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Benzoin Essential Oil Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Benzoin Essential Oil
Glycemic Index / Load
Benzoin Essential Oil

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Benzoin Essential Oil Cures


Action of Benzoin Essential Oil

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Benzoin Essential Oil

Parts Used

Whole Tree

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Benzoin Essential Oil

Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding.
Excess may cause Nausea, Vomiting or Headache.
Do not use undiluted.
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Benzoin Essential Oil is extracted from the resinous sap of Benzoin tree.
It has a warm, sweet aroma with a strong vanilla scent.
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Materia Medica for Benzoin Essential Oil

Benzoin Essential Oil General

Benzoin Essential Oil is processed from the Benzoin resinous sap. It is made by solvent extraction method.
The Calming, Sedative and Antidepressant nature help to deal with Depression, Stress, Insomnia and Anxiety. It eliminates the negative feeling and refreshes the mind. It promotes emotional balance and well-being.
It protects open Wounds and Cuts from Infections due to the presence of Benzaldehyde, Benzoic Acid, Benzyl Benzoate.
It relaxes the abdominal muscles and helps to remove excess Flatulence. It regulates the Bowel movement and stimulates Digestion.
The Disinfectant property eliminates the Body Odor. It can be used as a Deodorant and air freshener.
The Astringent property tone up the skin and is useful in retaining the elasticity of the skin. It reduces the appearance of Wrinkles and heals Dry Skin and Cracks on the skin.
It can also be used as a mouthwash to tighten the gums.
Steam Inhalation of its vapors provides relief from Chest Congestion by eliminating the undesired buildup.
It flushes out toxins from the body, thus acting as Diuretic. It reduces the level of Uric Acid in the body and promotes Weight Loss.
The Antiinflammatory action soothes the Inflammation caused by Measles, Skin Rashes and excessive ingestion of spicy food.
Topical Application of this oil provides relief from Arthritis and Rheumatism.
Single Herb

Benzoin Essential Oil for Wounds

Put 100 ml of Benzoin Essential Oil in a bowl. Dab a cotton ball in the bowl. Apply this cotton ball topically on your open wounds. This oil heals the injuries and wounds effectively.

Benzoin Essential Oil for Gum Diseases

Dilute a few amount of Benzoin Essential Oil in 50 ml of fresh water. Use this mixture as a mouthwash. It will treat your loose gums and other gums related problems.

Benzoin Essential Oil for Septicemia

Topical application of Benzoin Essential on affected skin area helps in reducing Septicemia. It prevents your skin and the body from harmful Bacteria.

Benzoin Essential Oil for Arthritis

Add 100 ml of Benzoin Essential Oil in a heating pan. Slightly warm it. Massage with it to your skin pores to reduce the aching Joints.

Benzoin Essential Oil for Infections

Apply Benzoin Essential Oil on infected areas to protect your body from Infections.

Benzoin Essential Oil for Muscle Fatigue

Slightly warm up few amount of Benzoin Essential Oil. Gently massage with this oil over the aching area to get relief.

Benzoin Essential Oil for Grief

Benzoin Essential Oil has a Calming property which eases the emotional exhaustion.
Diffuse Benzoin Essential Oil in your home or in the area where you spend most of the time.
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