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Eclipta Alba Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Trailing Eclipta
Botanical Name
Eclipta Prostrata
Hindi Name
Bhringraj, Bhangrang, Keshraj, Kuntalvardhan
Chinese Name
Mo Han Lian, Li Chang

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Eclipta Alba Cures

Super Effective


Action of Eclipta Alba

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Eclipta Alba

Taste of
Eclipta Alba

Nature of
Eclipta Alba


Parts Used

Whole Plant, Seeds

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Eclipta Alba

-It may cause Genital Itching and Dryness.
-Consult your doctor first before taking this herb in case of Spleen, Stomach and Kidney Deficiency with Cold.
-Use with extreme caution for people suffering from Diarrhea.
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Eclipta Alba is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to One Meter.
It has Vata (Air) and Kapha (Water) pacifying qualities.
Best used for Baldness.
Balances all the three doshas ( Vatta, Pitta, Kapha )

In TCM :
Eclipta Alba : Mo Han Lian, Han Lian Cao
Meridians associated : Liver and Kidney


Common Names

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Materia Medica for Eclipta Alba

Eclipta General

Bhringraj is a popular hair tonic. It combats baldness and the early graying of Hair. It restores the natural Hair color. It conditions, rejuvenates and stimulates Hair growth. It is a good herbal remedy for Hair Problems like Alopecia Areata. A dye made from Bhringraj is used for dyeing the hair and tattooing. The white variety of Bhringraj is considered better for the hair.
Eclipta Alba is an efficient Liver Tonic. It rejuvenates the Liver and promotes the secretion of Bile.
It cleanses the Liver and prevents the disorders like Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Indigestion and Hemorrhoids.
Eclipta Alba is one of the top herbs in treating Jaundice.
It is a favorable treatment for Respiratory ailments like Cold, Diphtheria, Lung Infections, Cough, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, Asthma. It is beneficial against Throat infection.
Eclipta Alba is high in carotene. Carotene is helpful in keeping away Eye infections and improving Eyesight. It reduces the occurrence of Night Blindness. The fried Eclipta Alba leaves are taken with ghee ( clarified butter ) in improving vision.
It improves the Hearing ability and relieves from Ear complaints like Ear infections and Ear Puss.
It provides relief in Headache, Migraine.
It cures Insomnia. It enhances the learning and retaining capacity.
The herb has a moderate Diuretic effect.
The herb elevates the overall health of Reproductive system.
It is advantageous to reduce the Hypertension.
It helps in the regulation of Blood Pressure and detoxification of Blood.
It treats Anemia.
Eclipta Alba is a good herbal remedy for Skin disorders namely, Eczema, Dermatitis, Abscess, Athlete’s Foot, Leukoderma. It refines the Skin tone and lowers Ageing. Its juice arrests Bleeding and heals Cuts, Wounds, Cracked Heels and Burns.
It counters severe Itching as a result of Urticaria.
It curbs Swellings and Elephantiasis.
It stimulates Appetite and eases the condition of Indigestion. It relieves Acidity.
It cures Spleen Enlargement.
Its root decoction is effective in treating Joint Pain. It strengthens the Nerves and the Bones.
Eclipta Alba is helpful in arresting Uterus Bleeding and Pain, after delivery.
It combats recurring Abortions and Miscarriages.
Its decoction is advantageous in regulating Heavy and longer Menopause Cycle.
It eases Constipation and balances the Bowel Movement.
It keeps away Urine infections.
It arrests Dehydration.
Its Leaf extract is used in dying hairs and making tattoos.
It is an Antidote for Scorpion and Snake Bites.
Caution : Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Single Herb

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Gray Hair

Boil Eclipta Alba leaves in Coconut Oil. Massage with this oil over your scalp.
It cures Gray Hair.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Diabetes

Prepare a decoction of Eclipta Prostrate leaves. Add 1 tsp Honey in a cup of it. Drink twice a day.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Baldness

Eclipta ( Bhringraj in India ) activate the hair follicles and improves the blood circulation in the head. This help in regrowth of hair and treat Baldness.
Crush leaves of Ecliptato make paste. Boil it with Sesame oil. Store. Use it for head massage.
OR : Take 1 teaspoon of Eclipta leaf Oil. Add 5 to 10 drops of any Carrier Oil in it. Mix well. Apply on the scalp and gently massage for 15 to 20 minutes. Do this twice a day.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Spleen Enlargement

Extract juice from crushed plant of Eclipta Prostrate ( Bhringraj ). Drink 20 ml of it twice a day.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Skin Diseases

Make a paste of Eclipta Alba leaves. Apply it to the Swollen Glands.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Scorpion Sting

Make paste of Eclipta Prostrate's ( Bhringraj ) leaves. Rub and bandage it over Sting.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Piles

Tie boiled leaves of Eclipta Prostrate ( Bhringraj ) over Piles mass.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Haematuria

Consume 10 ml leave juice of Eclipta Prostrate ( Bhringraj ). Have it twice a day.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Cold

Add half tsp leaf juice of Eclipta Prostrate ( Bhringraj ) in 1 tsp Honey. Have it two times a day.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Ascaris

Mix Eclipta Prostrate ( Bhringraj ) plant juice with Castor oil in 2:1 ratio. Take 5 ml of it every morning with an empty Stomach.

