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Kaffir Lime Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Kaffir Lime
Glycemic Index / Load
Indonesian Lime Leaves, Wild Lime
Botanical Name
Citrus Hystrix, , Atalantia Monophylla
Hindi Name
Chinese Name
Ma Feng Gan

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Kaffir Lime Cures


Action of Kaffir Lime

Nutrients in Kaffir Lime

Taste of
Kaffir Lime

Nature of
Kaffir Lime


Parts Used

Root, Bark, Leaves, Fruits
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kaffir Lime, is a fruit. It is found in Indochinese and Malaysian regions of Asia. (India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand). It is a thorny bush. It grows up to 3-5M in height and is evergreen. The leaves of Kaffir Lime are highly aromatic. The leaves are double lobed, which makes them appear as if two leaves are joined together.

Its fruit is rough, bumpy and green. Roll the leaves and finely chop them to smell the aroma.

Because of its traditional medicinal use it is also known as jeruk obat ("medicine citrus"). The juice and rinds of Kaffir Lime are used as medicine. The oil abstracted from the rind has strong insecticidal properties. The juice is used to keep gums healthy. It is used in brushing teeth. The rind as an ingredient is good for the blood and the digestive system.

The juice is used for washing hair in Thailand. It is also used as a cleanser for clothing. Holy water mixed with slices of the fruit is used in the religious ceremonies in Cambodia.

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Materia Medica for Kaffir Lime

Queries on Kaffir Lime
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Kamlesh nikam ( India/Maharashtra )
18 May 2017
Will it cure kidney stone???
Subharna Ghosh ( India )
25 May 2017
Kamlesh. I do not think Kaffir Lime is the right herb to cure Kidney Stones, the best herbs are Gokharu, Stonebreaker and Varuna. Buy Varuna capsules and take one daily for a month. Varuna will dissolve the stones and provide you relief.Buy mother tincture of herb Gokharu, it is known by the name Tribulus Terrestris. Add 5 drops to a glass of water and have it once every day for a month .
Have you heard of Apple Cider Vinegar for removing stones, this one is also a good remedy to expel Kidney Stones.
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