals Atherosclerosis. It promotes the metabolism of protein and nucleic acid in the Liver.
It combats swelling and irritation.
It retards the Aging process. It reduces wrinkles, freckles and stress marks on the face. It heals the Epidermal layer of the Skin.
Single Herb

Tremella Fuci for Cervical Cancer

Tremella Fuciformis ( Snow Fungus ) has such ingredients that are capable to attack the Cancer or Tumor cells.
Take 1 tablespoon of Tremella Fuciformis extract in a day.
Queries on Tremella Fuciformis
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Soon Chai Ean ( Malaysia )
11 May 2016
Is there any known interactions with heart related drug and blood thinner? Thank you for your time.
22 Jun 2016
Dear Soon Chai Ean, Snow Fungus is eaten to provide support for the cardiovascular system : It Helps in maintaining the health of blood-vessel walls. It prevent clots and enhance circulation and Lowering cholesterol
Marla Mulvany ( United States )
04 Nov 2016
I have this fungus growing on one of my trees. Can I just eat it? If so how much per day is recommended?
11 Nov 2016
The herb is used to cure a multiple conditions, why do you wish to use this fungus ? What is the condition that you want to take care of with this fungus.
19 Mar 2018
Hi there, is there any interaction with gastric pain?
David GAnn ( USA )
16 Nov 2019
My wife suffers with exzma skin condition.. Can I buy Tremella mushroom and use dried T. fuciformis powder in her hand lotion for skin hydration or does drying the mushroom ruin it's health promoting properties? How is best to use it for this condition?
18 Nov 2019
Dear David, Wheat germ oil is a powerful antioxidant-rich in Vitamin E. It is beneficial in treating dry Eczema. Apply Wheatgerm oil over skin twice a day. Skin diseases are often the body's way of fighting and expelling underlying issues. Take Vitamin C doses daily. It will boost your immunity.

There are multiple procedures to treat Eczema. You can read about them on the following link and follow them.


Tremella Fuciformis can also be used to treat Eczema. It is used for hydrating the skin. You can add it to recipes too. You can use the dried form of herb in smoothies and drinks. Take it once or twice a week.

Please read the side effects of the herb mentioned above before taking it.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Deb ( USA/MD )
14 Aug 2020
If sensitive to candida yeast, will this form of mushroom cause candida to multiply? I’ve read that some forms of medicinal mushrooms do not cause overgrowth of candida.
24 Nov 2020
Hi I am Nayana

Ques: Is their any nutrition interaction between tremella and Vit-D & Vit-B12 supplements?
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