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Wheat Allergy Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Wheat Allergy
Medical Name
Wheat Allergy
Wheat Allergy Symptoms
Bloated Stomach
Runny Nose
Breathing Problems
Stomach Pain
Low Bowel Syndrome
Low Blood Pressure
Watery Eyes
Swelling in Throat
Chest Pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Joint Pain
Muscle Cramps
Abdominal Cramps

Wheat Allergy Cured By

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Wheat Allergy is a disease of the Metabolism.
The allergic reaction to Food products containing wheat is Wheat Allergy.
It is an Autoimmune Disease. The Immune System or our body's defense mechanism, releases antibodies to fight the Foreign substances, not beneficial to us.
Wheat contains many proteins. An individual may be allergic to any one of them. It will probably take a life time to isolate that protein. The solution may be to avoid wheat and wheat products.
However, the main culprit is Gluten. Try to eliminate that first. Eat Gluten free food. If it works, you have found your weak spot. Take action accordingly.
Our Immune System is perfect. It does not make mistakes. Then what happened. Why does it identify Gluten as an enemy. The original wheat grown thousands of years ago had a DNA which the body cognized as friendly. Over the years man played with the genes of wheat and mutation took place. Pesticides took part in the mutation. The present day wheat is no longer a friend of man and hence rejected. Hence the allergy. QED.

Some scientists allege that Wheat was never meant to be a food for humans.

When you eat wheat or wheat products, and you cannot identify the protein to which you are allergic, we will say you are allergic to wheat.
If, you are positively marked as allergic to Gluten, then we will say you are suffering from a disease called Celiac disease and or Gluten Intolerance. It is dealt with separately on this portal.

Note 1. There are other cereals that contain Gluten. It is not necessary that you are allergic to Wheat only. If you are Gluten intolerant then you may be allergic to other cereals as well.

Food Products that contain Wheat are...
Soya Sauce
Ice Cream Cones
Grounded Spices
Buckwheat Flour
Frozen and Canned Vegetables Made by the mixture of sauces

Causes of Wheat Allergy
Eating Wheat or Wheat Products.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Wheat Allergy

Queries on Wheat Allergy
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Stephen Henry
14 Jun 2015
This is one of the best informed sites that I have ever come across in respect to my diabetes. For years I am struggling to get on top of it but cannot seem to make it.
I do have one clue which seems to indicate something is wrong but I still cannot pin point it. See if you can help me: every time I have a shot of whiskey (about 30 mls) I get a very runny nose as though I have a very heavy cold. My nose drips like a tap and will not stop unless I take medication. My Dr says I am not diabetic, but I am pre Diabetic. Blood glucose is up and so is cholesterol. I suspect whiskey, made from malt which comes from wheat has an effect on my metabolism. Please help, any information is gratefully appreciated.
Herbpathy Research Team
19 Jun 2015
Dear Stephen Henry

We are gratified to know that you found the required information. Your body might have become intolerant to alcohol or to Histamine. This condition is also known as alcohol allergy or alcohol intolerance. It is a genetic condition, when the body is not able to break down the alcohol and this in turn leads to problems like yours.
Avoid Beer or Wine, they are known to be high in histamine, they may trigger the allergy reaction. Even you think that it is the Whiskey made from malt, which is causing it. Yes, these drinks contain ingredients like Wheat that may also cause allergic reactions which lead to Running nose or Nasal Congestion.

Before suggesting the suitable remedy, we would like to have some more information about your health.
1. Since when are you facing this problem of running nose, when consume alcohol?
2. Are you allergic to Wheat?
3. Did you notice the same problem while having other alcoholic drink?

Once, we get to know these details, then only we would be able to comment about your Blood sugar or Cholestrol.

You can find more information on Histamine under the Nutrients section of the website

Herbpathy Research Team
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Philippa Randall-nason ( East Sussex )
11 Nov 2020
Hello.... please can you help me.. my friend has frothy saliva with mucus... and some gut issues. I have tried eliminating all the possible foods that are irritants Sibo diet, gluten, wheat, acid forming, eliminating sugar, tea, coffee, alcohol chocolae... still no joy, doctors no help , have you any suggestions what you think it might be? Thank you in advance
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