Eclipta Alba for High Cholesterol

Crush dried leaves of Eclipta Alba to make powder. Take 1 g of it thrice a day.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Toothache

Rub the plant on your gums to get relief in Toothache.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Headache

Mix Eclipta Alba root powder with any Carrier Oil. Apply it to the head.
It will provide relief from headache.

Eclipta Alba for Encephalopathy

Extract the juice of Eclipta Alba herb. Mix 1 teaspoon each of the extracted juice and Honey. Consume it thrice daily.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Hair Fall

Boil Eclipta Alba leaves in Sesame Oil and apply over your scalp. Repeat the process 2 times in a week.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Uterine Bleeding

Prepare a decoction, made of Eclipta Alba leaves and one cup of water. Strain and drink four tablespoons of this decoction, two times a day.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Phlegm

Extract the juice of Eclipta Alba herb. Mix 2 drops of this juice with half teaspoon of Honey.
It is a effective remedy in case of children. It expels excess Phlegm and also provides relief from Cold.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Earache

Extract the juice of Eclipta Alba herb by grinding and squeezing it. Mix the juice with some Castor Oil. Use it as a Ear drop. Put 2 drops of this solution in the painful ear.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Dysuria

Mix Eclipta Alba root powder with Common Salt in equal proportion. Consume one teaspoon of this mixture.
It will provide relief from Burning Sensation during Urination.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Jaundice

Take 5 grams each of Eclipta Alba leaf powder and Black Pepper powder. Mix it with quarter cup of Buffalo Curd.
Consume it for 5 days daily.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Dehydration

Extract the juice of Eclipta Alba leaves. Mix 25 ml of this juice in 2 tablespoons of Honey. Consume it 2 times a day.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Cracked Heels

Massage the cracked heels with Eclipta Alba leaf juice and paste.
It will remove the dead skin and heal the cracked heels.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) as Nervine

Mix one cup of Eclipta Alba leaves, one cup of Cow Ghee, 10 grams of Embelia berry powder and 10 grams of Liquorice powder. Boil it for 30 minutes. Let it cool and then filter it. Massage with this oil over your body daily.
It will make nerves strong and improves blood circulation thus avoiding numbness.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Liver Diseases

Consume 3 grams of Eclipta Alba freshly extracted juice of whole plant daily.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Pain 1

Boil the leaf juice of Trailing Eclipta and Jequirity with Sesame oil. Cool it. Massage with 1 tablespoon of this oil Two- Three times a week and take a bath.

Herbal Treatment For Jaundice 2

Boil One tablespoon each of Trailing Eclipta leaves, Azadirachta Indica flowers, Radish and Shoe Flower in half litre water till water is reduced to half. Take thrice a day with One tablespoon sugar.

Herbal Treatment For Libido Loss Male 2

Take the following herbs :
Indian Spider Plant ( Safed Musli in India )
Liquorice ( Mulethi in India ) : 1 tablespoon
Trailing Eclipta ( Bhringraj in India ) : 1 tablespoon
Velvet Bean ( Konch in India ) : 5 tablespoons
Ginger ( Adrak in India ) : 1.5 tablespoons
Black Henbane ( Khurasani Ajavayan in India ) : 1 tablespoon
Black Cumin ( Kala Jeera in India ) : 2 to 3 pinches
Powder them together. Have half teaspoon with water.

Herbal Treatment For Baldness 11

Take the following herbs in equal quantity :
Eclipta Prostrate : Bhringraj : Dried
Indian Gooseberry : Amla : Fresh or Dried
Coconut : Nariyal : Fresh : Flesh
Olive : Jaitun
Almond : Badam
Grind all ingredients together. Apply on the scalp and hair. Wash with cold water after one hour.

Herbal Treatment For Alopecia Areata 2

Mix Snow Lotus oil with Coconut oil. Rub the mixture on the Bald Spots. After this, apply Eclipta Prostrate oil. Leave it for an hour. Wash.

Herbal Treatment For Spleen Diseases 1

Take 1 cup of Eclipta Alba juice. Add half tsp each of Cinnamon and Cardamom powder. Take 1 tsp of the syrup twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Liver Diseases 7

Add 10 ml Eclipta Alba leave juice in 20 ml Yogurt with a pinch of Black Pepper. Take 20 ml of the mixture with breakfast.

