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Chinese Ginger Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Chinese Ginger
Glycemic Index / Load
Chinese Ginger, Chinese Key, Lesser Ginger
Botanical Name
Boesenbergia Rotunda

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Chinese Ginger Cures


Action of Chinese Ginger

Nutrients in Chinese Ginger

Taste of
Chinese Ginger

Parts Used

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“Fingerroot” popularly known as “Chinese Ginger” or “Chinese keys” is used in China, only for its medicinal properties. Whereas in Thailand it is cultivated for its culinary as well as for its medicinal purposes.

Fingerroot or Lesser Galangal is a member of the Zingiberaceae family and is related to Ginger and kulanjan (Alpinia galangal). The name Chinese Keys is given because the rhizome resembles keys on a key ring, with a globe at the top of the key-like roots or fingers which extrude from it.

In Javanese cuisine it is used widely and is known as “Temu Kunci” but in Thai cooking it is named as “krachai”. Due to its spicy flavor it is added to enhance zest to curries. Also eaten in Thailand as a vegetable as well as a spice.

Fingerroot plant can grow to 60 cm in height and can be found in its wild state in dense forests. It is cultivated throughout South-East Asia and has naturalized in many countries. The root, leaves and rhizomes are edible, and medicinally are used for many purposes in traditional medicine systems in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries. The leaves are used along with the leaves of “Teak Tree” to wrap "Tempe"h (a traditional fermented soya bean cake

Fingerroot is grown in the West as an ornamental because of its attractive pink flowers. It is highly typically aromatic. The roots are just like fingers and are bright yellow in color. The aroma comes from the camphor, mainly apart from this there are other aromatic substances in it. Generally found pickled or frozen.

The Thai people use Fingerroot to increase male libido because it is able to increase sperm and raise its quality. A Test was carried out on male rats. They did not bear out these uses, but their testicles did increase in weight and size.

A Scientific study shows that the roots may have anticancer properties.
A post-partum tonic is prepared from the roots and the rhizomes or a paste is prepared from the roots and applied externally to the body after the delivery of child.

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Materia Medica for Chinese Ginger

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Tan irene ( Philippines )
30 Jan 2017
Hello can chinese ginger cure allergies from air pollutants. By irene
03 Feb 2017
Yes, Ginger can help to cure allergies occurring due to air pollution or allergens in the environment. Other herbs are Garlic and turmeric.
Darren Bigelow ( California )
10 Apr 2021
Are there any known side-effects to ingesting finger root powder?
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