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What does Prebiotic do for the body

Prebiotic is a dietary fiber. It is a non digestible food ingredient. It stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the Intestines. It assists in developing good health and well being. The widely used Prebiotics are Inulin, Lactulose, Fructooligosaccharides ( FOS )and Galactooligosaccharides (GOS ). It is used to treat several Chronic Digestive disorders and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
Low levels of Prebiotic compounds can be found in Artichokes, Aparagus, Wheat and many more.

What are the functions of Prebiotic in the Body
Prebiotics act as fertilizer for the good bacteria in your Gut. The main function of Prebiotics is to stimulate the selective growth of Intestinal microorganisms.
Prebiotics are the ingredients which :
Are not metabolized or absorbed in the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract ( GIT ).
Change the colon microorganisms to a healthier composition.
Are potentially beneficial for Intestinal bacteria.
Breastfed infants have low rates of beneficial microorganisms. This may lead to certain allergy in infants. Prebiotics now are used as an additive in Infant milk formulas to stimulate the composition of beneficial microorganisms. Different Gastrointestinal microorganisms may require different substrates. Multiple Prebiotics are thus used in combination for optimal growth.
Prebiotics are indigestible components and possess Laxative property. Prebiotics support the development and maintenance of healthy Immune System. It increases the production of SCFA's in the Body. It thus increases the solubility of minerals and eases the Colonic absorption of Calcium and Magnesium in the Body.
Prebiotics also possess Antimutagenic and Antitumor properties and inhibit the growth of Colon Cancer cells.

What are the Benefits of Prebiotic
Increases the number of beneficial microorganisms in the Colon.
Modulates Immuno response and increases the production of Mucin and Short Chain Fatty Acid ( SCFA ).
Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria and prevents GIT infections. It reduces the number of pathogenic microorganisms in GIT ( Gastrointestinal Disease ).
It is used to treat Irritable Bowel Disease and Syndrome ( IBD and IBS).
Used to treat Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, Urinary tract Infections, Colon Cancer, Pancreatitis.
Improves Bone Health.
Promotes Satiety.

Deficiency of Prebiotic may cause
Abdominal Pain

Caution :
People who are hypertensive to any component of products containing Prebiotics should avoid.
People having Irritale Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ) with increased gas production should avoid high intakes of Prebiotics.

Herbs Containing Prebiotic

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