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Uterine Prolapse Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Uterine Prolapse
Medical Name
Uterine Prolapse
Uterine Prolapse Symptoms
Bleeding from Vagina
Pressure in Pelvis
Difficulty in Urinate
Pain during Sexual Intercourse
Difficulty in walking
Frequent Urination
Protrusion of tissues from the Vagina
Back Pain
Difficulty in Bowel Movement

Uterine Prolapse Cured By

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Uterine Prolapse is a disease of the Uterus.
When the Uterus (Womb) slips from its original position and descends into the Vagina it is Uterine Prolapse.
Uterus is the muscular Organ present in the lower abdomen between the Bladder and the Rectum. The foetus is formed here.
Two types of Uterine Prolapse are
Incomplete Uterine Prolapse : When the Uterus sags into the Vagina. It forms a visible lump.
Complete Uterine Prolapse : When the Uterus bulges out from the Vagina.

Causes of Uterine Prolapse
Weak Muscles
Family History
Reduced estrogen after Menopause

If not treated properly, Uterine Prolapse may cause

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Uterine Prolapse

Single Herb

Chaparral for Prolapsed Uterus

Prepare an infusion of the leaves of Chaparral. Use as a Douche.
Queries on Uterine Prolapse
26 Jun 2019
What will help a cystocele and rectocele?
Ritu Sharma
18 Jul 2019
Dear Sharon,
Try with muscle strengthening herbs.
Have Manjakani capsules for 1 month. They are best for female reproductive system.
Naomi jonathan ( Nigeria Anambra )
09 May 2020
I have a uterus prolapse am seeking for help
29 Apr 2021
Hi Naomi sorry can I ask did you get any help regards with uterine prolapse? Same here I am looking for help.
Muhammed Umar
26 May 2020
Dear Naomi Jonathan,
kindly find ginger and acacia nilotica, then contact this number for instruction. 08165429705 or watsapp thesame number.
MD UZAIR ( Saudi arabia )
20 May 2020
sir, my wife is facing uterine prolapse , her uterus come out of vagina, so plz, guide me what to do. thanx
Muhammed Umar
26 May 2020
Assalamu Alaikum,
I would advise you to tell your wife to use ginger. i.e. she should be taking ginger while standing. I will also refer you to a book titled "perfumed Garden by sheikh Nafzawi. If you need more information kindly contact 08165429705 or send message to thesame number for further directives.
UK ( Nigeria/ Anambra )
24 Nov 2020
Am a young lady of 27years, I have uterine prolapse and I have been trying to conceive for 2years plus now. Please what can I do. Thanks
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