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Hearing Loss Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss Symptoms
Hearing Loss
Difficulty in understanding words
A person asks others to speak loudly
He always complains about the hearing problems
Unable to differentiate between different noises

Hearing Loss Cured By

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Hearing Loss is a disease of the Ear. When a person loses his hearing ability, either temporary or permanent, the condition is known as Hearing Loss. Hearing loss may be present in one or both the ears. The loss of hearing ability in one ear is called Unilateral hearing loss . The loss of hearing ability in both the ears is known as Bilateral hearing loss .

The permanent and complete Loss of Hearing ability is known as Deafness. It may be a birth defect or due to some disorder. It is dealt with separately on this portal.

Types of Hearing Loss
Conductive Hearing Loss : It occurs when the sound fails to reach the Inner ear. This may cause Infection, Building of Wax in the ear.
Sensorineural Hearing Loss : In this the problem is with internal nerves of the Ears. They get damaged and fail to transmit the signals to the Brain. It is more common in aged people. The other reasons for Sensorineural hear loss are Sudden exposure to noise, Viral or Bacterial Infections, High Fever or other physical Disorders.
Mixed Hearing Loss : It is a combination of Conductive and Sensorineural Hearing loss. In this, the damage is in the outer or middle ear and in the inner ear or auditory nerve.

Causes of Hearing Loss
Poor Diet
Scarlet Fever
Benign Tumors
Family History
Impacted Earwax
High Cholesterol
Meniere's Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Perforated Eardrum
Autoimmune Disorder
Neurological Disorder
Infection in the Ear Canal
Poor Eustachian tube function
Sudden exposure to the loud Noise
Foreign body get trapped in the Ear
Deformity in the structures of Ears
Otosclerosis ( Stiffing of Bone in the middle Ear )
Kidney Problems:

If the wax get deposit in the ear, there are some natural oils, that helps in soothing and eliminating the wax. These oils will soften the wax and lubricates the Skin in the Ears.
Olive Oil
Garlic oil
Almond Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Echinacea Oil
Mullein Extract
Eucalyptus oil
You may make a combination by mixing all the given oils.

If not treated properly, Hearing Loss may cause
Permanent loss of Hearing

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Hearing Loss

Single Herb

Almond Oil ( Badam Ka Tel ) for Hearing Loss

Almond Oil ( Badam ka Tel ) is rich in Vitamin E. It helps to soften the Ear Wax which blocks the passage of Sound.
Drop 1 to 2 drops of lukewarm Almond Oil in the affected Ear 2 time a say for 15 days.

Ginkgo for Hearing Loss

Ginkgo ( Balkuwari in India ) increases the blood flow to the nerves in the Ears which improves Hearing. It removes the blockage and gives relief from pain.
Take 2 capsules ( 60 – 240 gm ) of Ginkgo in a day.

Ginger ( Adrak ) for Hearing Loss

Ginger ( Adrak in India ) helps to treat Hearing Loss and reduce inflammation It strengthen the nerves which send the sound waves to the Brain. Salt helps to absorb the water from the Ear and disinfect it.
Take 1 teaspoon of fresh Ginger Juice. Add a pinch of Salt and 1/2 teaspoon Honey ( Shehad in India ) in it. Mix well. Pour 1 to 2 drops of this mixture in the affected Ear daily. Continue it for a week.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Hearing Loss

Tea Tree Essential Oil has strong Antimicrobial and Antiseptic properties. These properties unclogs the Ears and cures Hearing Loss.
Pour 2 cups of hot water in a bowl. Add 2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil in it. Stir well. Tilt the head at one side onto the bowl. Let the steam from the bowl enter into the affected Ear. Repeat this process twice a day for a week to enable Hearing.
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Herbal Treatment For Hearing Loss 1

The antiseptic property of Garlic ( Lehsun in India ) is helpful in curing Hearing Loss due to Infection. Garlic and Sesame Oil ( Til ka tel in India ) reduce the Inflammation and get rid of wax from the Ears.
Take one Garlic clove and one tablespoon of Sesame Oil. Chop the Garlic and add Sesame Oil to it. Heat till the Garlic turns brown. Filter the Oil. Let it cool. Put 1 to 2 drops of Oil in affected ear using a dropper. Do this twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Hearing Loss 2

