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Snow Mountain Garlic Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Snow Mountain Garlic
Glycemic Index / Load
Snow Mountain Garlic
Hindi Name
Kashmiri Lehsun

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Snow Mountain Garlic Cures


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Taste of
Snow Mountain Garlic

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Whole Plant
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Snow Mountain Garlic is a tuberous plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a cold climate.
It grows up to 60 Cm.
Best used for Cancer.
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Materia Medica for Snow Mountain Garlic

Snow Mountain Garlic General

Snow Mountain Garlic is Kashmiri Lehsun in Hindi.
It rejuvenates the Brain nerves and prevents Brain Tumor.
It reduces the occurrence of Heart troubles thus, maintains its functionality.
Snow Mountain Garlic is a good herbal cure for Breathing discomforts like Common Cold, Asthma, and Flu.
It refines the Blood Circulation thus, avoids the risk of Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis.
It is advantageous for treating Hypertension i.e. High Blood Pressure.
It possesses Anti Cancer properties thus, stops Cancer Cell multiplication.
It is favorable in curbing the degree of Blood Glucose.
It keeps a check over the Cholesterol Level.
It aids in tackling Tuberculosis.
Snow Mountain Garlic is a good herbal remedy for Indigestion. It encourages the secretion of Gastric juices and suppresses Acid Reflux.
It increases and eases the Bowel Movement.
It counteracts Intestinal ailments like Cholera.
It vitalizes the Liver and keeps away Typhoid.
Snow Mountain Garlic is favorable in countering Joint complaints like Rheumatism and Muscular pains.
It aids in Blood Thinning and cleans it by removing Toxins.
It combats Skin complaints namely Skin Eruptions like Acne and Wounds.
It is beneficial in arresting the condition of Diarrhea and Dysentery.
Snow Mountain Garlic eases Constipation.
It is an Antidote for reptile i.e. Snake bites.
Caution : Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Single Herb

Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for Acne

Peel 2 to 3 bulbs of Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ). Rub on affected parts for 10 minutes.

Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for Asthma

Take 2 Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) pods. Peel. Boil in one glass of milk. Drink at night.

Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for Digestive Disorders

Take 2 cloves of Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ). Crush and boil in one cup of water or milk. Take it once a day.

Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for High Blood Pressure

Have 2 cloves of Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) on an empty stomach.

Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for High Cholesterol

Peel 3 to 4 cloves of Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ). Have it in an empty stomach.

Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for Wounds

squeeze out the juice of Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ). Mix little water. Wash wounds with this twice a day.

Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for Tuberculosis

Peel 2 to 4 pods of Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ). Crush. Boil in one cup of milk. Drink it once a day.

Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for Ascaris

Peel and crush 10 cloves of Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ). Soak in one glass of water. In the next morning, drink it in an empty stomach.
Queries on Snow Mountain Garlic
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Hassan khatau ( Tanzania )
27 May 2016
Can 2 bulb work to lower cholestrol?
27 Jun 2016
Yes they can. garlic is very effective herb to lower choleterol. You may try with 2 cloves everyday in the morning for 10 days, Then you may try Burdock capsules. One capsule everyday for a month. this herb is very effective to lower the cholesterol levels.
All the best Hassan. !!
Chandrasekaran ( India )
19 Jun 2016
Which variety of garlic is good for health ?
Is mountain poondu ( malai poondu ) or native garlic ?
Mountain poondu means garlic grown in mountains ,which are bigger
In size and native garlic is smaller and is grown in plain lands..
Which one is good for health .?
20 Jun 2016
Both these species have their equal health benefits. You can have either of two but it depends on your problems. If you can let us know what is the problem you are going through then, it will get easy for us to decide which species is best for you and your problem.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Rajeev ( India )
05 Jul 2016
Is snow mountain garlic beneficial to reduce diabetes?
05 Jul 2016
Yes, this herb is quite effective in curing Diabetes. It lowers the blood sugar level. Take two bulbs daily in the morning, on an empty stomach, for a period of three months and keep a check on your sugar readings.
OM ( India )
06 Jul 2016
Snow mountain garlic, Is it benefits for Heart burn, acidity, digestive lungs who smoke and fatty Liver?
07 Jul 2016
It is a good herb that cures indigestion and helps to suppress acidity. Snow mountain garlic also helps to cure Digestive disorders.
This herb is known to vitalize the Liver and protects you from Typhoid. However, the most effective remedy fr Liver is Milk Thistle. Helps to cure Lung cancer.
11 Oct 2020
If sugar levels under control, should continue or discontinue
Vishwas ( INDIA )
16 Jul 2016
Is snow mountain garlic good for high blood pressure ?

