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Black Musli Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Black Musli
English Name
Black Musli
Botanical Name
Curculigo Orchioides
Hindi Name
Black Musli Cures
Most Effective
Highly Effective
Action of Black Musli
Most Effective
Highly Effective
Nutrients in Black Musli
Black Musli
Combines With
Taste of
Black Musli
Sweets, Bitter
Parts Used
Root Stock, Bulbs, Leaves, Rhizome
Side Effects, Risk Factors and Cautions of Black Musli
Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.
Black Musli is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a sub tropical climate.
It grows up to 35 Cm.
Best used for increasing Libido.

In TCM :
Black Musli Rhizome : Xian Mao
Grown In
Common Names

Materia Medica for Black Musli

Black Musli General
Black Musli is a plant grown in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Malaysia. It consists of various curative aspects.
It is used for treatment of Eye Infection, Opthalmia which is familiar as Conjunctivitis.
It is the best herb for treating Skin Ailments. Its roots are crushed and the paste prepared from this powder is helpful in curbing Itching, Pimples, Acne and Rashes. To have a glowing Skin, apply a face pack made from Black Musli.
Its roots are burned and inhaled for curing Respiratory Problems like Cough, Asthma and Catarrh.
It treats Lung Ailment, Bronchitis.
To get rid of Digestive Problems, have Black Musli powder and milk mixture. This mixture helps in curbing Heartburn and Flatulence.
It is an effective herb for treating Stomach Ailments like Vomiting.
Want to gain weight or reduce fat...!!! Have some Black Musli in your diet, it helps in both to gain weight and also lose weight.
It is a good herbal remedy for curing Liver Disorder, Jaundice and Biliousness.
It is effectual for treating Lumbago (back pain), Joint Pain, etc.
It is a good herbal treatment for Piles.
It is Aphrodisiac in nature.
Back Musli is a good herbal treatment for Gonorrhea.

Caution : Consult a Doctor before consuming it.

Keywords : Eye Infection, Skin Ailments, Lumbago, Joint Pain, Respiratory Ailments, Digestive Disorders, Stomach Problems, Piles, Gonorrhea.
Single Herb

Black Musli for Dysuria
Grind dried roots of Black Musli to make powder. Take 3 g of the powder with Milk once a day.
Black Musli for Leucorrhoea
Take 5 g root powder of Black Musli by adding some Jaggery in it. Have it twice a day.
Black Musli for Libido Loss Male
Add 50 ml Honey in 250 g root powder of Black Musli plant. Take quarter tsp of the mixture twice a day.
Black Musli for Respiratory Diseases
Make a decoction with leaves of Black Musli plant. Drink 30 ml of it once a day.
Black Musli for Jaundice
Crush roots of Black Musli plant. Take 5 g of the obtained powder with Milk. Have it once a day.
Multiple Herbs

Herbal Combination for Impotence 2
Grind three herbs to powder : Indian Spider Plant root (Safed Musli), Black Musli root, Land Caltrops (Gokhru).
Take 4 tablespoons each. Mix well. Add 8 tsp Honey. Prepare a paste. Take 1/2 tsp every day for 20 days.
Caution : Do not take in Summers.
Herbal Combination for Spermatorrhea 3
Finely grind Black Musli, Withania Somnifera, Indian Spider Plant.
Put One serving spoon of each of the above herbs in a bottle. Add Adequate honey to make it a gooey paste.
Take one teaspoon a day with warm milk. Take for at least one month.
Herbal Combination for Sexual Health
Today our lives have become fast and we face many day to day problems. It affects both our physical and mental health. Restlessness and Fatigue are the order of the day. Sex can and should be used as a cathartic. The secret lies in achieving a healthy orgasm. If that does not happen you are in deeper trouble than before. Why would you not have an orgasm? The Reasons may be physical and or psychological. Both sexes face the same monster.
Herbs can help. What is required is to improve your sexual health and to calm the nerves to pacify psychological disturbance. Overall permanent health should be the aim. What is not desired is to enhance the power to expend spurts of energy on debauchery. Just like sportsmen crave for a temporary boost in energy to enhance performance, some people take drugs to enhance their sexual prowess. In both cases it harms the individual and that is why they are and should be banned.
If overall health is your aim, a simple formula is given below. It will work for both sexes.
Take the following dried herbs
Velvet Bean ( Kiwanch ) : 10 gram
Black Musli ( Kalimusli ) : 10 gram
Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) : 10 gram
Land Caltrops ( Gokharu ) : 10 gram
Nutmeg ( Jaiphal ) : Dried : 10 gram
Grind them together. Store in a glass jar. Take quarter teaspoon with milk at night. It will cure your deficiency and boost your energy.
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