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Horse Gram Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Horse Gram
English Name
Horse Gram
Botanical Name
Macrotyloma Uniflorum
Hindi Name

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Horse Gram Cures

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Action of Horse Gram

Most Effective

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Horse Gram

Taste of
Horse Gram

Bitter, Acrid,

Parts Used



Horse Gram is a plant.
It may be annual or perennial.
It grows in tropical areas.
It grows up to 60 cm.
Best used for Swelling.


Grown In

Materia Medica for Horse Gram

Single Herb

Horse Gram for Swelling

Roast some Horse Gram and tie in a cloth. Heat the swelled area with this.

Horse Gram for Impotence

Make a porridge of Horse Gram and Rice. Eat with Milk regularly for a month.

Horse Gram for Elephantiasis

Grind some Horse Gram with sand of ant hills with and white of an egg. Apply on the affected area.

Horse Gram for Kidney Stones

Prepare soup. Have once a day.
Or : Boil 50 grams Horse Gram. Add salt to taste. Have once a day.
This will break up the stone and the crystals will be eliminated with urine. Be prepared for painful urination. The jagged edges of the gravel may temporarily injure the urethra as they are forced out. But, not to worry! The healing is very fast.

Horse Gram for Gallstones

Soak Horse Gram overnight. Mash them in same water and drink.
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Herbal Combination for Ulcers 2

Add 1/4 cup of Horse Gram, a pinch of Asafoetida and 2 pinches each of dried Ginger and Liquorice. Boil. Take daily with One tablespoon Honey for 30 Days.

Herbal Combination for Kidney Stones 5

Take Three Leaved Caper bark , Land Caltrops, Saccharum Spontaneum and Horse Gram in equal quantity. Powder them. Have one teaspoon twice a day with water. This is the very effective formula for Kidney Stones.

Herbal Combination for Kidney Stones 10

Take equal quantity bark of following herbs :
Garlic Pear Tree, Land Caltrops, Saccharum Spontaneum and Horse Gram. Grind to make powder. Take quarter tsp with warm water thrice a day.

Herbal Combination for Kidney Stones 11

Add crushed Pomegranate in Horse Gram soup. Mix well. Drink it once a day when bearable hot.

Herbal Combination for Bladder Stones 1

Soak half cup Horse Gram overnight. Boil them next morning until Gram gets mashed. Add some salt to taste and Pomegranate in it. Have it when bearable hot once a day.
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