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Presbyopia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Presbyopia Symptoms
Strain on the Eyes
Difficulty reading
Eyes get tired after reading or doing close work
Able to read in bright light only
Have problems in focusing
Blurred Vision
Pain in Eye

Presbyopia Cured By

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Presbyopia is a disease of the Eye.
With aging the natural lens of the Eye looses the elasticity and causes thickening of the lens. It results in difficulty to focus or see the close objects. The condition is termed as Presbyopia.

Normally at a young age the lens is flexible and can easily change the shape. The light enters the cornea, pupil and then to the Lens. These light rays fall directly over the Retina. The Retina contains the light sensitive tissues that cover the back wall of the eyeball. It is known as the natural picture maker. With the help of the optic nerve it makes an image in the Brain. In the whole process the part of Lens is to refract the rays and focus them in the Retina. If anything is wrong with the Lens it will not able to the change the shape rapidly. As a result the Retina may not focus and make a clear picture. A person will not be able to see the close objects. He will read a book or a newspaper by keeping them at his arm's distance so that he may focus it properly.
In case of any physical disorder like in Diabetes, Other Eye Problems, Heart Disease or other health problems may give rise to premature Presbyopia.

Causes of Presbyopia
Old Age
Other Physical Disorder

If not treated properly, Presbyopia may cause
Permanent damage of the Lens

Common Names

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Materia Medica for Presbyopia

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