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Malic Acid

What does Malic Acid do for the body

Malic Acid is an Organic compound derieved from the fruits and vegetables specially from Apples. Malic Acid is present in the body cells are beneficial for boosting the Immune system. It reduces the risk of toxic buildup in the body and keeps the Skin young.

Requirement of Malic Acid per day

1200 mg to 2500 mg per day

Benefits of Malic Acid

Malic Acid stimulates the Metabolism and increases production of Energy in the body. It prevents Brain Disorders and Alzheimer Diseases. The Antiseptic property of Malic Acid helps to treat Toothache and Gum Diseases. It helps to restore Skin elasticity and keeps it firm. Malic Acid reduces the pain and tenderness in the muscles and treats Fibromyalgia.

Functions of Malic Acid

Malic acid helps to avoid the buildup of dead cells and unclog the pores. It reduces the Bacterial infection and protects from Acne breakouts. Malic Acid helps to maintain the Oral hygiene by reducing the harmful bacteria in the Mouth. Its Antiseptic property restricts the germs and plaque formation in the mouth. It protects from Metal Poisoning in the body. Malic Acid brightens and smoothen the texture of the Skin. It penetrates into the lower levels of the Skin and stimulates the new collagen formation.

Effects of Malic Acid Deficiency

Physical Exhaustion
Muscle Pain

Effects of Excessive Malic Acid in the body

Chest Pain
Skin Rashes

Herbs Containing Malic Acid

Most Effective

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