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What does Glutathione do for the body

Glutathione ( GSH ) is a molecule present in every cell of the body. It acts as Detoxicant and Antioxidant. It helps in curing various diseases like Cancer, Acne, HIV, Alzheimer, Cystic Fibrosis, Allergies, Diabetes and Hepatitis.
Glutathione is produced in the body cells from three amino acids Cystine, Glycine and Glutamate. Direct ingestion of Glutathione in the body is not possible. However, by increasing the intake of foods rich in amino acids ( Cystine, Glycine and Glutamate ) leads to rise in the levels of Glutathione.
Cysteine is a sulphur containing amino acid. It is toxic in nature and broken down in the gastrointestinal tract during catabolism. Oxidation of Cysteine molecule produces Cystine. Thus, the production of Glutathione is dependent on Cysteine. Eating sulphur rich foods may boost Glutathione levels.

Functions of Glutathione in the Body
DNA repair
Immunity Booster
Enzymes activator
Fights Inflammation
Mobilize and chelate heavy metals (Mercury , Lead and Cadmium) out of the body
It protects the Brain, Blood and Kidneys from mercury accumulation
Antioxidant : Neutralizes free radicals such as Hydrogen peroxide and Lipid peroxides produced by Mercury

Deficiency of Glutathione causes
Cell Death
Cell mutations
Oxidative Stress
Weakened cell membranes
Unable to repair DNA damage
Lack of oxygen and nutrients in cells
Accumulation of toxins and heavy metals in body

Dietary supplements to improve Glutathione
Whey Protein
Alpha Lipoic Acid

Herbs Containing Glutathione

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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