29 Jul 2016
Dear Vishwas
Yes, Snow Mountain Garlic is used to reduce High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol too. You may consume 2 fresh garlic cloves every morning on empty Stomach.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Km rahiman ( Bangaloor )
28 Jul 2016
is there any side effects for kashmeri garlic
29 Jul 2016
Dear Km Rahiman
As such we have not come across to such evidence that have shown some serious side effects of Snow Mountain Garlic.
Could you please tell us for what you wish to take this?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Dave ( Philippines )
29 Jul 2016
Gudeve.. Can reactive hepa b patient can take sappan wood? how to prepare and dosage of intake? Thank you..
05 Aug 2016
Sappanwood has many uses, but not for Hepatitis B. For Hepatitis B, You will need to follow this three steps process--- 1.Drink two tablespoon of Radish juice everyday for one week. 2.Take Milk Thistle for ten days. You may take capsules also. It is easily available in the market.
3.Take 1/4th of Sugarcane juice. Add 1/2 cup of Curd into it. Eat it for 15 days. This course will tone up your liver and help in treating Hepatitis B
This course of herbs is very effective for your condition.
Sangeetha ( Chennai )
01 Aug 2016
Snow mountain garlic cure nephritic syndrome.
05 Aug 2016
Urtica Dioica tincture is your cure. Buy this from a homeopathic store. Take 5 drops in a glass of water everyday, for a month. Other herb for you is Gokharu. Take one capsule everyday.
Try this herb for a month. These two herbs have shown amazing results for those suffering from Nephritic syndrome.
Consult your health care provider before taking any herb.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Adv. Vishwas karmarkar ( India/ maharashtra )
24 Aug 2016
Is mountain garlic is cure coronary artery disease or regular garlic is good for that
Dr. Alin Clifered
25 Aug 2016
Dear Adv.
well, I have done a lot of research on Garlic. It is an incredible herb and it is one the most important ingredient is Alicin, which is usually destroyed when we cook Garlic. So, according to my research, the best way to consume Garlic is, mash the Garlic cloves with your hand or some wooden based tool. Then leave it for 15 min and consume it with water. To tone up Your Heart You may also try Arjuna Tea, have 1 cup every day. And have 2 cups of Green tea every day.
26 Nov 2019
Green tea is not good more than one cup daily but have to take alternate days bcz it makes dryness in our brain and in body. Only fat people can take it according to their fat. Garlic and lauki juice is much for heart cholesterol ,in heart related problem ,sugar and migrain .
Indu Basu ( India/Delhi )
06 Sep 2016
Where can I buy this Kashmiri Lehsun from in Delhi? I live in South Delhi...is there anyplace nearby that I can buy from?
09 Sep 2016
You need to look for the herb in your local herbal store, if you do not find it then internet is always an easy way to look for the things. Do a little research online and order the herb from the vendors. I am sure they will deliver the herbs at your door.
I myself buy herbs from dragonherbs and amazon. All the very best...
31 Jul 2017
near metro station pul bangas delhi
19 Nov 2017
You get these at khari baori wholesale market. Nearest metro would be Chandni Chowk
Yogesh ( India )
08 Sep 2016
Kasmiri lahsun used in muscular joint pain
Mehulmehta ( India maharashtra )
12 Sep 2016
Is kashmiri lahsun types of fruit or its vegetable roots m asking because vegetable roots are not preferred by janis Pl reply
14 Sep 2016
It is a vegetable root. You may try some other herb then. All the best
Sri ( Karnataka )
21 Sep 2016

