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Ashoka Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

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General Name
English Name
Botanical Name
Saraca Asoca
Hindi Name
Asoka, Debdaru, Ashok

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Ashoka Cures


Action of Ashoka

Nutrients in Ashoka

Combines With

Taste of

Bitter, Pungent

Parts Used

Stem Bark, Seeds, Flowers,


Ashoka is a tree.
It is an evergreen tree.
It grows in warm, humid climate.
It grows up to 10 M.
Best used for Menstrual Disorders, Rheumatic Arthritis, Piles.


Materia Medica for Ashoka

Ashoka General

Ashoka in Hindi is familiar as Debdaru. It is associated to the Fabaceae family. It is an aborigine of the Indian subcontinent.
It combats Eye troubles.
It curbs Neurological complaints.
It cures Dipsia i.e. Excessive Thirst.
It is used in countering Fever.
Ashoka is a good herbal remedy for Skin troubles like Skin Allergies, Wounds and Skin Inflammation. It refines the Complexion.
It is a Heart Tonic and treats Arrhythmia.
It counteracts Cough and Congestion.
It treats Emaciation i.e. Excessively Thin.
It helps in ceasing the Tumour growth.
Ashoka's dried flowers are advantageous for Diabetic patients.
It is a Blood cleanser thus, eliminates toxins.
Ashoka is a good herbal remedy for Digestive disorders. It relieves the symptoms of Indigestion i.e. Bloating.
Its bark and leaves are beneficial in expelling the worms from the Stomach and Intestines.
It helps alleviate Ascites i.e. Abdominal Swelling.
It eases Colic Pain.
It helps in the speedy recovery of Fractured Bones.
It counteracts Fluid Retention complaints.
Ashoka is favourable in curing Uterus disorders like Uterine fibroids and Uterine Haemorrhages.
It arrests Haemorrhagic Dysentery.
It cures Menopausal troubles like Painful Menses, Excessive Menstrual Bleeding and Scanty Menses.
It combats Leucorrhoea.
It relieves the condition of Scanty and Difficult Urination.
Its bark is helpful in counteracting Piles.
It is an Antidote to Scorpion Bite.

Caution : Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Keywords : Fever, Eye Problems, Neurological Problems, Excessive Thirst, Skin Problems, Cardio Tonic, Cough, Emaciation, Tumour, Diabetes, Blood Purifier, Digestion Problems, Worm Infestation, Ascites, Colic, Fracture, Water Retention, Uterus Problems, Haemorrhagic Dysentery, Menopause Problems, Leucorrhoea, Urinary Problems, Piles, Antidote.
Single Herb

Ashoka for Menstrual Disorder

Make Bark decoction. Have it three times a day.

Ashoka for Dysentery

Extract the juice from the flowers. Take half tea spoon with warm water.

Ashoka for Piles

Prepare a decoction of the Bark. Add milk and decoction in equal quantity. Have it two times.

Ashoka for Insects Bites

Make a paste of the bark. Apply over the affected area.

Ashoka for Diabetes

Take 1/4 teaspoon of powdered flowers. Have it with warm water.

Ashoka for Diarrhea

Bloody Diarrhea : Take one fresh flower of Ashoka. Grind with one cup water. Drink once a day.

Ashoka for Kidney Stones

Powder some Ashoka seeds. Take 2 teaspoon with water daily.

Ashoka for Difficult Menses

Grind Ashoka bark. Boil 2 teaspoons powder with one cup milk. Drink daily.

Ashoka for Leucorrhoea

Take Ashoka bark. Powder. Put 2 teaspoons in one cup milk and boil. Have it daily.
OR : Powder Ashoka bark. Strain through cloth. Take half teaspoon with Honey twice a day.
OR : Prepare a decoction of bark with milk. Cool and strain. Drink once a day.

Ashoka for Urine Retention

Make a paste of Ashoka seeds with water. Take 2 teaspoons daily.
Prepare a decoction of Ashoka bark. Drink 8 ml of it daily.
OR : Drink 10 ml bark juice of Ashoka Tree once a day.

Ashoka for Skin Diseases

Crush flowers of Ashoka. Boil it in Coconut oil. Filter and apply it over infected Skin.
OR : Make a paste by grinding Ashoka flowers and leaves together. Rub on the affected skin.

Ashoka for Infertility

Drink bark decoction of Ashoka Tree once a day. Use it daily.

Ashoka for Joint Pain

Crush bark of Ashoka with water to make paste. Apply this paste over painful Joints.

Ashoka for Ascaris

Consume 10 ml bark decoction of Ashoka twice a day.

Ashoka for Internal Bleeding

Prepare an infusion with flowers of Ashoka. Drink 15 ml once a day.

Ashoka for Rheumatoid Arthiritis

Burn a small piece of the plant and apply the ash externally.

Ashoka for Endometriosis

Heat 2 tablespoon powdered bark of Ashoka in a glass of water till it is reduced to half. Now filter the liquid and drink twice a day.
Note : Powdered bark of Ashoka is easily available in the market.
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Herbal Treatment Memory Enhancer 2

Take Ashoka bark and Indian Pennywort bark in equal quantity. Grind them together. Have one teaspoon with milk twice a day. Take it for 3 months.

Herbal Treatment Asthma 16

Grind Ashoka seeds. Take a pinch with Betel leaf 6 times a day.
Reviews on Ashoka
07 Sep 2015
Is syrup of Ashoka leaves (i.e.Ashokarisht) beneficial for the treatment of fibroid caused due to missed abortion ?
Herbpathy Research Team
08 Sep 2015
Dear Goldi

To remove Uterine fibroids, we recommend you to take one dose of Calcaria Carbonica 200 - once only. It is a homeopathic remedy. This should dissolve the fibroids within within 15 days. Then get it checked by a doctor. If fibroids there are still any remnants of fibroids , use Ashoka as follows, since it is an appropriate remedy for Uterine fibroids. However, it is not certain how long will it to take it for the fibroids to dissolve.
We suggest you to take it in the powdered form. Half teaspoon with warm milk once a day for about 3 days. Then, get your fibroids checked by a doctor. And write back to us about the status of the condition.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
08 Sep 2015
Thanks a lot for the suggestion, will do the needful and surely get back to you with the results.
18 Dec 2015
Is ashoka bark useful to remove fluid from pouch of douglas and complex cyst??
Herbpathy Research Team
04 Jan 2016
Dear Li We recommend you to consult a doctor and get yourself diagnosed. As, for removing the fluids or drying up the fluids, you need to take antibiotics. And the complex cyst you have mentioned, we can suggest you some Herbs to cure it, but you need to mention the location of the cyst. Is it ovarian, or breasts, kidneys, etc. Please by specific. Regards
Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
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