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Tuberculosis Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
TB, Tabedik
Tuberculosis Symptoms
Weight Loss
Night sweats
Rapid heartbeat
General Malaise
Swelling in the neck
Cough with thick, cloudy mucus
Sometimes the mucus may be bloody
The mucus comes up from the lungs
Shortness of breath with chest pain
Tuberculosis Cured By
Most Effective
Highly Effective
Hydrogen Peroxide
Abies Grandis
Acer Macrophyll...
Austral Bracken
Blue Fenugreek
Caesalpinia Dig...
Capparis odorat...
Creeping primro...
Croton Laccifer
Dendrocnide Har...
Ferry Sulphaz
Goat Milk
Indian Turnip
Large Caper
Leea Hirta
Lime Berry
Litsea Iteodaph...
Mangrove fan Pa...
Ochna Jabotapit...
Palm Tree
Panicled Perist...
Phyllanthus Fra...
Picea Mariana
Piper Chaba
Pith Plant
Pterolobium Ste...
Pyrrosia Pilose...
Red Alder
Roylea Elegans
Scepa Lindleyan...
Sea Poison Tree
Shield Sundew
Tetracera Sarme...
Tree Vernonia
Vitamin C
Water Berry
Tuberculosis is a disease primarily of the Lungs.
It is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis bacteria.
The bacteria enter the body through the mouth and or the nose.
They settle in the lungs.
The bacteria grow slowly and multiply in the lungs. They form small tubercles or Cysts.
Early symptoms are Pneumonia and Coughing up blood.
Gradually it affects the other parts of the body. The immune system becomes impaired.

Tuberculosis may be present in any human being. It may be dormant. The strain may be present through hereditary.

It may not show in any pathological tests.

Some telltale signs are
Constant Hawking
Constant incurable Cough
Excessive eating of sweets
Formation and spitting of Phlegm
Recurrent Ulcers behind the ears
If most of the above symptoms abate when milk intake is stopped.

These are only warning signals of an impending danger. They are not to be mistaken as conclusive proof that the person will develop TB.

However, the Immune System may become weak, and the population of the good friendly bacteria may diminish. Then the TB bacteria multiply to overtake the immune system and establish their hegemony. Then the disease may be detected pathologically.

Some incidents may trigger and hasten the onset of TB. If you already have TB, these very incidents may make matters worse
Excessive Venery
Long exposure to wet cold winds
Infection from an Already infected patient

TB spreads from person to person.

If not treated properly,Tuberculosis may cause

Reduce Sugar intake
Reduce Milk intake. Find alternatives for getting Calcium
Do not smoke
Avoid exposure to wet cold winds
Keep your sex drive under control
Keep you Immune system in prime

Your best bet is, Watercress.
A visit to the Doctor is a must.

Common Names
Body Part(s)
Lungs Diseases

Materia Medica for Tuberculosis

Single Herb

Watercress for Tuberculosis
Boil the leaves and Stems of Watercress in water until it gets fully dissolved. Take 1/2 cup daily as a soup.
Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) for Tuberculosis
Add 1 tsp Honey in 1 cup of Indian Gooseberry juice. Drink it early morning.
Pineapple ( Ananas ) for Tuberculosis
Drink 100 ml Pineapple juice daily.
Bottle Gourd ( Ghiya ) for Tuberculosis
Include Bottle Gourd in your daily diet.
Fenugreek ( Methi ) as a Tonic
Take One tablespoon pulverized Fenugreek ( Methi ) seeds with water daily. It is quite useful in Tuberculosis.
Chinese Fringe Flower for Tuberculosis
Boil whole plant of Chinese Fringe Flower in water. Drink 10 ml of it daily.
Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for Tuberculosis
Peel 2 to 4 pods of Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ). Crush. Boil in one cup of milk. Drink it once a day.
Butter Tree ( Mahua ) for Tuberculosis
Boil 10 g crushed fruit of Butter Tree ( Mahua ) in 100 ml water. Drink 20 ml twice a day.
Flax for Tuberculosis
Make an infusion of Flax powder. Add Lime juice to it. Have it two times a day .
Adhatoda Vasica for Tuberculosis
Mix 1 tsp Honey with 20 drops of leaf juice. Have it thrice a day.
Crush some flowers of Malabar Nut. Sprinkle sugar on it. Put this mixture under sun. Stir it every morning and evening for 4 weeks. Take half tsp with warm milk.
Cedarwood for Tuberculosis
Prepare a decoction of Cedarwood leaves. Take it, twice a day for 15 days.
Dates for Tuberculosis
Take out seeds of 5 Date Palms. Boil in one glass of milk and then Keep it on low flame for 5 minutes. Drink it at night for one month.
Asparagus Racemosus for Tuberculosis
Take 1 tsp root powder of Asparagus Racemosus with warm water once a day.
Multiple Herbs

Herbal Combination for Tuberculosis 1
Take equal quantity of Turkey Berry, Carom, Indian Gooseberry, Curry Leaf, Fenugreek, Ginger, Mango kernel and Pomegranate rind. Roast in Ghee and powder. Have half teaspoon once a day with lukewarm milk.
Herbal Combination for Tuberculosis 2
Take One tablespoon of Long pepper and two tablespoon of Withania Somnifera . Grind together. Mix Honey and Ghee to it. Take this mixture twice a day.
Herbal Combination for Tuberculosis 3
Mix powdered Slippery Elm, Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil and water in equal quantities. Shake well and take internally One tablespoon daily.
Herbal Combination for Tuberculosis 4
Take 250 g pulp of Custard Apple and 100 g seedless Raisins. Boil them in 500 ml water. Strain and cool. Have 1 cup of it by adding some sugar, Cinnamon pwder and Cardamom powder in it. Drink it once a day.
Herbal Combination for Tuberculosis 5
Grind leaves of Vitex Trifolia with Black Pepper, Turmeric, Garlic, boiled Rice. Make small pills of it. Take 1 pill thrice a day.