How do i consume snow mountain garlic to get rid of heart burn, acidity and gastric problem.
Sunaaina Gupta
22 Sep 2016
Sri You should not go for this herb at all. Because those who are prone to acidity, heartburn or gastritis should avoid Garlic.
Herbs for your heart burn or acidity are--
Liquorice, Baking Soda, Banana and Basil.
For gastric problem-- take a small chunk of Ginger, chew it before every meal.
Or you may drink 10 ml of potato juice before every meal.
Mala ( Canada )
06 Oct 2016
any cure for nephritic syndrome please , my son is 14 yrs ,please help thanks
14 Oct 2016
The best herbs for your Son are Varuna and Stinging Nettle.
You may give him Varuna capsules. One everyday for a month. Or, you may it's homeopathic tincture, It is known as Crateva Nurvala. Give him 5 drops of this tincture in a glass of water. Stinging Nettle tincture may also be taken. A prior discussion with your doctor is important before you try any remedy.
Paddy ( India )
11 Oct 2016
Becoz of its multiple benefits I eat two Kashmiri lehsun after dinner. Is there any problem if I do this daily. Currently I have no health problems, still I have it just for prevention. Also can I drink 1/2 cup of milk after that as I heard it gives u sound sleep?
14 Oct 2016
Yes, There are no side effects as such. So, you may continue with it. The herb will boost your immunity. Do not take more than 2 cloves in a day. As it may cause blood thinning, which may give rise to serious ailments. Therefore ,to be on a safer side limit the intake to one garlic clove daily or 2 cloves on alternate days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Mallika Ray ( India/west Bengal )
14 Oct 2016
I am suffering from osteoarthritis for last 3/4 years,after undergoing hysterectomy in May,2010.my age is now 57 years.can I take kashmiri garlic & how? may I take also kalijiri,ajwan and methi mixed together?
plz guide
Shirley Tandon
20 Oct 2016
You may take 2 cloves of this garlic every morning followed by a glass of warm water. Take Asparagus capsules everyday. One daily for one to 2 months. A very effective herb for those undergoing hysterectomy.
Drink 2 cups of Basil tea in a day. continue this for a month.
19 Nov 2016
Greetings,At present my cholesterol is 270 mg how much mountain garlic I should take daily? I am taking creator tablets one at night I am Rehana age 67 female.
Six months back I had done an angiography and found 50 % blockage due to high cholesterol. Can I continue tablet along with garlic?
22 Nov 2016
Yes, you may take Garlic. There is another herb which can help you, that is Hawthorn. You can drink the Hawthorn tea everyday for a week. But, only after you consult your doctor, since you are already taking medicines. Take Spirulana capsules everyday for a month. This is a super effective herb to cure High Cholesterol. And are you taking any blood thinning medicines ? Please re write the post and let us know.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
29 Nov 2016
Thanks,I am not taking any blood thinning medicine.
Please advise whether I can take Kashmiri lasoon? Please advise method of taking this lasoon.
23 Sep 2020
My mom went through 2 angioplasty and angiography and in November 2019 she went through Bypass surgery.can you please suggest if my mother can take Kashmiri Lahsun and how she should take she is 60+ now, and also having High Blood pressure these days. Please help ma'am.
Firoz ( Oman )
29 Nov 2016
I have recently undergone angioplasty with two stents.
I am taking aspirin along with plavix for blood thining.Can I take Kashmir Lasoon.please advise.
Raj vohraRXHN ( Maharashtra )
29 Nov 2016
Can we just swallow garlic after peeling
I have acidity and muscular joint pain
06 Dec 2016
The best way to take Garlic, so that it is bio-available to the body is------
Peel the Garlic clove. Leave it aside for 15 minutes, Do not use any metallic tool to peel it. DO it with your hand and do not let any metallic or object touch, not even a spoon. Then after 15 minutes, chew it raw. This is how garlic is most effective for the body.
Manu ( Chennai )
02 Dec 2016
Can a chronic liver cancer patient consume Himalayan garlic ? Will it help him? He is having acidity too. Kindly advise
05 Dec 2016
Yes, the patient may take Himalyan garlic.
But, will you please mention the medicine if the patient is already taking for the cause. Because, there might be risk of interaction.
Faisal ( India )
03 Dec 2016
I am suffering from anxiety and HBP. Is Kashmiri lahsun good for me, if yes then suggest me how to take it
05 Dec 2016
No please. If you take Kashmiri Lehsun, when yo already are on Aspirin, it may cause thinning. This may cause internal bleeding.
So, garlic and Aspirin are recommended to be taken together.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Ismail (INDIA) ( India/Telangana )
08 Dec 2016
My father is suffering from multiple infarcts in brain and having problem in speaking and weakness in right hand and right leg.
Is pahadi lahsun effective and does it have any side effects.
Prat (India)
08 Dec 2016
this question may sound stupid. is 37 year old snow mountain garlic bad?
my grand father just gave me a snow mountain garlic which he bought in 1979 from Kashmir saying its still edible. I consumed it. it tasted fine but the colour was black.
09 Dec 2016
Prat No, it is not a stupid question. And let me tell you, that the black garlic which your grandfather h consumed it is the best one. It is the best form of garlic. The Aged Garlic is the best form of Garlic. So, do not worry, you may continue to consume this garlic.
29 Dec 2016
From where I can purchase Snow Mountain Garlic? oblige by sending the address of suppliers. PLEASE
19 Nov 2017
Let me know, I can courier it to you
Asif mustafa
20 Nov 2017
Am a supplier's of this kasmiri girlic send ur detail address I can send u this is mine no u can cal me any time 7829276055
Sushil ( Delhi )
31 Dec 2016

