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Gestational Diabetes Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Gestational Diabetes
Medical Name
Gestational Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes Symptoms
High Blood Sugar during Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes Cured By

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Gestational Diabetes is a disease of the Pancreas and the Metabolism.

A condition in which a pregnant woman develops high blood sugar even if she never had Diabetes before is known as Gestational Diabetes. It is known as Gestational diabetes as it occurs during gestation period, that is pregnancy. It is a kind of temporary Diabetes, and after delivery, the blood sugar level becomes normal.

Normally, when we eat food, the digestive system breaks the food and produces Glucose. Glucose is like a fuel for the body, as it provides energy whenever the body requires it. The Glucose runs in the blood stream. The Pancreas releases a hormone known as Insulin. Insulin helps the Glucose to enter the cells, where it is used by the cells. But, some times, when some thing goes wrong with the metabolism, the cell receptors stop responding to the Insulin or the Pancreas stop producing enough Insulin. As a result, the level of Glucose rises in the blood and causes Gestational Diabetes.

During pregnancy, Placenta is formed in the Uterus of a woman. This is the connection between a woman and her child. It provides all the nutrients, minerals and water that nourishes the baby and help in the growth of the baby in the womb. During gestation period, a woman tends to eat more food as her baby also needs food. Hence, there will be more production of Glucose in her body and that should be maintained. Sometimes, the pancreas of a pregnant lady fails to release enough Insulin and the level of Glucose goes high. This develops Gestational Diabetes.
These are the two possible reasons that are responsible for causing Gestational Diabetes.

If the pregnant woman manages to control her sugar level, then she will give birth to a healthy baby, but in case she fails to control her sugar level, it may give rise to further complications like :
1. Baby will become fat and large, which may cause complications during delivery.
2. It may cause Jaundice and type 2 Diabetes in your baby.
3. You may also develop type 2 Diabetes after delivery.

Who are at risk of Developing Gestational Diabetes :
If you have a family history of Gestational Diabetes
If you have Ovarian Cysts
If you are overweight
Certain Medications
Early delivery, which may cause breathing problem in the baby
High blood pressure and pre-eclampsia

If not treated properly, Gestational Diabetes may cause :
Complicated Delivery

Note: To control the blood sugar, one should eat a healthy diet. Keep a regular check on your Health. Visit your doctor on regular basis.
Go for regular exercise
Eat a healthy diet rich in proteins, Vitamin C and D, and fiber rich diet.
Improve the intake of Green leaf vegetables and fruits.

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Materia Medica for Gestational Diabetes

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