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What does Alcohol do for the body

Alcohol is a colorless flammable liquid. It has a strong smell and is obtained by fermentation of sugars and starches. It is a main constituent of Wine, Whiskey, Beer and Spirits. It has both medicinal and industrial values. Alcohol contains a molecule known as ethanol, It has great consequences on the body. It directly effects the Liver, Stomach, Brain and the Heart. Though Alcohol is no good for health, but proper intake of Alcohol has good consequences. It reduces the risk of Death and lengthen your life. Alcohol is an antioxidant. It increases the levels of energy and induces the longevity.

Benefits of Alcohol
Prevents Gallstones
Improves the Libido
Helps in Bad Breath
Soothes Sore Throat
Make your Brain sharp
Treats the Malaria
Effective for Common Cold
Improves Circulatory System
Effective for Erectile Dysfunction
Reduces Inflammation and Coagulation
Increases the levels of good cholesterol
Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Disease
It increases the concentration and helps the brain to function properly
It reduces the stress. Prevents the risk of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
Moderate drinking reduces the risk of Heart Stroke, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Effects of Excess of Alcohol
High consumption of Alcohol has worst side effects. It increases the risk of Cancer. It damages the Kidneys and the Liver. It increases the blood pressure that may lead to heart attack. It causes liver diseases and damage the Pancreas. Drinking during pregnancy may damage the brain of unborn baby.

Drinking too much Alcohol will act as a poison. However, drinking occasionally will act as a tonic.

Herbs Containing Alcohol

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Afzelia Bipindensis
Alstonia Boonei
Arnebia Hispidissima
Blepharis Sindica
Burasaia Madagascariensis
Canarium Madagascariense
Celtis Zenkeri
Combretum Micranthum
Common Iceplant
Copaifera Mildbraedii
Copaifera Religiosa
Copaifera Salikounda
Cordia Millenii
Dalbergia Paniculata
Dalbergia Spinosa
Daniellia Klainei
Daniellia Oliveri
Daniellia Thurifera
Distemonanthus Benthamianus
Duguetia Staudtii
Erythroxylum Mannii
Gilbertiodendron Dewevrei
Nypa Palm
Patthar Suva
Pith Plant
Strychnos Wallichiana
Thick Leaved Lavender
Villous deadly Carrot
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