One month back my half body got stiffness and still I feel like body parts sleep condition. Doctors told me that this happen due to high hemoglobin and cholesterol and RBC.now I am taking mountain garlic on daily basis in morning with empty stomach, I swallow two cloves with Luke warm water, I want to know can this help me in my health problem and is this right way to consume Kashmir lehsun. Is this also make nerves strong ?
09 Jan 2017
It is suggested that you share the Haemoglobin levels. What is the exact reading ? Also, share your Red Blood Count.
Do you smoke ?
Do you live in a polluted area ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
S Basu ( India/Delhi )
14 Jan 2017
I am having rheumatoid arthiritis all over body.Kashniri Lahsun will help to reverse this autoimmune disease?
18 Jan 2017
Kashmiri Lehsun may help to get relief from this disease. apply the paste of Sweet Flag roots all over on the affected region. Take Boswellia capsules daily for a month. Add 2 to 3 cups of Epsom salt in your bathing water and sit there for 15 to 20 minutes daily for 15 days.
Dr sudeep gupta ( Rajasthan india )
17 Jan 2017
What is the cost of kashmiri Lansing
Vivek ( India )
29 Jan 2017
can you please tell full botonical classification for snow mountain garlic. as is any of its medicinal properties ever scientificaly stiudied or published.
Imtiyaz ( Zambia )
30 Jan 2017
Can I take Kashmiri garlic to lower Utica acid
Suresh Wadwa
08 Feb 2017
Do you mean Uric Acid SIr ?
Masood ( India, Jharkhand )
06 Feb 2017
My father is 64 years old, he has 70 ? blockage of heart and also have high blood pressure and 3 month ago he also had Gallstones surgery, can he take mountain garlic to cure heart and blood pressure?
08 Feb 2017
Yes, SNow Mountain Garlic is very effective in curing Cardiac Disorders and aids in strengthening the cardiovascular system. Its one the most important ingredient is Alicin, which is usually destroyed when we cook Garlic, fry it or roast it. So, the best way to consume Garlic is, crush the Garlic cloves with your hand or some wooden based tool. Do not let any metal touch the cloves. Then leave it for 15 minutes and consume it with water. To tone up Your Heart You may also try Arjuna Tea, have 1 cup every day.
Irfan Bhatti ( United Kingdom )
15 Feb 2017
Can snow mountain garlic be effective for Nephrotic Syndrome (a kidney disorder)? I have read a few articles that it can. Please can you advise?

