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What does Phytonutrients do for the body

Phytonutrients are also know as Phytochemicals. It is a compound present in the plants and plant foods. It plays an important role in keeping the body healthy and prevents from diseases. Phytonutrients have strong Antioxidant property. This property helps to protect the body from the free radicals and slows the aging process.

Benefits of Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients boost the immune system of the body. This helps to protect the body from infections and allergies. Phytonutrients prevent Cardiovascular Diseases and premature aging of the Skin. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells and repairs the damaged DNA. It protects from Urinary Tract Infection and keep the digestive tract healthy.

Functions of Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients help to detoxify the body and strengthen the Liver. It helps in the regeneration of Red Blood Cells. Phytonutrients fight infection and treat inflammation. It enhances the communication between the cells in the body. It keeps the Cholesterol under control and prevents Heart Diseases. Phytonutrients protect from Cancer and UV rays. It gives a feeling of fullness and treats Obesity.

Effects of Phytonutrients deficiency in the body


Effect of excess Phytonutrients in the body

Kidney Disease

Herbs Containing Phytonutrients

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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