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Red Yeast Rice or Ryr Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Red Yeast Rice or RYR
Glycemic Index / Load
Red Yeast Rice
Botanical Name
Monascus Purpureus Went, Aspergillaceae Family
Hindi Name
Lal Khameer Chawal

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Red Yeast Rice or Ryr Cures

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Action of Red Yeast Rice or Ryr

Nutrients in Red Yeast Rice or Ryr

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Red Yeast Rice or Ryr

RYR products should be kept away from heat and light.
It should not be used during Pregnancy.
Patients who had Heart Attacks and Strokes Prior, had Diabetes Mellitus and Atherosclerosis should consult Doctor first before consuming RYR.
Avoid Alcohol, Grapefruit and Grapefruit Juice while using Red Yeast Rice.
Side Effects of Red Yeast Rice are rare but may cause :
Headache, Stomachache, Bloating, Dizziness, Gas, Heartburn, Muscle Ache and Weakness.
Caution : Always consult your Doctor or Physician before consuming Red Yeast Rice for medication.
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Red Yeast Rice is a whole food substance.
It is red purplish in color.
It is made by culturing the rice with yeast.
It is produced by fermenting steamed , non glutinous rice with Monascus Purpureus fungus.
RYR promotes Digestion and Blood circulation.

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Materia Medica for Red Yeast Rice or Ryr

Red Yeast Rice or RYR General

RYR is a food and medicine. RYR is produced by fermenting rice with food fungus. It is widely used in making pickled tofu, brewing rice wine and as a preservative for meat and fish. Traditionally, RYR has been used as a food, medicine and seasoning. It is available in the form of tablets, teas, tinctures, and topical use.
It promotes Digestion and Blood circulation.
It strengthens the Spleen and dry the stomach.
It aids in producing strong bones. It treats Osteoporotic fractures. It also regulates Bone mineral density.
It prevents Stroke. It reduces the development of Peripheral Vascular disease.
RYR induces reduction in Total Cholesterol levels, Triglyceride levels and LDL Cholesterol level. It also regulates HDL Cholesterol levels. Lowering the LDL level and increasing the HDL level prevents the risk of Atherosclerosis. It improves Blood flow through vessels and reduces inflammation.
It is beneficial for Blood lipid control, Blood Glucose regulation and Endothelial function. It also regulates free radical scavenging.
There are three major preparations of Red Yeast Rice :
Zhitai, Cholestin or Hypocol, Xuezhikang.
Zhitai : It is produced by fermenting a mixture of different strains of Monascus Purpureus. It contains Rice and Yeast. It is most rice by weight.
Cholestin or Hypocol : It is produced by fermenting selected strains of Monascus Purpureus. This process produces a good amount of Monacolin K. Monacolin is a Lovastatin, which reduces the production of fatty substances in the Body. It is believed to be a major factor in regulating Cholesterol level in the Body.
Xuezhikang : It is partially purified extract of fermented Red Yeast Rice.
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