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Huntington's Disease Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Huntington's Disease
Medical Name
Huntington's Disease
Huntington's Disease Symptoms
Low Appetite
Muscle Rigidity
Impaired Posture
Impaired Balance
Behavioral Problems
Difficulty in Speaking
Difficulty in Swallowing
Brain Disorder
Involuntary movements of the parts of the body

Huntington's Disease Cured By

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Huntington's Disease is a disease of the Brain.
An Inherited progressive disorder of the Brain is Huntington's Disease.
It leads to Uncontrolled Movements, Emotional Instability and Loss of Intellectual Faculties.
Basal Ganglia Cells are affected early in this disease.
It is a structure deep in the center of the Brain where movement is coordinated.
Later, Brain's outer surface is affected which controls the function of thought, perception and memory.
The gene responsible for the disease is located on chromosome number 4.

Causes of Huntington's Disease
Genetic Disorder
Chromosomal Disorder

If not treated properly, Huntington's disease may cause

Note: To prevent Huntington's Disease, do the following.
1. Eat a healthy rich diet of Vitamin E and Co-enzyme 10.
2. Have a cup of Green Tea daily.
3. Detoxify your body on regular intervals.
4. Go for regular exercise and do yoga daily. Meditation helps to keep both physical and mental state healthy.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Huntington's Disease

Queries on Huntington's Disease
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Eileen Forrest ( USA PA )
01 Apr 2017
Are there any herbal treatment for Huntington disease ?
Pro. Balwinder Singh
02 Apr 2017
I can work on it with Indian and chinese herbs
Navya Iyer
11 Apr 2017
Dear Eileen
It is a non curable disease, but you can prevent it by drinking green tea every day.
Daily go for exercise and do meditation. I have heard that meditation helps a lot to prevent the Disease. Eat a diet rich with Vitamin E and take supplements of Co enzyme 10.
Malathy ( India )
23 Dec 2017
I am affected by CSF leak.It is curable. How to prevent from this?
Dr. Yadav
04 Jan 2018
Dear Malathy
Try just one dose of Calcarea carb 1M. Get this medicine from a Homeopathy shop and have just one single dose only. Do not repeat the dose. Wait for 1 month and see the remaining symptoms. You may share your results here on this page.
11 Jan 2018
Can I use this medicine with other external herbal medicine.
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