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Diabetes Insipidus Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Diabetes Insipidus
Medical Name
Diabetes Insipidus
Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms
Dry skin
Cold Extremities
Weight loss
Excessive Urination
Excessive Thirst
In Children: wet diapers most of the times, Bed Wetting
Urine in large volume
Muscle Pains
Dry mouth
Low Blood Pressure
Sunken Eyes

Diabetes Insipidus Cured By

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Diabetes Insipidus is a disease of the Kidneys and the Hormones.

It is a rare condition caused by the deficiency of Vasopressin hormone which controls the functioning of the Kidneys. It leads to Kidney dysfunction and frequent Urination. The condition is a diseased state and is known as Diabetes Insipidus.

Kidneys filter gallons of blood in a day. They regulate body fluids and remove the extra fluids in the form of Urine. The waste fluid gets stored in the Urinary Bladder and when it is filled, it produces an urge to Urinate.
When the body gets dehydrated, the feeling of thirst and to drink water arises. The Kidneys absorb the water and remove the waste. The amount of body fluid remains in equilibrium due to action of drinking water and excreting the excess in the form of Urine by Kidneys.
The entire process of excretion of extra fluids by the Kidneys is regulated by a hormone known as vasopressin or ADH ( anti duretic Hormone ).

Vasopressin ( ADH ) hormone is produced by Hypothalamus in the Body. It controls the level of Body fluid by regulating the amount of Urine excreted by the Kidneys. Vasopressin gets stored in the Pituitary Gland until it is required by the Body. When the body gets dehydrated and the level of fluid decreases, the Pituitary Gland secrets Vasopressin to the Blood Streams to prevent the loss of body fluid. But, if the hormone fails to function properly, the kidneys may produce excess amount of urine.

Causes of Diabetes Insipidus
Head Injury
Family History
Bacterial or Viral Infections
Poor blood circulation to the gland

If not treated properly, Diabetes Insipidus may cause
Loss of Appetite

Differential Diagnosis : Diabetes is a condition of impaired glucose level in the body. Diabetes may sound similar to Diabetes Insipidus. However, they are not.
Diabetes : The raised level of sugar in the body caused by either a fault in the Pancreas ( Diabetes Type - 1) or when the body is unable to use Insulin properly ( Diabetes Type - 2).

Common Names

Body Part(s)


Hormones Diseases

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Materia Medica for Diabetes Insipidus

Queries on Diabetes Insipidus
Rakesh ( India )
13 Aug 2016
Which test will be able to differentiate between diabetes incipidus and diabetes mellitus
16 Aug 2016
Dear Rakesh
Get your blood test done.
Ganesh ( Switzerland )
24 May 2018
I am diagnosed with Diabetic Insipidus, where I take lot of water and go for urination frequently.
Right now I am using Desmopressin to control the urination.
Now my request is do you have any herbals / medicament to solve this problem?

Thanks & regards
17 Jun 2018
i wants a herbal medicine for treat the diabetes inspidus .i take tab moduratic
25 Jul 2018
My husband has diabetes insipidus and he goes to the restroom alot I would like to find herbal remedies for him to try any suggestions
Kim ( Usa )
06 Oct 2018
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Sherisa ( Usa/ tn )
21 Dec 2018
My son is a year old and has this he does not sleep good and uses the bathroom and drinks a lot what herbs do you recommend to make things better
Pm Singhdeo ( India )
26 May 2020
I want to know Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes icipidus is it possible to treat it with alternative medicine??
Pms deo
Brenda Jackson ( New York, US )
01 Jun 2020
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Pooja Sharma ( Haryana )
18 Nov 2020
My son is suffering from diabetes insipidus so he has to take desomopressin nasal spray.we are worried about it.so,if there is any herbs for this disease so plz suggest us.
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