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Goldenrod Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Golden Rod
Glycemic Index / Load
European Goldenrod
Botanical Name
Solidago Virgaurea
Hindi Name
Pinja Phool
Chinese Name
I Chi Huang Hua, Yi Zhi Huang Hua,
Homeopathic Name
Solidago Virgaurea   -   Mother Tincture

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Goldenrod Cures


Action of Goldenrod

Most Effective

Nutrients in Goldenrod

Taste of

Parts Used

Aerial Parts, Flowers, Leaves

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Goldenrod

It may cause allergic reaction.
It may cause heartburn.
Avoid use during Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Avoid long time decoction it may cause Vomiting .
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Solidago Virgaurea is a flowering plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a cold climate.
It grows up to 80 Cm.
Best used as a Diuretic.
Has a special affinity for the Kidneys and the Prostate.
Sometimes people will refer to the herb as
Early Goldenrod
European Goldenrod
Canadian Goldenrod
Some people may call the herb Verbascum Densiflorum, as Goldenrod.

Meridians associated: Lung, Liver, Gall Bladder and Kidney

The Homeopathic medicine , Solidago Virgaurea is best used to treat :
Repeated Colds of Tuberculosis
Mucous in the Urine
Kidneys sensitive to pressure
Swollen feet due to Kidney Disease.


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Materia Medica for Goldenrod

Single Herb

Solidago Virgaurea for Cystorrhea

Prepare a decoction of the root part of Solidago Virgaurea. Drink a cup two times a day.

Solidago Virgaurea for Insect Bites

Make a paste by grinding the flowers of Solidago Virgaurea and apply on the affected area.

Solidago Virgaurea as a Diaphoretic

Warm tea prepared from Solidago Virgaurea Flowers Promotes sweating.

Solidago Virgaurea for Flatulence

Prepare a tea by boiling Solidago Virgaurea leaves and flowers. Cool and drink.

Solidago Virgaurea for Yellow Fever

Prepare a decoction made from the roots of Solidago Virgaurea. Have two times a day.

Solidago Virgaurea for Pyelonephritis

Have a cup of tea made from the leaves of Solidago Virgaurea daily.

Solidago Virgaurea for Eyes

Use leaf juice of Solidago Virgaurea as an Ear drop.

Solidago Virgaurea for Diarrhea

Make an infusion of Solidago Virgaurea bark. Drink 15 ml of it once a day when symptoms persist.

Solidago Virgaurea for Dysentery

Add 15 g bark powder of Solidago Virgaurea in boiled water. Consume 10 ml of it once a day.

Solidago Virgaurea for Heart Diseases

Make plant decoction of Solidago Virgaurea. Drink half cup of it once a day.
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Herbal Treatment For Immunity Enhancer Tonic 1

Immunity....enhances resistance power of the body. Weak immunity may cause many problems. Would you be the one with low immunity ?? of course not !! Strong immunity ensures healthy living. Strong immunity makes your body active. It also helps to protect your body against diseases. Wake up guys. Boost your immunity. Tensions and our lifestyle are making us weak from inside. Lets do something. why can't we make a healthy tonic. Collect the following given herbs :
Wild Thyme ( Banajwain ) : Leaves : If fresh ( 1 teaspsoon ) : If dried ( 1/2 tablespoon )
Solidago Virgaurea : Flowers : If fresh ( 2 teaspoons ) : If dried ( 1 teaspoon )
Dandelion ( Dudal ) : Root : If fresh ( 1 teaspoon ) : If dried ( 1/2 teaspoon )
Put all ingredients in 4 cups of water. Heat on a low flame. After 5 to 10 minutes, remove from heat. Strain. Allow it to become lukewarm. Drink half a cup of prepared tonic twice a day. It will strengthen your immunity by increasing your internal energy and resistance power.

Herbal Treatment For Kidney Tonic

Suffering from any kidney problem?? Frustrated from allopathy. Go for some herbal way. We are giving you a formulae, try to use it. Take the following herbs :
Solidago Virgaurea : 30 gram
Horsetail ( Ashwa Pucchha ) : 5 gram
Spiny Restharrow : 10 gram
Birch ( Bhoj Patra ) : Leaves : 20 gram
To get its maximum benefits for kidney, it should be used in tincture form. You need 30 ml alcohol for this purpose. Put all herbs in alcohol. Leave it for 2 to 3 days. After that, strain the preparation. Your tincture has ready to use. Put 10 drops in 20 ml of water and drink. Do this daily. It takes little more time than allopathy medicine but your problem will be cured completely.
Caution : 1) Females don't take during pregnancy and their menstrual cycle.
2)Strictly prohibited for children.
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