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Wu Wei Zi Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Schisandra Chinensis, Schisandraceae Family
Chinese Name
Wu Wei Zi, Wu Wei Zin,

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Wu Wei Zi Cures


Action of Wu Wei Zi

Most Effective

Nutrients in Wu Wei Zi

Highly Effective

Nature of
Wu Wei Zi


Parts Used

Seed, Fruit

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Wu Wei Zi

-Over dose may cause Heartburn, reduced Appetite, Nausea, Indigestion, Headache, Skin Rash and Chest Pain.
-Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.
-Avoid if you are suffering from Fever, Peptic Ulcers, Epilepsy or high Blood Pressure.
-It should be not be consumed by the persons having Gallstones.
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Schisandra is a woody vine.
It is deciduous.
It grows in a warm climate.
It grows up to 10 M.
Best used for Sexual Disorders.

In TCM :
Schisandra Fruit : Bei Wu Wei.
It is a Yin and Yang herb.
Meridians associated : Lung, Heart, Liver, Spleen and Kidney.
It is a good Adaptogen more suited for delaying aging.
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Materia Medica for Wu Wei Zi

Schisandra General

Schisandra is a Chinese herb. It is known for its medicinal values from ancient times. It is beneficial for the whole body in all aspects.
Schisandra is good to maintain sexual health. It is an immunity booster. Inflammation occurs when the Immune System fights with pathogens in the Body.
Schisandra gives relief from that Inflammation.
If you want to increase the number of days in your life, the key is Schisandra. It is well known for its Antiaging properties.
It gives relief in Fatigue. It is a good remedy for Night sweats.
Uses and Benefits of Schisandra
Brain: The coordination of the Brain, Nerves, and the Spinal Cord is termed as Central Nervous System. Schisandra is good for Central Nervous System and maintaining mental health. It helps to get over depression. It is also useful to treat ADHD in adults.
Eyes Nose Throat ( ENT ) : Schisandra Chinensis is beneficial for ENT related problems. It improves the Vision. It is used to conceal the Cough and Sore Throat. Have a Hearing Problem? The answer is Schisandra.
Skin : It has Antiaging properties and prevents the cells from free radical damage. It is used to treat Skin disorders and will make your skin radiant.
Lungs: When the lungs get attacked by some irritants, it causes excessive mucus discharge. Schisandra berries are used to give relief from this discharge and congestion. It stimulates breathing and protects the Lungs from other infections. It is a good tonic for the Lungs.
Liver: Like Lungs Schisandra berries are a good tonic for the Liver too. It detoxifies the Liver. It is used as a cure in the case of Hepatitis. It improves the overall health of the Liver.
It protects the Liver from Infections.
Schisandra enhances the Digestion and the Circulatory System. It makes the Digestive System strong. The food gets digested in the Intestines. The absorption of food gives energy to the body. Poor Digestion may lead to a lack of Nutrients.
It widens the Blood vessels and improves blood circulation. The blood transports the essential nutrients to all body organs. Proper circulation helps to maintain Blood Pressure. It improves the functioning of the Heart too.
It combats stress and induces Sleep. For Adrenal Fatigue, Schisandra has good effects.
Schisandra is a good herbal treatment for Diabetes. It lowers the sugar level in the blood.
It also strengthens the Uterine and cures Urinary Problems.
Athletes usually take Schisandra to increase their stamina and reduce fatigue.
Methods of Administration. How to take
Decoction : Make a tea.
Schisandra contains Tannins which causes Digestive Problems. To remove the Tannins soak a handful of berries in water overnight. The next morning, strain the water and then make a tea with 3 fresh cups of water.
Keywords : Mental Health, Vision Problems, Hearing Problems, Sore Throat, Cold, Cough, Lungs Problem, Liver Problems, Insomnia, Blood Circulation, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Uterine Problem, Insomnia.
Single Herb

Schisandra for Libido

Schisandra normalizes sexual desire of both men and women.
For Example : someone is facing either Low Libido or High Libido, but the medicine is one i.e. Schisandra.
Take it in the form of decoction or tablets. Dosage : 1/4 cup of decoction or 1 tablet at night.

Schisandra for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Schisandra fruit is used to treat Pulmonary disorders like, Asthma, Cough, Cold and Bronchitis. So it will take a good care
of your Lungs. Eat Fresh berries of Schisandra daily.