21 Feb 2017
Yes, it can. However, the best herbs for Kidneys are--
Gokharu, Varuna , Drumstick and Chicory. You may try these herbs.
Punarnava is another very effective Herb for Kidneys.
Alla Kononov
29 Jan 2018
Hi, have you found that any of these herbs helped your child with nephrotic syndrome? Bought this garlic, but have also read that so many others are listed here in this forum.
Kantilal Jain ( India )
21 Feb 2017
Can I take Snow Mountain Garlic without peeling the outer skin? I am chewing five pieces of Snow Mountain Garlic daily since two months. I take for general health.
21 Feb 2017
Now you may stop the consumption. This garlic is hot in nature and not to be consumed during summers. And you have already consumed it for quite some time. 2 months is enough already.
Amrita Sheth ( Maharashtra )
28 Feb 2017
I am a 28-year-old married, working woman. I have a problem of minute corns on my palm, and to heal same I have been recommended to have 2 Kashmiri lahsun in the morning empty stomach. I want to know if this will have any side effects on me, or if it would be warm for my body?
Vipul Joshi
01 Mar 2017
If the corns are at the initial stage, use Liquorice root. Apply the paste of Liquorice root mixed with mustard oil. Put the paste on the hardened part of the skin and leave it overnight. Wash it the next morning. this will help.
You may apply the Snow Mountain Garlic cloves ( Kashmiri Lahsun ) on the affected areas. Soak the affected hand in a solution of baking soda and warm water every day for a week.
Manjula ( Telangana )
16 Mar 2017
How long can a person with high cholestrol and high sugar levels take this garlic
20 Mar 2017
Take this garlic for one month.
For high sugar, start taking Berberis Vulgaris tincture for a month. 5 drops in a glass of water. For High Cholesterol, eat one capsule of Spirulina every day, for a month. Manjula, you can also try Burdock capsules to cure High Cholesterol.
Tanu ( India Delhi )
20 Mar 2017
I M having knee pain and my bones create sound whenever I stretch my knees.. I M just 24 year old . But I cant stand for long . Will it be helpful ?
Germaine ( Cape Town )
26 Mar 2017
Can you use it for anaemia?
Jatin Sethi ( India )
27 Mar 2017
No. It does not have any relation with Anemia.
Carrot, Beetroot, Plum, Pomegranate, Dong Quai and Spirulina.
Eat a bowl of Beetroot every day. Have one Dong Quai capsule, daily, for a month. Pomegranate and carrot juice can be taken, daily, 2 glasses for one to 2 months.
Mazhar ( India )
28 Mar 2017
For high cholesterol levels and manage mentioned of Blood pressure how to take Kashmiri Lehsun ? METHOD OF PREPARING IT OR DIRECTLY HAVING EMPTY STOMACH
Riah Chhabr ( India )
30 Mar 2017
I take 2 cloves of this Garlic, peel them without a knife,I only use my hands. Do not use any thing else. Then crush it with your hand or a wooden tool only. No metal should touch the cloves.
For 15 minutes I keep the crushed cloves as it is. Then I eat them , followed by a glass of warm water. This is how I eat it and ti sis the way in which it acts the most on your body. Mazhar you may try the same.
Ramona montano ( Taos, NM USA )
21 May 2017
is it possible to grow smg in high mountains of NM
Moni ( United arab emirates )
26 May 2017
I m 42 yrs old woman having irregular heavy periods, i have started taking snow garlic from last 15 days, one clove empty stomach with water, do u think it will help with my problem or it will worsen my bleeding problems.sibnce i m having too mich heavy periods for more than 10 days after every 3-4 months. All other tests are normal, only one small 4cm functional cyst is there .
