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Testosterone Booster Herbs


Testosterone Booster are those herbs that increase the testosterone level in the blood.
Testosterone is a sex hormone that occurs naturally in the Body. It is produced in both male and female but in varied amounts. It is chiefly a male sex hormone and is produced in smaller amounts in females. Estrogen is a female sex hormone but is present in small amount in males also. A balance of both the hormones is required in both male and female.
An imbalance of these hormones in the Body may cause unwanted consequences. In males, an increase in Testosterone level in causes Enlarged Prostate, Reduced Fertility, Hair Loss and Acne. Decreased level causes Impotence, decreased Sperm quality and quantity, Increased risk of Osteoporosis, Alzheimer's Disease, Erectile Dysfunction, fat tissue and low libido. Increased Estrogen level in males causes Prostate Cancer, Heart Diseases and Gynecomastia ( Male Breasts ) and Sexual Dysfunction.
In Females, increased Estrogen level causes Frontal Blading, Acne, Voice Deepening, PCOS, Infertility, Enlarged Clitoris and increased muscle mass. Decreased Estrogen level causes Low energy levels, low libido, painful sex due to vaginal lubrication and mood changes. An increased Testosterone level may cause unwanted hair growth.
In Males, Testosterone occurs naturally in Testicles and in females it is produced in Ovaries and Adrenal Glands in small amounts. It is responsible for growth and development of male organs like Testes and Prostate. Testosterone production gradually decreases by age. The decreased level causes increase in Body fat.
Testosterone possess a number of health benefits :
In Men, it regulates sex drive, Bone mass, Muscle mass, Strength, fat distribution and production of Red Blood cells and Sperm.
It helps in the growth of sexual organs as Penis and Testes in males.
The decreased Testosterone level in the Body can be met with the help of Testosterone boosters. The boosters are available in the form of herbs and supplements.


Oyster Plant
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Arbin saha
11 May 2017
Two years ago I had take simul root dirrectly,and suddenly my health become fall& urinary problem create, I want to know , is there side effect of simul root dirrectly taken by?
13 Feb 2018
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Syed Afzal ali ( India )
23 May 2020
Erectile dysfunction penis not growing with body from past 2years stiffness in pennis low sex drive
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