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Borututu Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
English Name
Botanical Name
Cochlospermum Angolensis

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Borututu Cures


Action of Borututu

Nutrients in Borututu

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Parts Used

Bark, Roots
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Borututu is a tree.
The Bark of the tree is used to detoxify Liver and Digestive System.
Best used for Liver Diseases and Digestive Disorders.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Borututu

Borututu General

Borututu Bark is an optimal herbal remedy that cures and hinders the risk of Gallbladder Disease.
It contains Bioflavonoids and Catechins compounds that improve and invigorates the Liver function.
It is capable of detoxifying the Liver and thus, prevents Liver Congestion.
The herb is known to suppress the inflammation of the Liver and cures Hepatitis.
The beneficial impact of this herb on the Liver makes it an efficient remedy for Cirrhosis and Jaundice.
The bark tea is used to counter Fatigue.
Borututu is Diuretic in nature, thus, it is an essential source to improve the Kidney functions. Therefore, it is also superior in reducing the growth of Kidney Stones.
The Borututu bark is also used to prevent Indigestion and keeps Digestive Disorders at bay.
It also lowers the High Blood Pressure levels within the body.
It is sufficient in reducing the overweight that may lead to Obesity.
The Diuretic attribute of this herb is also countered Urinary Tract Infection.
It mitigates Stomach Problems.
It has Hypocholesterolemic properties, that lowers the Cholesterol levels present in the blood.
It is potent in providing relief from Spleen Diseases.
It has Blood Purifier properties that cleanse and purify the blood.
It is prescribed for the treatment of Herpes and Ulcers.
It mitigates the pain and cures Colic.
The herb protects the inner lining of the Colon and cures Colitis.
Borututu bark improves the functions of Gastrointestinal Tract and hence, avoids the risk of Gastrointestinal Disorder.
It rejuvenates the Skin and protects from Skin Diseases.
It has an antioxidant attribute that combats the harmful free radicals within the body.
Single Herb

Borututu for Liver Diseases

Take one capsule of Borututu root powder, twice a day after breakfast and dinner. It improves Liver function.

Borututu for Digestive Disorders

Add two teaspoons of Borututu root powder in one liter of boiling water. Steep it for half an hour. Strain it and consume the tea throughout the day.
Try this for a week.
Queries on Borututu
Sanjay ( Ind/ mumbai )
05 Dec 2016
i want to order borututu products
Alan pettigrew ( England United kingdom )
27 Apr 2017
Howmuch are your borotutu capsules I'm after 300 can you give me a quote plz .
Dennis ( Ghana )
13 May 2017
Please where can I get borututu to buy in Ghana...please
Katie Anquandah
08 Aug 2017
You can get it in the north
Nancee ( Canada, B.C. )
29 Dec 2017
The bag of "tea" I have calls for 1 TBSP to 250 ml. (It's a high end source I was told.) You have 2 tsp to 1 litre?? I'm trying your 30 min steep instead of boiling it and just used 2 flat TBSP to a litre in case yours is a type o.
KA jones ( NEbraska )
24 May 2018
Looking to purchase some Borututu but can't find a source. Bark or root.
Tee ( South Africa )
17 Jun 2018
Where van i buy this herb in south africa????
Mich ( South Africa )
30 Jan 2019
Where can I buy barututu tea in south africa?
Carla Neto ( Canada )
29 Jan 2020
I have access to borututu from Angola if anyone is interested please contact me
Lizzy -Navrongo Ghana ( Ghana )
02 Feb 2020
My name is Lizzy from Ghana.
Our company name Ltd.
We are into the production of Organic Unrefined shea Butter and other natural Butters and oil.
We add borututu root to some of shea Butter.
We also have in stock borututu root powder available for sale . Contact 233 245 38 21 45 Ghana Accra
Thank you
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