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Pine Lambertiana Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Pine Lambertiana
Glycemic Index / Load
Sugar Pine
Botanical Name
Pinus Lambertiana
Homeopathic Name
Pinus Lambertiana   -   Mother Tincture

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Pine Lambertiana Cures

Highly Effective

Abortion Threatened
Stomach Ache Gastric Catarrh

Action of Pine Lambertiana

Nutrients in Pine Lambertiana


Parts Used

Resin, Seed, Sap, Pollen

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Pine Lambertiana

It may cause Eczema in some people.
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Pinus Lambertiana is a tree.
It is an evergreen.
It grows up to 75 M.
Best used for Menstrual issues.
Note : The homeopathic remedy Pinus Lambertiana is prepared by the Trituration of the Sap.

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Materia Medica for Pine Lambertiana

Pine Lambertiana General

Pinus Lambertiana is commonly known as Sugar Pine. It is considered as the "King of the Conifers". It is a tall and massive Pine tree. It has the longest cones of all the Conifers. It is member of the White Pine group.
The edible parts of Sugar Pine are its seed, nut and sap.
The seed can be used in raw or cooked form. The nut can be crushed to fine powder and can be used to make nut butter. Sugar is obtained by decoction of sap in water.
The Resin of Sugar Pine is sweet in taste, unlike other Pines. It possesses Antiseptic, Diuretic, Rubefacient and Vermifuge properties. It is used to treat Stomach Gas, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Sore Eyes. It is used internally for the treatment of Kidney and Bladder complaints. It can also be used internally, as a rub or steam bath for treating Rheumatoid infections.
It is beneficial for treating Respiratory problems as Cold, Cough, Influenza and TB. It also treats mucous membranes.
Externally, it is beneficial for the treatment of Skin problems as Wounds, Sores, Burns, Boils etc. Topically, it can be used in the form of liniment, poultice, herbal steam bath and inhaler.
The dried sap of Sugar Pine Tree possess laxative and carminative properties. It can be eaten for treating Stomach gas, Constipation and Ulcers. Eye drops from dried sap are used to treat sore Eyes.
The Pine Pollen of Sugar Pine ( Pinus Lambertiana ) is known for its remedial nature. The pollen is collected from the male flower of the tree.
Queries on Pine Lambertiana
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Arpita ( UP india )
31 Mar 2016
I have query related to pinus homeopathic medicine.
My period was irregular because of abdominal infection. In this month again I missed my period, I checked pregnancy but It was negative, I thought because of infection I missed my march month period.
I went to the homeopathic doctor to take medicine to regulate my period so that I can plan my baby.
Doctor gave me PINUS medicine drop to regulate periods.
I took 5 time in a day with warm water but it didn't work...
After taking 3 days of pinus , I took again pregnancy test at home ,I was shocked when I got positive result.
Now I am afraid about the side effect of PINUS LAMBERTIANA on my baby.
Please tell me ......Will pinus lambertiana affect my baby or if yes than how it will ....???
Rupali Malhotra
28 Apr 2016
Dear Arpita Wow !! Congratulations. This really is a good news. And now about the medicine you are taking---
Please stop taking that medicine now. Do not take it anymore. Do not.
This medicine is clinically used to induce abortion. So, now that you are pregnant. Take healthy diet. That's all, but not this medicine.
Muniba ( Pakistan )
29 May 2016
Hi. I have plaque psoriasis n have pcos too. After taking pinus lamb q my skin eruption is even worst. What should i do to treat better?
27 Jun 2016
PCos- Herb is saw palmetto capsules. One capsule everyday, dor a month. Psoriasis - Can be cure by these herbs-- 1. Apply Aloe Vera gel 2 times in a day on the affected areas. This will provide a soothing effect and will reduce rashes.
2. You can also apply Banana Peel. Remove the Banana Skin and rub the inner side to the affected areas. Do it for 10 days and see if it affects you. Get well soon
07 Aug 2016
I face problems in periods .I have less bleeding from the first day and it stopped the first day.I take Natrum mur 10m at pills last 7 days and pinus lamb 10 drops from yesterday night.but I saw blood in today's morning,and now bleeding.
25 Aug 2016
Rupa You will have to explain your problem again, in detail. You have irregular periods right ?
Did you take these medicines during your menstrual cycle ? Why did you take these medicines ?
Borsha Datta ( India )
19 Jan 2017
Irregularities in menstruation cycle
I take 10 drops of pinus before my date
Should I continue during the cycle too
25 Jan 2017
Yes , yu may take Pinus, but only a week before the menses. That too 5 drops in a glass of water. Do not take any herb or medicine during dates, please. This can cause further problems.
25 Jan 2017
Take only Shatavari capsules. One capsule everyday for a month. Do not take any remedy during the cycle,as this may interrupt the cycle. Also take Fevernut deocotion ever morning for a week. Dong Quai is another very amazing herb for you.
Sonu kumar ( India / bihar )
19 Feb 2017
My wife take two fosse 20 20 drops pinus lambertiana in 1st month pregnancy what bad effect create on my new baby .
Matul Sengupta
21 Feb 2017
It causes an abortion. Sir.
Did she bleed ?
21 Feb 2017
Dear Sonu. This remedy is used to restore menses when suppressed. So, if a pregnant woman takes it, the herb is likely to induce an abortion. So, please be very observant of the symptoms and get her checked. She already has taken too many drops, the dosage was quite high. For how many days did she take the tincture ?
Let us know.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Manish ( India )
26 Feb 2017
My wife started taking the dosage of 20 drops for 3 times per day but the bleeding still not started after how many days it show effect?
27 Feb 2017
Manish/Sonu. We can not comment, if the bleeding has not started yet. Well, it is a good news then.
Congratulations, your baby is safe it means. Please get your wife checked, just to be sure.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Manisha ( India/ u.p. )
22 Mar 2017
I am one month pregnant but I do not want baby it's time so I can use this medicine for abortion

