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Cyclea Peltata Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Cyclea Peltata
Glycemic Index / Load
Cyclea Peltata
Botanical Name
Cissampelos Parieta
Hindi Name
Raj Patha

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Cyclea Peltata Cures


Action of Cyclea Peltata

Nutrients in Cyclea Peltata

Cyclea Peltata
Combines With

Taste of
Cyclea Peltata

Parts Used

Roots, Leaves
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Cyclea Peltata is a shrub.
It is perennial.
It grows in a warm climate.
It grows up to 80 Cm.
Best used for Brain Enhancer .


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Cyclea Peltata

Single Herb

Cyclea Peltata for Snake Bite

Make a paste of the root of Cyclea Peltata . Apply to the affected area.

Cyclea Peltata for Wounds

Apply the paste of the roots and leaves of Cyclea Peltata to the affected area.

Cyclea Peltata for Skin Diseases

Make a root paste of Cyclea Peltata . Apply over the affected area.

Cyclea Peltata for Itching

Grind leaves and roots of Cyclea Peltata to make paste. Coat a layer of this paste on the Itchy area.

Cyclea Peltata for Headache

Use root juice of Cyclea Peltata as Nasal Drops.

Cyclea Peltata for Urinary Problems

Boil 50 g root powder of Cyclea Peltata in 450 ml water until it gets half. Drink 30 ml twice a day.

Cyclea Peltata for Diarrhea

Add 3 g root paste of Cyclea Peltata in 1 glass of Buttermilk. Drink it once a day.

Cyclea Peltata for Piles

Consume 4 ml root decoction of Cyclea Peltata twice a day.

Cyclea Peltata for Digestive Disorders

Add 2 g root powder of Cyclea Peltata in a cup of lukewarm water.
Queries on Cyclea Peltata
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Reshma C G ( India/kerala )
16 May 2016
Is there any medicinal values for the fruits of cycles peltata?
23 Jun 2016
Dear Reshma
There are many medicinal uses of this Herb. As mentioned above in the cures section, it is used for curing infected wounds, sinuses, and skin diseases, snake bites also. It also is very beneficial in curing Dysuria and Cystitis. This herb is one of the best herbs used as a blood purifier
Reshma C G ( India/Kerala )
24 Jun 2016
Thank you mam.
Can you give any more information on the medicinal values of the FRUITS of Cyclea peltata?
Reshma C G ( India/kerala )
25 Jun 2016
Is there any medicinal properties for the roots of Diploclisia glaucescens?
Clive de Costa ( Srilanka )
15 Jan 2017
In my country we use leave of same plant to make a jelly.leaves are crushed with water with hand so most part of the leave dilute in water. Then it is strained and allows it to set on its own.add little bit of sugar and this wonderful jelly will cool the body.in Srilanka it is known as kehipitthan.
Samantha Ranasinghe ( Sri Lanka )
17 Sep 2017
Dear Madam,
American from Sri Lanka. Involved in a food processing industry.can we use this extract to set Jams & jellies well as a thickening agent in fruit drinks

Best Regards Samantha Ranasinghe
Jomy ( India / Kerala )
24 Jul 2019
Read about this herb today. Was mentioned that this herb is used for "getting rid of grey hair ". Is this true. If so, please advise on how this herb can be used for grey hair issue.
Thanks &Regards,
25 Jul 2019
Dear Jomy, Please mention your age. Have they turned grey after any hair treatment or any medication? Greying is a natural process Jomy. You can go through this website go greying of hair. https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Grey-Hair-Cid4440
Check this.
03 Aug 2019
hi for brain which part of plant is used?
Satish Bachikar ( India/Karnataka )
10 Jun 2020
Can we cultivate and earn money?
N. Bala krishna ( Andhra pradesh )
26 Sep 2020
Where can I buy cyclea peltata plant? Please give me address
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