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Magnesium Deficiency Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Magnesium Deficiency
Medical Name
Magnesium Deficiency
Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms
Poor Memory
Poor Circulation
Loss of Elasticity of Muscles and Tendons
Hardening of Arteries
High Blood Pressure
Cold Extremities
Light Headed
Muscle Cramps
Muscles Spasms
Grinding Teeth
Breathing Problems
Skin becomes sensitive
Callouses on Hands
Cracked Heels

Magnesium Deficiency Cured By

Super Effective

Highly Effective

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Magnesium Deficiency is a disease of the Whole Body and the Metabolism.
Magnesium is required by the body for proper functioning.
If the Magnesium in the body is low, the body will not function properly. Call it Magnesium Deficiency.

Magnesium is an essential natural mineral that is part of the body. It is present in the Bones, Muscles, Blood and the Tissues. Bones contain the maximum.

Functions of Magnesium are Just as the Pituitary Gland is considered as the Master Gland that controls all other glands, Magnesium is the Master Mineral that controls the absorption of all other minerals and vitamins.
Helps to Synthesize Teeth and the Bones
Activates the Enzymes to produce the Energy
Prevents the Blood Clots in the Heart
Regulates the other minerals such as Calcium, Zinc, Copper and Potassium
Helps in the production of Insulin
Helps in the production of the Hormones
Absorbs Stomach Acids
Magnesium Deficiency causes a number of disorders as listed in the symptoms above.
Foods that contain Magnesium are
Wheat Bran
Brazil Nuts
Whole Grains
Soybean Flour
Whole Wheat Flour
Green Leafy Vegetables
Baked Potatoes with Skin

Causes of Magnesium Deficiency
Liver Disease
Kidney Disease
Use of Diuretics
Excessive Sweating
Alzheimer's Disease
Parkinson's Disease
Drinking too much Alcohol, Caffeine and Soft Drinks lowers the level of Magnesium

If not treated properly, Magnesium Deficiency may Cause or Trigger
Anxiety : The adrenal hormone that controls the Stress is regulated by Magnesium.
Asthma : The Bronchial spasms and histamine decreases with Magnesium.
Insomnia : Mg helps the production of Melatonin
Cystitis : Mg alleviates Bladder Spasms.
Diabetes : Magnesium promotes the production of Insulin. It helps the insulin to transfer the Glucose into the Cells. If the Glucose and Insulin build up in the Blood, it damages the Tissues.
Migraine : Serotonin is a compound that is present in the Blood platelets. It is regulated by Magnesium. Its deficiency causes Migraine.
Depression : The Serotonin controls the behavior of a person. Its deficiency causes Mental Problems.
Osteoporosis : Calcium does not get assimilated in the body if one is suffering from Magnesium Deficiency.
Blood Clots : Magnesium deficiency makes the Blood thick and causes Blood Clots.
Hypertension : It is caused by the hardening of the arteries. Magnesium makes the arteries soft and pliable. It helps to lower the Cholesterol level in the Blood Vessels. Its deficiency causes High Blood Pressure.
Hypoglycemia : Magnesium regulates the Glucose in the Blood Vessels.
Heart Attack : High Pulse Pressure may cause a heart attack. Magnesium will help lower the Blood Pressure and hence save your life.
Tooth Decay : Magnesium regulates the level of Phosphorus and Calcium in the Saliva. Its deficiency causes Tooth Decay.
Bowel Problems : Magnesium Deficiency causes malabsorption of nutrients. It causes Bowel problems and Constipation.
Detoxification : Magnesium Deficiency increases the toxic substances in the Body.
Kidney Diseases : Magnesium regulates the level of Glucose. Its deficiency causes Kidney Problems.
Nerve Problems : Magnesium Deficiency causes nerve problems, as it controls the Central Nervous System.
Raynaud's Syndrome : Magnesium Deficiency causes Pain and numbness in the Fingers.
Gynecological Problems : Magnesium Deficiency causes Menstrual Problems.
Musculoskeletal Conditions : Magnesium controls the movements of Muscles. Its deficiency causes Muscle cramps and Spasms.

Body Part(s)

Whole Body
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Materia Medica for Magnesium Deficiency

Single Herb

Spinach for Magnesium Deficiency

Extract the juice of Spinach by grinding and squeezing them. Consume 1 cup of this juice daily.

Pumpkin for Magnesium Deficiency

Eat 1/8 cup of Pumpkin seeds after removing shells of the seeds daily.

Almond for Magnesium Deficiency

Chew 10 Almonds daily.

Banana for Magnesium Deficiency

Include Banana in your daily diet.

Fig for Magnesium Deficiency

Consume half cup of Fig ( Anjeer ) daily.
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