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Vitamin P

What does Vitamin P do for the body

Vitamin P or Bioflavonoids are found in many plants. It strengthens the blood vessels and helps in the absorption of vitamin C. Vitamin P protects the body from Infection and reduces inflammation. The Antioxidant effect of Vitamin P prevents Cataracts and protect the cells from the free radicals. Vitamin P boosts the Immune system and prevents Allergies.

Requirement of Vitamin P per day

20 mg to 40 mg

Benefits of Vitamin P

Vitamin P stimulates the Blood Circulation and Bile production. It alleviates pain due to workout and sports. Vitamin P decreases the Bad Cholesterol in blood and balances the blood sugar level. It protects the Blood Capillaries and strengthens the cell walls. Vitamin P maintains the health of the collagen and keeps the Skin young. It helps to treat High Blood Pressure.

Functions of Vitamin P

Vitamin p helps to reduce the amount of histamine released from the cells. It prevents Hemorrhage and stimulates the Blood flow. It relieves the symptoms of Prolonged Bleeding and Oral herpes. Vitamin P prevents the accumulation of plaque in the Arteries and supports the Cardiovascular system. It releases stress and depression.

Effects of Vitamin P deficiency in the body

Varicose Veins
Malfunctioning of the body

Effects of excess Vitamin P in the body


Herbs Containing Vitamin P

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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