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Squint Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
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Squint Symptoms
Crossed Eyes
Double Vision
Misalignment of the Eyes
No coordination between the Eyes

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Squint is a disease of the Eyes.
Each eye's focus is normal by itself. But there may be a misalignment in the direction in which both the eyes are seeing. When both the Eyes fail to focus at one point to produce a binocular vision, it is called a Squint.
In normal vision, both eyes are aligned in the same direction. They both focus on the same point. The object is seen clearly and there is a sensation of depth. Both eyes send coordinated images to the brain. The brain gives you the sense of depth.

The following types of Disorders are associated with Squint.
In Strabismus the eyes are not properly aligned with each other. It is a lack of coordination between the extraocular muscles. The gaze is misaligned and disturbs binocular vision. It means you will not perceive depth.
Strabismus may be seen in the eyes or may be a fault in the Brain. When you are able to see the lack of coordination in the muscles of the eyes, the problem is in the Eyes and should be treated as such. When there is no obvious misalignment in the muscles of the eyes, the disorder may be in the Brain. That is where you need to focus on the treatment.
In Exotropia Strabismus the one or both of the Eyes are misaligned and deviated in outward direction. There are three types of Exotropia Starbismus.
Congenital Exotropia : It is present by birth.
Intermittent Exotropia : It occurs when the eyes are completely relaxed or during day dreaming.
Sensory Exotropia : It occurs in case of Poor Eyesight.
Esotropia : It is also known as crossed Eyes. In this both of the Eyes are inverted towards the Nose.
These disorders are dealt with separately on this portal.

Causes of Squint
By Birth
Brain Tumors
Cerebral Palsy
Noonan Syndrome
Congenital Rubella
Injury to the Brain
Other problems with the Eye
Any disorder or Injury with the Brain

If not treated properly, Squint may cause
Vision Problems
Binocular Single Vision

Note : A list of Herbs is given below that are rich in nutrients required by the Eyes. The regular consumption of these herbs may prevent the occurrence of Squint.
1. Eye Bright : It is one of the best Herbs that is keeps a good care of Eyes. It is used to treat almost all kind of Eye Disorders.
2. Lemon : Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which is an important ingredient need by the Eyes. It is antioxidant in nature, hence used to treat Cataracts and Macular Degeneration. They are also antibacterial and anti fungal in nature, and prevents eye infections.
3. Gingko Biloba : It increases the Blood circulation in the Eyes.
4. Carrots : It looks like Eye retina. They are rich in Vitamin A, a good nutrient for the Eyes.
5. Bilberry : They are rich in flavonoids and help in refocusing the Eyes.
6. Coleus : It improves eye sight.

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Materia Medica for Squint

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Elizabeth Bukola ( Nigeria )
18 Apr 2019
I want my squint eye to be treated
05 Nov 2019
Not sure, but i remember reading something about GOJI and eye problems.
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