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Hypoglycemia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hypoglycemia Symptoms
Blurred Vision
Trembling of Hands
Loss of Consciousness
Hands or Feet become cold
Low Blood Sugar in the Blood

Hypoglycemia Cured By

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Hypoglycaemia is a disease of the Metabolism.
The abnormally low level of sugar in the blood is Hypoglycaemia.
It is a deficiency of the Glucose in the Bloodstream.
When we eat food, it directly goes to the Stomach. The Digestive System of the Body starts digestion. The Carbohydrates present in the food break down into small sugar molecules that is Glucose.
The Glucose is required by every cell of the Body. It provides energy to the Body.
Insulin is a hormone produced by the Pancreas. It regulates the level of Glucose in the Blood.
If the Insulin being produced by the Pancreas is optimum, the body's functionality is normal.
However, if the Pancreas either increase or decrease the production of Insulin the body is diseased.

Difference between Diabetes and Hypoglycemia
Diabetes : Increase in Blood Sugar.
Hypoglycaemia : Decrease in Blood Sugar.

Diabetes: Either the Pancreas do not release adequate Insulin, or the body does not use the Insulin effectively (insulin-resistance). Result, Increase in Blood Sugar.
Hypoglycaemia: Either the pancreas have released too much Insulin in response to the intake of sugar, or the body uses the Insulin ineffectively. Result ' Decrease in Blood Sugar.

The normal Fasting level of sugar is 80 to 110mg per 100ml of Blood.
After having food this may go up to a level of 180mg per 100ml of Blood, then it gradually drops down again.
Reading higher than these normal figures, should be considered Diabetes.
Reading lower than these normal figures, should be considered Hypoglycaemia.

Causes of Hypoglycaemia
Excessive Insulin
Medication for Diabetes
Deficiency of other glands that help to control the Glucose

If not treated properly, Hypoglycaemia may cause

Note 1. In Diabetes or Hypoglicemia, sugar level in the blood may fall suddenly. This may result in sudden unconsciousness. Diabetic and Hypoglicemic patients must carry sugar or candy in their pocket. And, have a note in their pocket saying that if they are found unconscious the sugar should be put in their mouth. If this precaution is not taken it will be very difficult for the doctor to diagnose the cause of your unconsciousness.

You must consult your doctor under all circumstances.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Hypoglycemia

Single Herb

Liquorice Root for Hypoglycemia

Crush dried Liquorice root to make powder. Take 4 g of it twice a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Hypoglycemia 1

Take Dandelion ( Dudal in India ) root, Ginseng American and Ginger ( Adrak in India ) root. Boil in a cup of water and make a tea. Take a cup of this tea thrice a day.
OR Include all these herbs in your daily diet.
Queries on Hypoglycemia
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Ferhan Koyuncugil
10 Oct 2016
I have hypoglycemia for years. So,i want to try liquorice according to your suggestions on your site.
You suggest to use 4 grams of crush dried roots two times a day.
So,shall i start using it with a lower dose then gradually increase it or start it exactly as you suggest. Lastly,how many days in a row can i take it?will i take it alone or mixing it with something?
12 Oct 2016
Dear Ferhan
Yes, You may start with mild doses and gradually increase the does. You may take it with Honey. Do 3 day course every week for 1 month. Take it it for 3 days and then repeat the dose for another 3 days in the second week. Like this take it for 4 weeks. For Hypoglycemia, cedar berries are also used to deal with the problem.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Ferhan Koyuncugil
13 Oct 2016
Thank you but i am very sensitive to foods with sugar and i get easiliy irritated with anything that contains sugar,so i usually dont consume anything with sugar.Therefore,may i take liquorice during meals mixing with yogurt for example?Also,shall i take liquorice two times a day during 3 days a week?
06 Nov 2016
I want to try liqurice for hypoglycemia,you suggest not to be used if one has erectile dysfunction,i have erection problems but i also i have very severe hypoglycemia,so i really want to try liqurice,what do you suggest shall i use it or not?Also,is liqurice's effect on erection temporary?
16 Nov 2016
Dear Necdet
Yes, as the massive doses of Licorice taken for the for long time may cause erectile dysfunction. So, i Suggest you to take small doses only and take it for 3 days. Then repeat the dose next week also.
For Erectile dysfunction, you may take Withania somnifera powder. Take 1 teaspoon only for 15 days.
Suman ( India )
26 Oct 2017
I am a diabets since 6 years. Taking medicine regularly. Occasionaly takes alcohol (4- 5 times in a year ).many times during on and around 2 pm to 4 pm I feel hypoglasmia and my sugar level decrease to 50-70.
Regular blood sugar Fasting 140-150 PP - 170-200.
Three years back Once I took diabetic medicine and then alcohol and dinner due to ignorance. In the morning when I weak up I found blank in my mind.
However I ignored it.However from then continued. Now I feel I am weak in memory and and problem with my catch memory. Brain doll. Can you advise. What test will show that status of my brain and whether there is any damage. And how to face diabetics and Hypoglasmia.
02 Nov 2017
Dear Suman
You should keep some sugar in your pocket all the time and keep a note in your pocket saying that " if I fall down please put the sugar in my mouth "
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