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Cloudy Urine Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Cloudy Urine
Medical Name
Cloudy Urine
Cloudy Urine Symptoms
Cloudy Urine
Discoloration of Urine

Cloudy Urine Cured By

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Cloudy Urine is a problem of the Urinary Tract.
Infection in the Urinary Tract may result in the discoloration of the Urine. It may be due to the presence of pus, mucus, or blood in the Urine. The Urine may appear foggy. This condition is known as Cloudy Urine.
Normally, the Urine is clear or light yellow in color. Some bacterial infection may cause problem to the Urinary Tract. This may result in the presence of Blood cells, Mucus or Pus cells in the Urine. It may also be caused by abnormal discharge from the Vagina or Penis. The discharge may get mixed with the Urine and makes the Urine cloudy.
Cloudy Urine is not a disease by itself, it is a symptom of some other underlying disease. The disease may or may not be severe.

Causes of Cloudy Urine
Kidney Stones
Blood in Urine
Vaginal discharge
Bladder Infection
Urinary Tract Infection
Tiny crystals of Phosphates or Urates

If not treated properly, Cloudy Urine may cause
Further Infections

Note: Cloudy Urine accompanied with Foul Odor may be a sign of Urinary Tract Infection.
Cloudy Urine with Pain may be a sign of Kidney Stones.

Body Part(s)

Urinary Tract

Urinary Tract Diseases

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Materia Medica for Cloudy Urine

Single Herb

Coriander ( Dhaniya ) for Cloudy Urine

Coriander ( Dhaniya ) is used to stop blood and pus to go in to the urine.
Boil one teaspoon of Coriander ( Dhaniya ) in half glass of water till the water remains half. Divide the boiled water in to two parts. Drink one part in the morning and another one at night.
Note :
Do it for 15 days. If problem persists, repeat the process after the break of a week.

Cranberry for Cloudy Urine

Cranberry is good to treat Cloudy Urine with other health benefits.
Have half glass of Cranberry juice daily.

Baking Soda ( Meetha Soda ) for Cloudy Urine

Baking Soda ( Meetha Soda ) is an ideal remedy to cure almost every disease associated with Urinary Tract.
Add half teaspoon of Baking Soda ( Meetha Soda ) in half glass of water. Have it daily.
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Queries on Cloudy Urine
Richard ( INDIA )
10 Oct 2019
i have tgis issue of cloudy urine since 3 months and sometimes it smells ammonial or sulpur ..can baking soda treatment be continued ...at what time it must be used for maximum efect .
10 Oct 2019
Dear Richard,
Yes, you can have Baking Soda. It alkalizes your body and fights off the infection. Take it for 21 days. Add a pinch of Baking Soda in a glass of water.
Write to us after 21 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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