09 Jun 2017
Moni. This problem can be taken care of. We are suggesting the regimen for curing the cyst here--
Drink Chaste Berry for a month. It is very effective herb in curing cysts in the ovary, it will also set your hormonal imbalance right.
Drink Red Clover tea, everyday for a month.
Have Dong Quai capsules, one daily for one month. Have 4 to 5 dried or fresh Cranberries every day.
Buy Caulophyllum tincture from a homeopathic store and have 10 drops twice a day.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
DJ ( India / Gujarat )
15 Jun 2017
My father aged 59 years had angiography done. It revealed 70% blockage in the LAD. Rest all fine. He is taking ecosprin gold 10 tablets, one tablet at night. He has no other health problem. His triglycerides levels are high. Is it possible for him to take Kashmiri Lahsoon for the blockage and how much and when should he take it? Please guide
Sumeeksha ( India )
12 Jul 2017
Yes, you can give him Snow Mountain Garlic. Or buy Aged Garlic, it is known as Kyolic. Give him 2 cloves, every day for a month. Also, give him a cup of Cinnamon tea daily for a 20 days.
Hitesh ( India maharashtra )
22 Jun 2017
Hi this is hitesh from mumbai india.i am suffering from scitica nerve pain and my right leg is not working. Having burning sensation tingling and severe pain whole day.as my dr.said i started having garlic an empty stomuch but in mumbai that local garlic was very spicy and was not able to have it.my friend suggest me to have this himalayan garlic and i started. Its not that much spicy.
But would like to know that will be it helpful to have in my scitica nerve pain ?
12 Jul 2017
Yes, garlic helps in curing inflammation. You should have it. It is spicy but very beneficial. Also take Hypericum Perforatum tincture everyday for 20 days. have 5 drops only.
KC ( India )
05 Jul 2017
Is this herb useful for people suffering from seizures because of a part of the brain being mildly shrunk or underdeveloped? And how should it be taken if yes?
30 Aug 2017
KC. It can not be recommended. Please share other symptoms too. The case needs physical diagnosis and all the symptoms analysis, in detail.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Shabbir suma ( India )
10 Jul 2017
I am having epilepsy
30 Aug 2017
And ? What all other symptoms along with the epilepsy ?
Since when do you suffer from epilepsy ?
Do you suffer from mood swings and irritability too ?
Insomnia and Fatigue ?
What is your age and Gender ?
Do you suffer from lumps ?
12 Jul 2017
Any medication available for under active thyroid? I also have a nodule on my thyroid and currently taking levothyroxine 50 mcg.
18 Jul 2017
So you suffer from Hypothyroidism ?
Hemant ( Maharashtra )
16 Jul 2017
Can we consume Snow Mountain Garlic with Honey on Empty Stomach?
18 Jul 2017
What do you want to use it for ?
Yes, you can use it, but depends on the condition and the symptoms.
Anu ( India )
16 Aug 2017
I am 45 having high cholestrol level, and hypothyroid, taking thyrox 75mg, can I take mountain garlic, in how much time will it lower my cholestrol level right now it is 267.
30 Aug 2017
Depends on the condition and the severity of the disease. For High cholesterol, you can also take, Spirulina Capsules , one every day for a month. Take aged Garlic now, for a month. Buy it online and take 2 cloves daily.
QUADRI Yemi ( Nigeria )
07 Sep 2017
Please is there any herbal treatment for bald head?