11 May 2017
I took 2 bottles of HL Mensolin drops (30 drops 3 times a day) and waited for 1 week but still i did not get my period as i am suffering from pcod . How much time it takes to show its result.. Because it did not showed it result so my doctor said to buy 2 more bottles of Mensolin as I did not had my periods since last 3 months please guide. Is it safe to take 2 more bottles of mensolin.. Please help
19 May 2017
Dear Max. Do not take any herb other than Pinus Lambertiana. Take 5 drops of this mother tincture added to a half glass of water for a month. In between if your periods begin, then stop the intake of the herb. Try this herb and share the feedback after 20 days. This herb shall resume your periods.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
20 Jun 2017
I am 23 year old and i have irregular period problem.. i am taking pinus from last 15 days but no result.. its my 3rd month that i donot have periods. I have been taking medicines but no fedup with them because they ard not permenant solution . Kindly help me ..please i am really worried.
17 Jul 2017
FOr irregular periods, it is suggested that you begin to take Fevernut deocotion, on cup everyday. Try this for a month. IF your periods start, then do not take any herb during menses.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Alka ( India )
10 Mar 2018
i am 30 year old and i took 20 drops of pinus l & gossypium herbacium each for 3 times of 3 days to abort my pregnancy of 7 weeks.i got little bit of nausea & stomach cramps but not get out any blood .now i want to continue my pregnancy. is it safe to carry the child .won't it cause any mal effect on fetus.
Nambhya Kaul ( india )
12 Mar 2018
Alka. A Remote prescription cannot be prescribed in your case. It is advised that you get yourself checked by a specialist. Get yourself physically diagnosed and then decide what do you want to do. You will at least have to ensure that your baby is alright.
Taani ( India )
13 Mar 2018
I am 21 years old. I missed my periods this month. Before one year I was facing the same problem and the doctor had prescribed me PINUS THETA medicine and has also suggested me to take the same medicine if I'll face the same problem in future.
This time I'm not finding the same medicine in the medical shop.
Can I take PINUS L instead of PINUS THETA to regulate my period?
Kritika sahani
23 Mar 2018
Taani . I would suggest that you get your Pelvic ultrasound done. Let us just eliminate the chance of any ovarian cyst . Also, Take Shatavari ( Asparagus ) capsules, one every day for one month.
Jaspreet ( India )
09 Aug 2018
Hi m taking pinus lambtisna and gossypium for irregular period but when I put pinus lambtiana into water it turns milky white I s it so?? Or there’s any problem in medicine?
14 Aug 2018
Jaspreet Who recommended this remedy to you ?
Since when are you taking these medicines ?
16 Aug 2018
A homeo dr prescribed me this and it’s been two weeks m having this med
Shashi shekhar ( India )
17 Aug 2018
My gf is 16 years old.can i use pinus lambertianta q for abortion can she get period again .plss help me sir
Lucy ( India )
30 Sep 2018
Can pinus lambertiana prepone periods ? How many does before my date should I start taking it ? Will it have any side effects ??
Anunima Mukherjee ( Kolkata )
16 Dec 2018
I suffer from urin infection last few days and I also suffer last 4month for irregular period .. I have done hb test 7.2 so my doctor prescribed pinus lambertiana.. so this medicine is safe for me ?? Bcz I done whole adbomen usg .. show the result was small functional cyst appear in my left overy ..
This medicine is safe for mee plz help me??
Annie ( INDIA )
23 Aug 2019
I am 23 years old and suffering from very light period which is only for 1 day with pain and this is from 2 years and I have sinus also . I have taken aurum mutriaticum 3x , thyroidinum 3x ,pulsatila , cimicifuga racemosa but did not have any effect but now I am not having pain and i am taking ashoka janosia and pinus lambertiana with thyrodinum 3x and aurum mut nat 3x ..Can this will help me ?
Dr. Winnier
26 Aug 2019
Dear Annie, The homeopathic medicines you are taking are not useful. You can take Tuberculinum Bovine 10M. However, do consult a homeopath near you for same.
Fore regulating periods,
You can take Ashoka tonic for 15 days. Do not take medicines during menstruation.
MD wasia ( India )
31 Jan 2020
My wife birth a baby at November 2019 and now January 2020 again she is pregnant actually missed period
So how many days should I take pinus lamb for unwanted baby
31 Jan 2020
Dear MD Wasia
Please consult your Health care provider or doctor for her condition. We do not recommend to take anything on your own. A physical diagnose about her condition is must before taking anything. She must be breastfeeding, so it is advisable not to take any herb on your own.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Pooja ( MUMBAI )
06 Jul 2020
My hubby is also BHMS doctor.......This is my first pregnancy.....but I do not effort baby on this time.......can I take this medicine.....but I have confused in future any more problem creat in second pregnancy.... please suggest me
07 Jul 2020
Dear Pooja, if you are asking any way to abort pregnancy, it is advisable to visit a Doctor. Medicines and herbs work only for a short time. Please check with your Health care practitioner for time of pregnancy and if anything can be done.
Srout ( India )
01 May 2021
After how many days Linus lambertiana can show effect? My period always on time. This tym got delayed. I don't know wat is the reason. I haven't done Anything so no pregnancy.
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