Cinnamon ( Dalchini in India ) has strong antifungal and antimicrobial properties. These properties help in removing the Earwax and unclogging the Ears. Honey ( Shehad in India ) has antibacterial property which kills harmful bacteria which causes Hearing Loss.
Take 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder and equal amount of Honey. Mix them well. Have it daily in the morning and night for 15 days to induce Hearing.
Queries on Hearing Loss
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Jagvir singh ( Uae (dubai) )
20 Jun 2016
My both are ear loss 70 present for suddenly loud noise so I need to herbal treatment
22 Jun 2016
Dear Jagvir Singh
We request you to write your query again. What is the cause of your Hearing loss? Please tell us some more information about your health. We recommend you the appropriate Herb.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Olive lopez ( Uae Dubai )
23 Jun 2016
I was a dialysis patient..female aged 40 years...would get infection in thevperm cathe channel used for dialysis hence causing high fever and chills...doctor advised me antibiotics like vancomycin and amakacin which caused tinnitus and severe hearing loss in both ears. sensoneural hearing loss...please advise the best home remedy as I cant hear music watch tv or answer phones as well because I can't hear nor can I understand the words being spoken...
24 Jun 2016
Dear Olive Lopez
I my self is suffering from the same problem. I ate Febutaz 40 for my Gout and have lost 30 % of my hearing power. Do one thing... take some garlic cloves. Crush them with back of the knife. Put it in some oil and keep it on very slow heat for 15 to 20 min. Put 1 to 2 drops with the help of a dropper. repeat it for 15 days.
08 Oct 2017
Are you sure,Anilji, it will help, I started same two days before...how long to do it, I am putting same in night.....I am having 90% loss of hearing in right ear( since feb17,probably due to mild strok, a year before.Hope to have your positive views
Hisham Sayed ( South Africa )
02 Nov 2016
I am a male of 70 years old. I have been diagnosed with menier's disease for the past 5 years. My symptoms are as follows;
Tinnitus, vertigo, nauseas and loss of hearing in both ears.
Which herbal remedies can I use to restore hearing loss.
I will highly appreciate your advice.
03 Nov 2016
Dear Hisham Sayed
Please confirm whether you got Cervical Problem?
Second we want to know that do you feel virtigo on turning your head?
Please let us know these things, it will help to recommend the appropriate herb.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
08 Nov 2016
Does Baba Ram Dev carry Tylophora Indica?
Neeru ( India/ Delhi )
24 Feb 2017
Ian 56 year old lady. I had sudden hearing loss in my left ear 2 year,s back with vertigo when I turn my head. Kindly suggest some home remedy
28 Feb 2017
Dear Neeru
Do you have high uric acid? And did you ever take Febutaz 40?
Please let us know, then we will recommend accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Sukhpreet Bhullar ( India/punjab )
10 Apr 2017
My son 14 month old has a profound hearing loss with medicaly treatment ..doctors said by gentamycin had did this hearing loss .. is my sons hearing recover by naturally .. plz tell me what i should do..
17 Apr 2017
Dear Sukhpree
It is known that Gentamycin causes hearing loss. So, that might be the reason of his hearing loss. If the occurrence is recent, please give him Nux Vomica 200. Method : Dissolve one dose in a cup of water, give one teaspoon to the baby. Throw away the remaining water.
Repeat this process for 3 days. That's it. If the occurrence is old, then recovery is difficult. However, you can try the remedy we have mentioned here. We can not provide any assurance.
It is important that you talk to your doctor first.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Mansoor Khan ( Dubai )
19 Apr 2017

I Am 30yrs old leaving in Dubai, I loss my hearing on my both ears since last year (Right Ear 50% & Left Ear 38%)
when i checked with Doctor he said my INNER NERVES is week bcoz of some loud music or noise and there is no treatment for that.

and same you also have mention above SUDDEN EXPOSURE to NOISE. Now please could you tell me what home remedies i need to try for loss hearing to recover or restore

One of my friend also told me to take Cennimon powder & Honey mix it in equal Qty and tke it every day morning. i read above same please Advice...? Thank You...

02 May 2017
Dear Mansoor Khan
Do you feel that your hearing problem is due to excessive noise? If yes, then let us know, we will recommend you accordingly.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Mathew ( Oman )
01 Aug 2017
I can hear the sound but cannot filter the same. Always like to be in louder. is there is any remedy for the same?
30 Aug 2017
Dear Methew
Sorry but we did not get your query. We request to please post your query again with some more details.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Santosh Bk ( Canada )
28 Jan 2018
I am 30 yrs old guy and I have sesnoneurial hearing loss on my left ear. Before four months I got vertigo. When ever I tried to move my head or walk I was feeling dizzy and can't maintain my balance. I was in bed for around 10 days. Now I am ok but I have tinnitus on my both ear. More in left ear. and hearing loss in my left ear.
Before I used to work in loud noise area. I was developing tinitus but later I noticed that I have hearing loss too. I did my MRI and it was ok there was nothing in my brain realted to hearing loss it was negative.

Would you mind suggesting me some remedies so that I can wipe out the hearing loss on my ear.
Thank you.
01 Feb 2018
Santosh Bk
I suggest you to try just one single dose of Chininum Sulphuricum 200. One single dose means only 2 granules. Do not repeat the dose and wait for 15 days. Also study your symptoms and note the every little change that you find in your body.
Kamil ( India )
18 Mar 2018
Hi am 38-year male. I am suffering from bilateral hearing loss and tinnitus. Some doctors suggested that I am suffering from mixed hearing loss and some say it is due to otosclerosis. Please suggest me suitable treatment
23 Mar 2018
Did you ever take any other medication or allopathy drugs? If yes then please let us know?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
26 Mar 2018
Dear Kamil
You may try a Homeopathy remedy that is Chininum Sulphuricum. Get just one dose of this with a potency of 1 M. Take only 2 granules and do not repeat the dose.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
05 Jul 2018
Hello, i have hearing loss on both ears (50% loss on left, 60% on right) due to nerve damage (sensorineural) caused by anti biotic given to me when i was a 4 or 5 year old child (im 26 now).