I'm 35years old but the front hair of my head is failing gradually.

Any herbal treatment?
Sona ( UAE/DUBAI )
20 Sep 2017
I am taking one bud of snow mountain garlic on empty stomach but as soon as I start, I get lot of small pimples all over my face and when I stop, the skin gets clear. I was having it for reducing cholesterol. what should I do ?
AP ( United States )
10 Oct 2017
Can I take Kasmiri Lehsun if I am on low dose aspirin and Brilinta or palvix ?
Rudreash Sahu ( India )
24 Oct 2017
No. Ap. Do not take Aspirin and Snow Mountain garlic together. This will cause blood thinning in excess. Do not.
Apu ( INDIA )
22 Oct 2017
I have facial palasy since childhood which has affected the right side of my face. The doctors could not detect it then. I'm now 28. Will the snow garlic be able rectify the facial palasy now?
31 Oct 2017
My uncle had High Bp (average reading is 150/90) and he has recently started taking Zilarta 40. Now the reading fluctuates between 150/90 in the mornings & 130/80 in the evenings.
His HDL cholesterol is low - 34, however total /HDL ratio is normal and all other parameters (total cholesteol, Triglycerides LDL, VLDL, etc) are normal. He is also hypothyroid and takes eltroxin every morning.
Pls advise can he take 2 cloves of Kashmiri lehsun everyday on empty stomach ?
Mamta ( India )
01 Nov 2017
Can Kashmiri snow garlic can be used in cooking?
08 Nov 2017
Yes., it can be used for cooking
06 Nov 2017
Is it helpful for piles and constipution
08 Nov 2017
No. For Piles and COnstipation, take Radish juice, 30 ml every morning on an empty stomach for a week. Also you may take Green Leaf Juice for 15 days to cure Constipation.
Chandrakant ( India gujarat )
13 Nov 2017
I have buy a kashmiri lashun but I don't know how to take it can give me about it does or how to take it or on which time
16 Nov 2017
I am 34 years old man and taking one single peace of kashmiri garlik in empty stomach and taking it directly inside with the help of water without chew, i have problem of high BP (140:100 most of the time) and belly tummy.
can this herb help me the way I am taking it to reduce cholestrol, BP and weight.
Prem Haria ( INDIA )
13 Dec 2017
Hi there,

I suffer from high LDL cholesterol and also high total cholesterol levels i am presently taking Rosavel 5 mg for it every night from past one year and it keeps fluctuating so i started with one garlic bulb in the morning on empty stomach. I also suffer from thyroid so having the medicine for it. I wanted to know if one bulb can help me with my cholesterol levels my blood pressure is always 110 -- 70 which is always low then 120 - 80. so will it affect my blood pressure by decreasing it further? just wanted to be sure of it so that i can take this garlic for a longer period.
11 Mar 2018
When u eat empty your pressure might go down. Eat 1 with lunch & 1 with dinner. I have been eating Kashmiri lasan since Dec n yesterday I checked my cholesterol is fine now.
Richa ( India )
26 Dec 2017

How much and when do you take it for over-all general health ? Can it be given to kids ? 10 and 12 years.
27 Dec 2017
How much do I use for colon cancer and liver cancer.
12 Jan 2018
2 cloves can be taken , every morning on an empty stomach.
Sujata ( India Maharashtra )
03 Jan 2018
Can this be useful for weight loss....if yes kindly suggest doses
12 Jan 2018
For weight loss, Drink a cup of Green Coffee, everyday for 2 months. Have an Avocado, twice in a week. Do regular, brisk walk for 20 minutes every day.
HASSAN KHATAU ( Tanzania )
29 Jan 2018
My triglyceride are little high. I m taking 1 Kashmiri lasan with lunch and 1 with dinner since Dec 8 till now. Shud I continue or leave it now?
Shaheen ( India/maharashtra )
07 Feb 2018
I have hyperthyriod can take kashmiri lasun..and how to take?
13 Feb 2018
Yes, you can. take 2 cloves every day on an empty stomach !!
Indrajit ( India/ Himachal )
17 Mar 2018
How to consume Snow Mountain Garlic (Kashmiri Lehsun) for Diabetes control??
Jayshree patel ( India )
26 Aug 2018
I m on medicine of brilinta, censoring, sizable. Can I take snow garlic?
Jayshree patel ( India )
26 Aug 2018
Can patients with angioplasty recently done have snow garlic with medicines like brilinta, ecosprin, rozavel aldacton, concor ETC...,
Rany ( India )
13 Sep 2018
Is normal garlic that is grown in plains, beneficial in reducing or curing breast cancer? If yes suggest how to use it.
Azim Shaikh ( GUJARAT INDIA )
15 Dec 2018
Can i take Kashmir lahsun ( snow mountain garlic) with peel , at morning empty stomach for high blood pressure, because it is very tough peels and hard to remove peel of small garlic so can i have with peel
Prakash kumar Jain ( Chennai / Tamilnadu )
20 Dec 2018
Dear sir ,
I want to know can I give this Kashmir Lasin one Beead empty stomach for 7-10 days for Mys daddy who is 83 Age , and he had Brain stroke and left side Parallasiis.
He has this last 25 days back .
He has BP, Colastral , sugar flucatuing etc .
Can I give one Garlic Bead for daily Ples suggest .

