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Alpha Lipoic Acid

What does Alpha Lipoic Acid do for the body

Alpha Lipoic Acid ( ALA ) is an Antioxidant. It is produced within the body. ALA is synthesized in the Liver. It promotes the efficiency of Glucose uptake by the muscle cells. It converts glucose into energy.
It attacks free radicals and thus prevents damage of cells, tissues and organs.
It has Antiinflammatory, Neuroprotective, Antimutagenic, Anticlastogenic and Antioxidant properties.
Alpha Lipoic Acid is mainly found in Broccoli, Garden Peas, Brussels sprout, Rice Bran, Yeast.
Daily requirement of Alpha Lipoic Acid
600-800 mg/day.
It should be ingested 30-60 min before meals or 120 minutes after. The effects are more on an empty stomach.
Oral doses of ALA for different diseases are :
PCOS: 600 mg/day
Glaucoma: 150 mg/day
Hypertension: 600 mg/day
Sciatic Nerve Pain: 600 mg/day
Multiple Sclerosis: 1200 mg/day
Migraine Prevention: 600 mg/day
Wound healing: 300 mg twice daily
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: 600 mg/day
Burning-Mouth Syndrome: 200-600 mg/day
Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathies: 600-1200 mg/day
Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy in type 2 Diabetes: 800 mg/day
Alzheimer’s disease: 600 mg/day in conjunction with N-Acetyl cysteine

Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid
It is used in treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy, Immune and Inflammation modulation.
It is used to cure Neurodegenerative disorders, Diabetic Neuropathies, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Burning Mouth Syndrome, Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis, Seizures, Brain injuries, Weight Loss.
It is used in the prevention of Cancer of Breast, Melanoma, Ovarian, Epithelial and Colon.
It provides Neuroprotection from Chemotherapy side effects.
It is used in the treatment of Diabetes. It can be taken orally and as Injections. It enhances Insulin sensitivity.
ALA has preventive effect in the development of Age-Related Macular Degeneration ( AMD ).
It aids faster recovery of Peripheral Neuropathic Pain ( Sciatic Nerve Pain ). It also reduces the body’s need for Analgesics.
Supplementation with ALA improves restoration of Blood total Glutathione level. It improves functional reactivity of lymphocytes in HIV/AIDS patients.

Deficiency of Alpha Lipoic Acid
Nerve Damage
Damage to the Blood Vessels

Side Effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid

Overdose of ALA for long period may cause:
Mild Rash
Skin rashes
Local irritation
Itching sensations
Stinging and Burning sensations
Attention : Pregnant women avoid ALA

Herbs Containing Alpha Lipoic Acid

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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