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What does Lactose do for the body

Lactose is a disaccharide sugar. It is made up of Glucose and Galactose. Lactose is present in the Milk of some Mammals. It important for the proper development of the Brain. It inhibits the Tumor growth and stops it from spreading to other organs. It strengthens the Immune System and speeds up the healing process.

Benefits of Lactose

Lactose keeps the digestive tract healthy. It helps in the proper bowel movement to avoid Constipation. It protects the body from the free radicals damage and exposure to the X- ray radiation. Lactose inhibits the development of Cataracts and prevents Cancer. Lactose enhances the memory concentration.

Functions of Lactose

Lactose decreases the inflammation and prevents Arthritis. It enhances the communication between the body cells and increases the absorption of Calcium in the body. Lactose keeps the Bones and Nails strong. It promotes the growth of Micro Flora in the intestinal tract. This helps to keep the gut healthy.

Effects of Lactose deficiency in the body

Weight Loss

Effects of excess Lactose in the body


Herbs Containing Lactose

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Highly Effective

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