Ples advise
05 Mar 2019
Hi there,

I am from Bangalore, my three year old child gets cold and cough very often and cough persists for more than 10 days, I would like to know if I can give her 2 pods of garlic everyday.

Regards, Suganthi
Rajiv ( India )
11 Mar 2019
Can I take atrovas also with snow mountain lehsun for cure high cholesterol
14 Apr 2019
Hi. I am pregnant in my 5th week, with pre diabetes and cholesterol levels slightly high. Can I take 2 cloves of kashmiri garlic with warm water on an empty stomach everyday? Will this help stabilize my sugar n cholesterol levels. Also, is it good for pregnant women to consume? This will not harm the growing embryo in any way right. Kindly let me know asap.
Sammy ( Singapore )
06 May 2019
I am taking 2 to 3 SMG for 1 month to treat bad cough and phlegm.When I first took.it,I felt dizzy on the 1st day.I was ok after that.My phlegm.was greenish then. Now it is clear but I still.have cough esp when I talk for too long.Used to take spirulina tablets for energy.
Can I continue with SMG and.start my spirulina tablets again.I stopped taking spiruluna.tablets as I am still taking SMG.Pls advise.Thank you.
Ayesha ( West Bengal )
19 May 2019
Is it ok to take kashmiri garlic during summer season. I live in kolkata.
Jacinta ( Malaysia )
04 Feb 2020
Where can I buy this ?
I'm from Malaysia
07 Feb 2020
Dear Jacinta
Sorry, Herbpathy is not into buying/selling of herbs. Check online or at an Ayurvedic or Vitamin shop.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Jacinta ( Malaysia )
04 Feb 2020
My husband is a heart patient.
He had his heart bypass done in 2013
Can he take this snow mountain garlic together with his other medication?
18 Feb 2020
Dear Jacinta
Mountain Garlic is used to treat High Blood Pressure.
However, you can give him Arjuna powder. 1 teaspoon daily with water. It maintains Heart health. Check more on Arjuna herb in Herbpathy under Herb section.
It is advisable not to take it before consultation from your Health Care Practitioner.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Yumna ( South Africa )
13 Jul 2020
Can i use mountain garlic to treat hidradenitis i have like boils under my arms and it sumtimes swells so badly and pain that i cant even move my arms and it stays wet pls advise
14 Jul 2020
Hello Yumma. You can take Snow Mountain Garlic for this. It is a great Immunity booster. Also, you can take a few other herbs as Cleavers, Wheatgrass, Indian Gooseberry, Turmeric( in Milk or warm water ). These will boost immunity. Warm compress helps to reduce the pain. Neem oil also does.
Harsha ( India )
27 Sep 2020
Hi I m 51 year old female, I m having leg pain for the last ten years, it sometimes become unbearable at night, also having back ache due to an injury. Going through menopausal condition with excessive bleeding nd lot of pain during these days.
Tania Kusary ( India )
28 Sep 2020
Can kashmiri lehsun be eaten while trying to conceive?
Also, I have thyroid,High Blood sugar and BP ,pcod,and recently my knees have started paining.
Please suggest as we are trying to conceive.
Basit Hussain
03 Dec 2020
Yes u can take it its also used fir high blood pressure in ayurveda
Biju ( Maharastra India )
19 Nov 2020
Can Kashmiri garlic ( 4 bulbs) be given to a senior citizen (female)having type 2diabetes and high blood pressure along with ayurvedic medicine for diabiates in morning on an empty stomach ( please note she also takes allopathic medicines)
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