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Ear Diseases Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Ear Diseases
Ear Diseases Symptoms
Discharge from the Ear
Inflammation in the Ear
Ringing sound in the Ear
A person may not able to Hear
Itching or Irritation in the Ear

Ear Diseases Cured By

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Ear Diseases is a disorder that affects the functioning of the Ear.

An ear is the most magnificent and complicated organ of the Human body.
It Ear is the external organ of body, its functions are :
Balancing the Body

An Ear is divided into three parts, Outer Ear, Middle Ear and Internal Ear. These three parts have different structures and plays different functions.
1. Outer Ear : It is the external part of the ear consists of soft tissues and cartilages. The parts it includes are pinna ( structured in a particular helical shape ) and auditory canal. Its function is to collect all sounds, waves and vibrations and promote them into the Ear.

2. Middle Ear : The middle part of the Ear includes The eardrum and the ear canal. It is made up of three different bones which are Malleus, Incus and Stapes. These bones are collectively known as Ossicles. The function of middle ear is to collects sounds from external ear and assist them to the internal Ear.

3. Internal Ear : It is the inner most part of the Ear. It consists of sensory organs of Hearing known as Cochlea ( of snail shaped ) and semicircular canals ( the balance system of the Body ). The Cochlea contains the Hair cells which are the nerve receptors of Hearing.

If any thing goes wrong with these parts, they causes impaired functions of the Ear. They may infected by Viral, Bacterial or Fungal Infection.

The list of Ear diseases are listed below. They are dealt with separately on this portal.
1. Ear Discharge : The bacterial or viral infection causes discharge form the Ear. It may lead to pain and inflammation.

2. Deafness : When a person is not able to hear, it is known as Deafness and the person is known as Deaf.

3. Dizziness : When the body's equilibrium gets impaired, a person feels about to fall.

4. Ear Infection : Ear infection occurs via bacteria, virus and fungus. It may cause ear discharge and pain in the Ear.

5. Earache : Pain in the Ear is known as Earache. It may be due to some infection or an injury.

6. Hearing Loss : When some thing goes wrong with the Ear, it normal function hearing gets affected. It may result into temporary or permanent loss of hearing.

7. Meniere's Disease : It is a problem of inner Ear that causes Dizziness and unbalances the body.

8. Tinnitus : A ringing sound in the Era is known as Tinnitus.

9. Tympanitis : The bacterial or Viral infection leads to inflammation in the Ear.

10. Chiblain : Extreme cold causes damage to the tissues of Nose, Ears and Extremities.

If the ear diseases are not treat properly, It may cause
Permanent loss of Hearing

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Ear Diseases

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Herbal Treatment For Ear Diseases : Karna Purana Treatment

In India, the Ayurvedic Karna Purana Treatment is practised to cure Ear Diseases.
Its procedure in details as follows
Ingredients :
Steel Bowl
Hand Towel
Water : 300 ml
Cotton : 1 bundle
Anu Oil ( Anu Thailam in India ) : 10 to 15 ml
Preparations :
Massage your head and neck for 20 minutes before the start of the actual treatment.
Pour 2 to 3 ml of Anu Oil ( Anu Thailam ) in a steel bowl.
Warm it slightly for 1 to 2 minutes. It should be bearable to your hand.
Method :
Now Pour 7 to 8 drops of this warm oil in one ear with a help of a dropper.
Gently massage that Ear so that the oil gets deeply absorbed inside the ear tissues.
Insert a Cotton ball inside the Ear to avoid the leakage of oil from the ear.
Repeat the same procedure for the other Ear.
Now, Soak a towel in warm water and squeeze it.
Place this squeezed towel on the ears to keep the oil warm inside the ear.
Keep the towel on the ears for at least 5 minutes.
Relax for 30 minutes to complete the Karna Purana process.
Regularly do Karna Purana Treatment once every day, at least for a week to get the best results.
Note : Kindly do this treatment in the care of a Panchakarma Technician.
Queries on Ear Diseases
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Darshan Singh ( U.K )
26 Jun 2019
Hello sir / Madam
I suffer from tinnitus in my right ear for last couple of years. Some time I do have a pain in my ear and above near my right eye bone Upton my template.
I tried putting olive oil and doctors prescribed me ear antibiotic for drops . Nothing cures me for good . Please advise me .
Kind regards
Darshan Singh (U.K)?

05 Jul 2019
Hello Mr. Darshan,
I believe herbs cannot cure your Tinnitus permanently. Oils can give temporary relief. Try the lavender or eucalyptus oils mentioned by Herbpathy.
I suggest you visit a Homeopath nearby, my sister had similar trouble and she is good now.
Sue ( US )
26 Oct 2020
Acute serous otitis media in both ears (fluid in ears) no apparent reason for it. Causing pain
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