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Mu Li Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Oyster Shell
Glycemic Index / Load
Ostrea Gigas, Oyster Shell
Botanical Name
Ostrea Gigas
Chinese Name
Mu Li, Chang Mu Li
Homeopathic Name
Calcarea Carbonica   -   Mother Tincture

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Mu Li Cures

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Action of Mu Li

Most Effective

Nutrients in Mu Li

Taste of
Mu Li

Nature of
Mu Li


Parts Used

Whole Shell

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Mu Li

Overdose may cause Indigestion and Constipation.

Note : To negate the side effect of Oysters, eat Cheese. It acts as an antidote of Oyster Shell.
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Oyster Shell is collected from the ocean.
They are collected in Winter and Spring.
It is first dried and then powdered.
Best use for Kidney and Liver Problems.

In TCM :
Oyster Shell : Mu Li, Muli
Meridians associated : Liver and Kidney
Calcined Oyster Shell : Duan Mu Li, Duan Muli
Meridians associated : Spleen and Stomach

Calcarea Carbonica ( Calcarea Carb )
Calcarea Carbonica is a Homeopathic remedy prepared from the Oyster shell. The shell is cleaned and the inner lining is crushed with lactose to make Calcarea Carbonica.

Who should take Calcarea Carb?
Calcarea Carbonica is the constitutional remedy meant for those deficient in Calcium. The deficiency may be hereditary or due to a faulty metabolism in which Vitamin C is not assimilated by the body. This deficiency is manifested by the body in the form of symptoms which are Physical, Mental and Emotional. For e.g. a Calcarea Carb child is fat and flabby with a saucer like stomach. Will lick walls and eat mud ( He is trying to tell you about his deficiency in Vitamin C ). He likes to eat Chalk, drink Milk but may be allergic to it.

Physical Symptoms :
Cold and plump shaped body
Sour smell in bowels and sweat
Head sweats usually in the night
Ankle sprain is a possibility in Sports
Constipated : Passes stool in a gap of several days
Gets easily caught by Cough, Cold and Ear Infections
Often suffering with a Swollen gland and Tonsillitis
Intensity of symptoms increases in cold weather

Mental Symptoms :
Slow learner
Silent, confused and frightened in class
Independent and firm decision making
Stubborn at times
Happy to be an observer not wants to be the center of attraction
Is scared of darkness, prefers to be in light
Animal fearing
Child wakes up screaming seeing a nightmare
Fear of death
Interested in religious and supernatural discussions

Emotional Symptoms :
Likes cold and bland food
Fond of Milk, Ice Cream and boiled eggs
Not a Meat lover
Hates hot water bath
Keeps himself covered with a scarf and a Head wear

The symptoms worsen even with slightest level of Physical and Mental activity. The person gets easily tired. The condition deteriorates in Cold or Wet weather. The intensity of symptoms is high in the Morning and after Midnight. He faces difficult in waking up.
The condition improves in dry weather. Rest, lying down and body massage makes the person feel better.
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Materia Medica for Mu Li

Single Herb

Oyster for Beriberi

Eat Oysters in your daily meals.

Oyster Shell for Warts

Warts found on the neck that are round, hard and solitary surrounding a central depression.
The Homeopathic remedy for you is Calcarea Carbonica. Before taking this herb it is advised to please consult a Homeopathic Doctor for an exact dosage.
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Sue ( USA/Wisconsin )
14 Sep 2017
HOw much oyster shell powder should a 300 lb women wiht fatty liver disease take daily?
03 Dec 2017
What are the possible benefits of oyster shell when it's mixed with animal food?
Lisa ( Ma )
12 Dec 2019
Can gallbladder polyps shrink using homeopathy or natural supplements?
Princess ( Lagos, Nigeria )
07 Jul 2020
Oyster Shell (Calcarea Carbonica) is recommended for White Pterygium in the Pterygium section of this site does it imply sufferers of Pterygium have deficiency in Vitamin C & Calcium? Because I grew with that missing in my diet, affecting my teeth & legs.

How many times a day should one do the Turmeric eye wash for Pterygium?
Bushra mehmood ( Pakistan )
20 Jul 2020
is oyster is used for hear growth
20 Jul 2020
Dear Bushra. Do you mean Hair loss? Oysters are good in Zinc content and contribute to hair growth. However, to treat Hair fall check under disease section 'Hair Fall' on this website. You can check various options and how to use them.
Dr Kimbugwe Amans michael ( Uganda )
07 Sep 2020
Is't advisable to drink boild water I got from oyster shell? What happen if I drink it's waters?
Richard Lim ( Singapore )
23 Nov 2020
Pls advise how and what to do with oyster shell when I collected it. i am hoping to earn and grow from using shells of all types, pls help in direction objectively. Recycle usage of oyster shells and shells in general.
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