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Alligator Pepper Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Alligator Pepper
English Name
Alligator Pepper
Botanical Name
Aframomum Danielli, Aframomum Citratum, Aframomum Exscapum

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Alligator Pepper Cures

Highly Effective


Action of Alligator Pepper

Highly Effective


Nutrients in Alligator Pepper

Taste of
Alligator Pepper

Parts Used

Seeds,Leaves, Roots
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Alligator Pepper is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
Best used for Indigestion.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Alligator Pepper

Queries on Alligator Pepper
Aregbe ( Nigeria/ Lagos )
06 Dec 2016
Sir, how do I get the buy and sell site? Thanks
09 Dec 2016
Sorry ? What do you mean ?
Do you wish to buy the herb ?
Baba ( Nigeria kogi )
22 Mar 2017
How to use it in malaria treatment
22 Mar 2017
Baba. The leaves of this plant are used to cure Malaria. You may consume the juice prepared by the leaves or may prepare a decoction of the leaves of this herb.
Funmi ( Nigeria/Lagos )
07 Apr 2017
How can alligator pepper be used to treat infertility?
Lakshit D.
17 Apr 2017
Yes, Alligator Pepper is known to cure Infertility and other men reproductive system related disorders, like, erectile dysfunction, impotence, disorders of ejaculation, etc. You can use it simply in the powdered form in the same way as you use Black Pepper.
13 May 2017
How can i use the powdered form? i mean what do i mix it with and how will i take it?
28 Feb 2018
How can i hse it for cure infetility
23 Aug 2017
Please show me how on kynbasil@yahoo.com. thanks
Edafe Samuel ( Nigeria / Delta state )
25 Apr 2017
Please, I urinate frequently at night. But yesterday as I took some alligator Peper. I didn't wake up to urinate. So I decided to browse to know the effect so that I can continue or discontinued
11 May 2017
The cause of Frequent Urination may be Diabetes, Overactive Bladder, Kidney Disorder or Prostate Problem. Alligator Pepper may be used to cure Frequent Urination. Do not take it in excess. If you feel better, you may stop the consumption. You may try by taking Alligator Pepper on alternate days, observe the condition and then decide on your own. Try herbs like Pomegranate and Cranberry. Drink a glass of juice of each of this fruit every day. Strictly avoid having Coffee, Tea, Tomatoes and Alcohol. Take a diet rich in Magnesium and Zinc.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
13 Nov 2017
Pls sir, can it control HBP?
13 Nov 2017
Pls sir, can it control/cure HBP without taking all these chemical drugs that have deadly side effects ?
Adekunle Maria ( Nigeria Lagos )
05 Jul 2017
This is not a query but observation. I have sore throat and I just thought that I can use alligator peeper because is like antibiotics. Behold I just removed the seeds and chew it and swallows it with hot water and the sore throat relief me immediately.
30 Jun 2018
Same thing happened to me . I boiled the alligator pepper with ginger in a little water, added some honey and drank like tea. I feel better in 2hrs
Abdur-rashid Femi ( Nigeria, FCT )
19 Jul 2017
People have said they use aligator pepper, but which quantity is ideal for a dose?
Akinaloma ( Nigeria/lagos )
13 Aug 2017
how long will Alligator Pepper be taken to cure erectile dysfunction before seeing result
Abigail ( Nigeria, Rivers State )
12 Oct 2017
Good day, pls my dad has a growth on his left shoulder hand and he has gone for surgical operation for three times, yet is still big like lipoma inside his hand and it has been bleeding for the past 2 months from that particular place and is getting bigger everyday. We have visited somany hospital yet noting so what do I do pls help
Joy ( Nigeria, Rivers State )
12 Oct 2017
How to make breast firm and stand very well
13 Oct 2017
Massage the breasts regularly with grapeseed oil. You may also prepare an egg mask and apply it on the breasts.
21 Oct 2017
Is there any herb that helps in penile growth?
24 Oct 2017
No. There is no herb that can help to increase the size of the penis. Do not get misled by those who claim so. However, you may use grapeseed oil on the penis and massage it regularly to improve the circulation and to cure of the size has shrunken by excessive masturbation.
21 Oct 2019
Can I add alligator with lime fruit for drinking. Though have try it .just wanna know if it's good to be use.
23 Oct 2019
Hey friend, it will be a good beverage to add pepper to lime juice. I suggest to add just a pinch of it and also not taking it regularly. Alligator pepper has enhanced flavors than black pepper, it will add a good taste to the juice.
Vivy ( Nigeria Enugu State )
26 Oct 2017
Is it advisable for pregnant women to take alligator pepper?
27 Oct 2017
No. Do not take during pregnancy. Why do you want to take it Vivy ?
Jesse ( Malaysia )
09 Nov 2017
Can alligator pepper cure genital infections? And how can the person apply it?
Ijeoma amazing ( Nigeria )
27 Dec 2017
please can alligator pepper dry up breastmilk
Ijeoma amazing ( Nigerian )
27 Dec 2017
can alligator pepper dry up breast milk
Yinka ( Nigeria Lagos )
10 May 2018
Can i use it to cure asthma, what can I do
Emmanuel Amoako ( Ghana )
17 May 2018
How can I use it to cure my premature ejeculation
Karo Akpojisheri ( Delta )
10 Aug 2018
Please can alligator pepper be use to reduce high prolactine?
Trea ( Nigeria.... Lagos state )
14 Sep 2018
Please can alligator pepper delay mensuration yes or no thanks
Edafe obatare ( Nigeria )
09 Oct 2018
Please what is d spiritual significant of alligator papper
Ify ( Nigeria/Anambra )
12 Nov 2018
I have low blood pressure. Someone said that I should take alligator pepper. Will it increase my blood pressure? How can I take it?
You can email me at ifeyinwanwokedi@yahoo.com
Chizzy ( Nigeria/Rivers )
04 Feb 2019
Plz my mother has been affected tuberculosis what could be the home remedy for her treatment plz help
Oluwatosin ( Kaduna )
08 May 2019
Please how do I use it for ulcer? Will I shew it or swallow?
Adedapo Sheriff ( Nigeria/Lahosy )
06 Jun 2019
Pls how can I use alligator pepper to cure ulcer?
Chinyere ( Nigeria )
30 Jun 2019
Please in a case where a man is said to have no sperm can Alligator pepper work out for him,note few death cells where seen

01 Jul 2019
There are chances for a male to recover the situation. Please specify, what do you mean by "Death cells"?
Did you have any diagnosis about sperm count or any other diagnosis? These things may help.
Nhyiraba Rational ( Ghana )
30 Jun 2019
Alligator pepper available in bulk.who ever needs some should contact me on 0543584881.Thanks
Tilly Mensah
14 Oct 2019
how to use it as a single herb
Herbpathy Team
15 Oct 2019
Dear Tilly, Please specify why you want to take the herb. The method to take the herb is different for different ailments.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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