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What does Tyrosine do for the body

Tyrosine is a form of Amino Acid. It is made up of Phenylalanine in the body. It has strong Nootropic property. This property helps in the proper functioning of the Brain. Tyrosine is essential for building new protein molecules. It helps in the transmission of chemical signals between the Nerve Cells. Tyrosine increases the Mental Alertness and reduces the aging effects on the Brain. It calms the Mind and treats Anxiety and Depression.

Requirement of Tyrosine per day
Men : 2.6 gm per day
Women : 2.2 gm per day

Functions of Tyrosine
Tyrosine balances the Neurochemicals. This helps in the communication of Neurons in the Brain. Tyrosine is helpful in the production of the Melanin hormone in the body. This hormone is responsible for giving color to the Skin and Hair. Tyrosine is required for the production of Dopamine. This increases confidence and cognitive performance. Tyrosine reduces the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD ) and Parkinson's Disease. Tyrosine reduces the risk of Heart Diseases and Strokes.

Benefits of Tyrosine
Tyrosine is essential for treating Stress and Insomnia. It is required for the functioning of Neurotransmitters in the Brain. Tyrosine helps in the production of Thyroxine hormone. It combines with Iodine and balances the Thyroid Gland. Tyrosine boosts the stamina and reduces exhaustion during workout. It improves memory and protects from Alzheimer's Disease. Tyrosine clears Fatigue and reduces Blood Pressure. Tyrosine treats Low Libido and Erectile Dysfunction.
Foods as Fish and Chicken are rich in Tyrosine.

Effects of Tyrosine deficiency in the body
Cold Hands
Droopy Eyelids
Low Blood Pressure
Low Body Temperature

Effects of excess Tyrosine in the body
Weak metabolism
Weight Loss

Herbs Containing Tyrosine

Most Effective

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