I started with the ginger spice tea a week ago (with herbs such as sage, rosemary, cilantro,oregano), and today i started with the mixture of tree oil, colloidal silver, olive oil, and apple cidar (4 times a day /drop on ears).

Kindly advise if above is sufficient to restore my hearing (and how long shall i continue), and if there is anything else to do or to take beside ginger and tree oil combination.

Thanks a lot in advance. Pretty nice article, and hope people with hearing loss get the most benefits of natural remedies. Communication is difficult nowadays, even with hearing aids.
Daniel A. ( Uganda )
13 Jul 2018
Dear Dr.

My name is Daniel from Uganda. I came across your website in my quest to get answers on how to help deaf children.

I have a 3 and a half years old son called Jason who hasn't developed to my expectations from childhood. Recently I took to find out what is happening to him as to date, he had never said a word and the signs were there that he could be deaf. After 3 assessments at different places in the last month, it's now confirmed that he is medically incapable of hearing.

This is one of the hardest things to face as a parent but am all out to help him in all possible ways. I am therefore seeking for any kind of assistance to help my son have a better life as its my responsibility.

I will be very grateful for your position response

Yours sincerely
Concerned parent
Chris ( London. UK. )
06 Sep 2018
Hi Doctor
Please help me. I don’t hear word clearly. I ask for repeat word. When I hear a new song I don’t understand the wordings as is not clear to me. Pls help me.
07 Sep 2018
Due to sensory neural hearing loss, I am using hearing aid. My query is that, is there any herbal solution to improve hearing so that I may get rid of this problem
09 Sep 2018
Hello, recently I fell and fractured 3 ribs with partial lung collapse, so I had been regularly visiting a chiropractor who uses metal "clanger" devices (his own invention) to generate sound waves which, he believes, will heal the body. But I had a weak left ear with calcified eardrum which developed Meniere's disease with vertigo about 3 years ago, and since visiting this chiropractor, my tinnitus also returned and I got a new symptom in that ear, which is a "sand-like" sound when chewing. I also lost high frequency hearing in that ear. The calcified eardrum no longer vibrates at all. I was told that garlic oil just inside the ear can reverse the calcification - is that true? Also, the 3rd rib has not joined, and still has a 5 mm gap. I would be grateful for any herbal or homeopathic advice. Many thanks to all of your team.
Mekasha ( Ethiopia )
15 Jan 2020
i about 50 years old . i have a hearing loss due to bacterial infection. doctors prescribed different medicine including gentamycine . Now there is no pus coming out of my ear but i feel dry and clogged ears.when i add some cooking oil i feel the opening of my ear. i have also lost about 30% of my hearing.But some times,specially in cold season or at the morning i lose about 70% of my hearing and feel clogged ear.what should i do?
Pal Singh ( USA )
04 Apr 2020
I am 65 yrs male. I have hearing loss in both ears due to loud noise at work. I tried to put olive oil but no benefits. Can I take chininum sulphuricum. Any suggestion ? Thanks
George Foreman
07 Apr 2020
Mr.Singh, take Arnica 200- 1 dose only. Wait for a month.
21 Jun 2020
I have a white, calcified left eardrum since I stuck an object into the ear by mistake many decades ago. Recently, I have increasing loss of hearing in that ear because the eardrum does not vibrate (as it is calcified). I think I could get some hearing back if I could reverse the calcification, but about a year ago I also suffered BPPV (rotational vertigo) in the same ear due to detachment of the tiny ear crystals in the balance organ of the inner ear. Those tiny crystals are also made of calcium, so my problem is how to de-calcify the eardrum without attacking the tiny crystals in the inner ear. It seems impossible, but let me ask you anyway. Thankyou!

Sham ( India )
30 Jun 2020
I am 64 Yrs old , My both ears are producing noise like ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and continously i am getting this sound from both the ears and the hearing loss has occured due to this noise . i cant distinguish the two sounds , while talking i have to ask for repeat.
kindly give suggestion what to do. Thanks In advance.
02 Jul 2020
Hi Sham, I suggest you try Homeopathic medicine in such cases. When did this start? Did you use too many headphones? Any mucus build-up in ears or nose? Any other situation. Write back in forum for further suggestions.
Bola Oye ( Nigeria/Lagos )
06 Jul 2020
I'm 32, both ears produces sound when I want to sleep at night, it started with d right ear
and more pronounced in the right ear, I have never use any medication. Please prescribe what to use.
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