Schisandra for Liver Cirrhosis

Schisandra has antioxidant properties that prevent the Liver tissues from oxidative damage.
Have 1 Schisandra capsule every day.
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Herbal Treatment For Libido Booster

People consider libido as sex. But libido doesn't necessarily mean sex only. It's the will to indulge in sex. When a person doesn't feel like making love, there is a problem with his/her metabolism. OR One is trying, and every time the effort is ineffective. Result, dissatisfied partner. That means you need to boost your libido. Several herbs have the capability to enhances your mood. There are some good herbs which, when combined in the right proportion, give excellent results. Take the dried form of following herbs :
Cnidium : Fruit : 20 gram
Chinese Gall : 20 gram
Ligusticum Wallichii : Root : 20 gram
Horny Goat Weed : Leaves and Stem : 20 gram
Morinda Officinalis : Root : 20 gram
Chufa ( Cicada ) : Root : 20 gram
Notopterygium : Roots and Rhizomes : 20 gram
Magnolia Bark : Flower : 20 gram
Galangal ( Kulanjan ) : Rhizomes : 20 gram
Garlic ( Lehsun ) : Cloves : 8 to 10
Schisandra : Fruit : 30 gram
Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) : Bark : 10 gram
Spikenard ( Jatamasi ) : Roots and Rhizomes : 30 gram
Powder them together. Have half teaspoon with milk for a few nights. This formula boosts libido, in both men and women. Better results have been found specially in females. It warms up the body and enhances sex stamina.
Caution. Please consult a doctor before consuming any formula. One or more herbs may not suit you or the medication you are already taking.
Note Do not take any herb or a combination of herbs for a long time. Take them for a few days, then give a break, even if they show great results.

Herbal Treatment For Avian Flu 2

Take 1 teaspoon each of the following dried herbs :
Chinese Wild Ginger
White Peony
Grind all the above herbs. Consume it with one glass of water.

Herbal Treatment For Debility 5

Following herbs, in conjunction are beneficial for Energy, Stamina and improves overall feeling of well-being. It is the perfect daily Energy supplement.
Ginseng Korean
Chinese Knotweed
Dong Quai
Wild Yam
Chinese Liquorice
Goji Berry
White Peony
Cornus Officinalis
Paeonia Suffruticosa
Red Sage
You may buy the formula, containing the above mentioned Herbs. Capsule form is readily available. Consume 1 capsule per day.
Queries on Wu Wei Zi
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16 Feb 2016
Please sir, tell me some medicines or home remedies to control (desire to sex) hypersexuality in males?
19 Feb 2016
Dear Akshay
Your cure is : Half tea spoon of Marjoram powder with milk daily for a month. Or you may take it in the tincture form, it is known as Origanum. Take 5 drops daily in half glass of water. Drink it daily for a month. Always try a Herb for a a week first, if it suits you, then continue for a month.
Henbane is another Herb which can help you deal with it.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Ram ( India, Tamilnadu, Chennai )
17 Feb 2016
Where can I get this in Chennai, India?
Herbpathy Admin
19 Feb 2016
Dear Ram
We would not be able to comment on this. You will have to do a little research on your own. There are many vendors who sell this Herb online. Contact them and order it , as desired.
We do not deal with buying or selling of Herbs.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Khan ( USA California )
25 Feb 2016
What is Hindi name of this herb
Venkatesh ( Tamil Nadu )
11 Apr 2016
Can it be grown in Tamil Nadu?
Jean Marshall ( Victoria )
22 Mar 2017
I'm in Australia so where can I purchase Shisandra root/tablets please
M ( Canada )
26 Mar 2017
What is the hindi name of Schizandra?
Paresh Gandhi ( India )
19 Jun 2017
Where do we get Schisandra essential oil in India.
What is the Indian name of Schisandra.
Who is suppliers of this herbs and oil in India
Paresh Gandhi
05 Oct 2017
Buy it from online vendors like amazon or iherb.
31 Aug 2017
i need those herbs which are easily available in india i want a cure for testicles shrinkage, sleeplessnes, mood swing and for better concentration
Ketan Jha (India )
05 Oct 2017
what is your age ? Since when are you facing this problem ?
you can order any herb online. There are a number of websites ranging from amazon, iherb,dragonherb, etc. For insomnia or sleeplesness, buy Tagara capsules from a drug store. Take one, every day. For better concentration and testicles, take Mucuna Pruriens capsules.
20 Oct 2017
can i take schizandra berry capsules with damiana capsules together.
24 Oct 2017
Bo. Why do you want to take Schisandra capsules ?
Explain your problem in detail please.
Kensho ( Usa/ny )
07 May 2018
Best and/or worst times and ways to take scisandra
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