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What does Chrysin do for the body

Chrysin is a natural flavonoid present in various herbs such as Passion Flower, Honeycomb and Chamomile etc. It is a natural aromatase inhibitor which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into various other components.

Requirement of Chrysin per day
200mg to 400mg

Functions of Chrysin
It is an anxiolytic compound. It helps in treating patients suffering from mental illness. It is aphrodisiac in nature. It helps in treating Erectile Dysfunction by increasing sperm counts and Libido.
Chrysin is also used for bodybuilding.
It also cures Gout and inflammation associated with it.

Chrysin is not safe during Pregnancy and Lactation.
It may increase bleeding in patients with Bleeding Disorders.

Herbs Containing Chrysin

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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