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Alpha Glutamine or L Glutamine

What does Alpha Glutamine or L Glutamine do for the body

L Glutamine is an essential Amino acid. It is the most abundant Amino acid in the human Body. It is absorbed from the lumen of the Small Intestines. It plays a major role in Immune System and Gastrointestinal tract.
Sources of L Glutamine are Animal and Plant Proteins, Eggs, Cabbage Juice, Wheat, Soybeans and Yoghurt.

Daily requirement of L Glutamine
Dietary intake is 5-10 g per day.

What are the functions of L Glutamine for the Body
L Glutamine possess Antioxidant, Immuno Modulatory , Cardioprotective and Neuro transmitter property.
Glutamine is produced in the muscles and transported by Blood to the other organs that need it. If the Body uses more Glutamine than made, it may cause Muscle wasting. Glutamine is needed to make other chemicals in the Body as Amino acids and Glucose. It improves the Gastrointestinal health. It is a vital nutrient that repairs and rebuilds the Intestinal cells.

Benefits of L Glutamine
Stimulates Gut repair and protects the Intestinal mucosa from damage and promotes Intestinal repair
Prevents and treats Crohn's disease and growth of Cancerous cells
Treats side effects of Chemotherapy as Diarrhea, Pain, Swelling inside the mouth, Nerve pain, Muscle and Joint Pain
Protects Immune system and Digestive system in Cancer patients undergoing Radiochemotherapy
Improves Glutathione levels and increases lean body mass in HIV patients
Helps in maintaining Body weight
Reduces Alcohol cravings
Treats High Blood sugar
Treats Acute Pancreatitis and Sickle Cell disease
Boosts metabolism and cellular detoxification
Stimulates muscle growth and Athletic performance
Promotes Digestive health, Brain health and boosts memory, focus and concentration

Deficiency of L Glutamine may cause
Glutamine deficiency in the Body may cause Overtraining Syndrome. ( condition when Body is pushed beyond its ability to recover )
Deficiency may break down Skeletal Muscle stores and Gut integrity.

People with Glutamine sensitivity should avoid the consumption of Glutamine. Pregnant women or Breastfeeding women should also avoid the supplementation of Glutamine.

Herbs Containing Alpha Glutamine or L Glutamine

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