Herbal Treatment For Frizzy Hair 11

Take following herbs in mentioned quantity :
200 g Indian Gooseberry ( Amla )
200 g Acacia Concinna ( Shikakai )
20 g Bacopa Monnieri ( Brahmi )
1 g Asphaltum ( Shilajit )
40 g dried Pomegranate peel ( Anar ka chilka )
20 g Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraaj )

Soak them overnight in any Iron bowl. Grind to make paste. Apply it on your Hair and Scalp. Wash after 3 hours with lukewarm water. Do not use shampoo. You may use Shampoo next day.

Herbal Treatment For Cold 20

Mix One teaspoon leaf juice extract of Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) with equal amount of Honey ( Shehad ). Rub on the chest and forehead with soft hands.
Note : It is a useful remedy for infants.

Herbal Treatment For Grey Hair 14

Mix the leaf juice of Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) and Coconut Oil ( Nariyal Ka Tel ) in equal quantity. Massage your hair regularly with this mixture to get beautiful black hair.

Herbal Treatment For Elephantiasis 5

Mix 1/2 part Sesame Oil ( Til Ka Tel ) in One part Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) oil and apply on the affected area.

Herbal Treatment For Grey Hair 16

Grind a small plant of Eclipta Elba ( Bhringraj ) to powder it. Make small tablets from its paste and let them dry for few days. Store the dried tablets in a container. Soak 2-3 of these in some Coconut oil ( Nariyal ka Tel ) for 2 days. Then massage your hair with this oil. Use on a regular basis for a couple of months.
Note : You can also use Sesame oil for this preparation.

Herbal Treatment For Hair Care 1

Everyone wants gorgeous hair that shines. Many products are available in the market for the same. These products give attractive look to your hair for some time. Any how they contain harmful chemicals that may cause permanent hair damage. For damaged hair it is difficult to regain its original form. It's better to go for natural products. For this purpose, we explain you the century old formula which makes your hair healthy, strong and shiny. This formula cures Dandruff. The combination of herbs given below will also cure Frizzy hair, making hair smooth and lustrous.
Ingredients you will need :
Orange : Santra : Peels : 100 gram
Indigofera Linifolia : Torki : 100 gram
Psoralea : Babchi : a small bottle
Camphor : Kapur : 3 to 4 pieces
Indian Gooseberry : Amla : Powder : 250gram
Eclipta Alba : Bhringraj : 100 gram
Almond : Badam : Oil : 100 ml
Bacopa Monnieri : Barami : Oil : 30 ml
All dried ingredients except Camphor place in a blender and blend coarsely. Now take 1 liter of your desired oil coconut oil and mustard oil preferable. Keep that oil on low flame. After 5 to 10 minutes, add all blended ingredients and oils too. Cover and wait until the ingredients turn to little dark. Switch off the flame. Add Camphor ( Kapur ). Cool and store in a glass bottle. Use lukewarm oil 2 or 3 times a week for an hour. Use natural or mild shampoo to wash.

Herbal Treatment For Hairfall 1

Grind the sprouted Fenugreek ( Methi ) seeds. Take 3 to 4 tablespoons of Brown Mustard ( Lal Sarson ) Oil in a bowl. Add dried 5 to 6 leaves of each Curry Plant ( Kari Patta ) and Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ) in oil. Now, add the ground seeds in the oil. Place the bowl under the sun for an hour. Mix 2 tablespoons of Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) powder and Yogurt ( Dahi ) in the mixture. Grind in mixer. Apply it over scalp and hair. Let it dry. Wash it with normal water. Do it twice a week.
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Gour Kundu
21 Sep 2015
I believe home remedies
G.P.Rama Prasad ( India/Andhra Pradesh )
30 Mar 2016
Suppliers of seeds and plants of blue flowered eclipta alba .
Phanindra ( India )
24 Aug 2016
Do you have Eclipta alba blue variety seeds ?
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Naga raju ( Andhrapradesh )
26 Sep 2016
Sir i have rectal prolapse if i push it goes inside no bleeding
Jaya Bhanupriya
28 Sep 2016
Naga Raju Herbs might not aid you to cure Rectal Prolapse. However, there are many herbs that can protect you from this disease. The herbs simply cure the symptoms that may cause Rectal Prolapse. So, it is suggested that you consult an expert homeopathic doctor. Because your cure lies in homeopathy.
Florell Vollin ( Maryland )
27 Sep 2017
If I take eclipta prostrala herb alone will it cure insomnia?
26 Oct 2017
Yes, Eclipta helps in curing Insomnia. you may try that. ANd , if you feel that this is not working for you, then you may try Tagara . One capsules every day for a mont. It is one of the ebst remedies cto cure Insomnia.
Mogreen ( USA, Texas )
09 Mar 2019
I am toxic with fluoride, mercury aluminum, tin. My body craves arugula and 100% dark chocolate and eat 1-2 whole lemons a day. It has helped greatly in detoxification of my cells, but I still I have 1) insomia, 2) hair loss/thinning, 3) heart arrythmias. Besides these 3 food scources of nutrients, I am also supplementing with natural stabilized cell communicator which only turns on all cell communication upon contact.
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