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Stomach Polyps Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Stomach Polyps
Medical Name
Stomach Polyps
Stomach Polyps Symptoms
Abdominal Pain
Bleeding in Stomach

Stomach Polyps Cured By

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Stomach Polyps is a disease of the Stomach.
The mass of tissues originating from the lining of the Mucus Membrane of the Stomach is called Stomach Polyps.
Stomach is a pear shaped muscular organ. It is located on the left side between the Esophagus and the Small Intestine. The lining of the Stomach is smooth. When there is growth in or on the lining of the Stomach it causes trouble. This growth is called Polyps. Stomach Polyps may lead to Ulcers and create an obstruction in the Stomach.

Types of Stomach Polyps
Hyperplastic Polyp : It occurs after Gastritis. It may lead to Stomach Cancer.
Fundic Gland Polyps : It originates from the Glandular Cells present inside the Stomach lining.
Adenoma Polyps : They form in the Glandular Cells present inside the Stomach lining. They may lead to Stomach Cancer.

Causes of Stomach Polyps
Bacterial Infection
Damage to the Stomach Lining

If not treated properly, Stomach Polyps may cause
Stomach Cancer

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Stomach Polyps

Single Herb

Aloe Vera for Stomach Polyps

Aloe Vera has antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties. It eliminates the toxins from the body and help in dealing with Stomach Polyps.
Have 2 tablespoons of fresh Aloe Vera gel every day.
OR : Have 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice every day.

Cranberry for Stomach Polyps

Cranberries are a rich source of Vitamin C. This helps in fighting with Stomach Polyps.
Have a cup of fresh Cranberry juice every day or have 5 to 10 dried Cranberries every day.

Cayenne for Stomach Polyps

Cayenne has the ability to give relief from stomach pain associated with Polyps. It helps in shrinking the polyps.
Have 1 Cayenne Capsule every day.

Garlic for Stomach Polyps

Garlic contains antiinflammatory and antibacterial properties. It helps in reducing inflammation associated with Polyps.
Peel 3 to 4 Garlic pods. Mash them with some wooden tool. Make sure they do not come in contact with some metal substance. Leave them for 15 min. Have it with a glass of water every day.

Goldenseal for Stomach Polyps

Goldenseal is well known for reducing polyp growth in Nose, Uterus, Stomach and Colon. It also reduces inflammation and pain associated with Polyps.
Have 1 capsule of Goldenseal every day.
Queries on Stomach Polyps
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Banwari lal singhal ( Pune Maharashtra )
05 Dec 2016
I am 76 year of age suffering from Acidity,mild asthma and hypertension,taking allopathic medicine can Badi elaichi be helpful or any other thing you suggest
06 Dec 2016
Dear Banwari lal singhal
It seems that you are suffering from Visceral fat which might be accumulated around your organs like Kidneys, Liver and Pancreas. If you have pot belly, you need to read Genesis and have a glass of Green leaf juice daily in the morning and evening. Take it for 15 days only. Go to Vibrant health and read genesis on this portal.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Sonja ( USA / Kansas )
01 Jun 2017
I had an upper GI endoscopy today and a colonoscopy. I am 71 female. Last colonoscopy was clear of polyps. About 10 years ago, i was diagnosed with Barretts and had an ablation. Never had any symptoms for Barrett so was surprised about that. Have had endoscopies yearly per my doctors to follow up and i've been clear. This particular procedure today showed a teeny segment coming back and they will biopsy if I will need another ablation. What surprised me was they found bleeding polyps in my stomach first time. Doctor said was probably from taking antacid for my Barretts. He removed them for pathology results, didn't seem worried. I try to attack symptoms with herbal solutions. Have actually been successful as I keep detailed records of my bloodwork. Now I am looking for an herbal supplement to improve the polyps in my stomach and maybe even improve this situation when I go in for another endoscopy a year from now. Any suggestions.
Munneerunnisa Sk ( India )
26 May 2018
moderate anthral eretheme , a small polyp at greater curvature
Jayasree Chetia ( India )
02 Apr 2019
My mother have been suffering from hyper gastric and acidity since many years.She says that the gas inside the stomach is obstructed or perhaps blocked.Yesterday she had a upper G.I endoscopy and the report says that a gastric polyp of 1?1cm is there in the distal body, now am confuse whether to remove it or it will get smaller gradually??? Will it lead to stomach cancer???please help me out...
Prakash ( India )
22 Feb 2020
Dear Sir
My wife stomach got scanned recently and report came with polyp (but not justified by doctor which polyp) and given medicine Duoluton L tablet for one month and doctor has stated after one month we will see,it may go or if remains we will go for another treatment so pls give suggestions on this it helps to me much and me and my wife age 28 I am much worry on this.

Abdominal pain was there before treatment.
09 Apr 2020
Hey Prakash, try herbal things as Garlic: It helps in reducing the inflammation. Peel 3 to 4 Garlic pods Mash them in a wooden tool. make sure they do not come in contact with some metal substance. Leave them for 15 min. Have it with a glass of water daily. Cranberry: Take a cup of Cranberry juice or 5 to 10 cranberries a day. It is rich in Vitamin C. Aloevera: Have 2 tablespoons of Aloevera juice every day.
Gigi ( TX-Texas )
14 Jun 2020
Question: I am a 52 yr old female with chronic gastritis, had an endoscopy and colonoscopy in January 2020. The results were: normal colonoscopy, erosive pangastritis and gastric hyperplasic polyps (multiple). I was given some treatment but due to the pandemic I was not able to return to the clinic which is out of state. I have noticed that using TUMS sometimes helps, sometimes makes me feel worse. I thought things like garlic, cayenne, onions... would make me more sick but I see that you recommend them. Is it possible to heal these polyps with a treatment like this? There is much cancer in my family and do not wish to be the next
Jobee ( India )
29 Jun 2020
Dear dr. I had done endoscopy and biopsy result came as mold chronic gastritis and hyperplastic gastric polyp.. Please advice
Esther ( Uganda )
09 Feb 2021
I have had symptoms of gastritis since 2016, got an endoscopy and it was confirmed with the cause being H.pylori. it keeps coming back even after taking the H.pylori kits. what can i do, the quality of my life has been affected.
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