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Hypersexuality Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hypersexuality Symptoms
Uncontrollable sexual urges in a Woman
A woman unable to control the desire for Sex

Hypersexuality Cured By

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Hypersexuality is a disease of the Metabolism.
Repeated, Unconscious, Uncontrollable sexual urges may be termed as Hypersexuality.
The person is unable to control the desire for sex.
Lets be slightly more technical.
Hypersexuality . Use the term for both, men and women.
Satyriasis . Hypersexuality in men.
Nymphomania . Hypersexuality in Women.

Causes of Hypersexuality
Excessive Libido
Certain Medication
Hormonal Imbalance

If not treated properly, Hypersexuality may cause
Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Body Part(s)


Materia Medica for Hypersexuality

Single Herb

Dong Quai for Female Libido

Dong Quai is a herb for the Females.
Dong Quai balances the Harmone activity.
It is both, an Aphrodisiac and as an Anaphrodisiac.
It is recommended for both, Low Libido and High Libido.
It normalizes the human economy.
Take it as a decoction. Dosage : 10 Ml
If the herb is not available in its natural for, take capsules.

Schisandra for Libido

Schisandra normalizes sexual desire of both men and women.
For Example : someone is facing either Low Libido or High Libido, but the medicine is one i.e. Schisandra.
Take it in the form of decoction or tablets. Dosage : 1/4 cup of decoction or 1 tablet at night.

Marjoram ( Marwa ) for Libido

Marjoram ( Marwa ) blances the libido, irrespective of low or high.
It completes the sexual desire of both men and women.
It keeps hormones in equilibrium.
Take half cup of decoction of Marjoram ( Marwa ) flowers and leaves or half teaspoon powder with milk.
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