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Vibrant Health And Longevity

It is assumed that you have read The Genesis.  If the disease is not too serious or you are having a general maliase, you will achieve Vibrant Health merely by following the advice given there in.  Make sure you give yourself a chance to revive your health by following the advice given in option 2 and the follow up percentage of foods.However, if the disease is genetic or chronic, an ouline procedure is given below.  

The Human body is a marvel in structural engineering.  It is intricate.  It is delicate and it is balanced.  It is a spectacular machine ---- definite and well ordered.

It is efficient.  It knows how to protect itself against physical dangers.  It is self regulating and adaptive to the changing environment. But, sometimes, due to internal (hereditary) or external factors the body and or the mind may fall sick.  The Immune system kicks in.  To some extent the body reacts to protect itself by an altered functioning, which we recognize as Symptoms. We dismiss them.  We suppress them.  We get sick.  Symptoms get worse.  We visit a doctor. We take medicine.  We get well.  Problem solved...

What if we don't allow the problem to arise in the first place ? Call it prevention or caution.  It takes a little effort, but is far better than bearing the agony and trouble of being sick.  We are still living an average life.  Sickness- No.  But not a state of euphoria.  Not a state of Vibrant health. 

Aim Of The Portal

The aim of this section is to guide you towards Vibrant Health and a Longer life.  A healthy mind in a healthy body.  Do not fall sick or become resistant to sickness.  Aim is to Experience an energetic, vivid, balanced, happy and healthy life.  Fortify your body and mind against extremes of weather,  extremes of self abuse and the onslaught of environmental toxins.  You may even be able to reduce the effect of genetic disorders.

The portal is dedicated to the one, who loves his happiness and cares for his well being. For someone who's thirst for a happy and healthy life is not quenched by mere existence.  Who loves his life intensely and is ready to work for it.  Who intends to experience an absolute health.

Facts and Figures:
According to WHO, only 3%of the world's population is Healthy.  We agree ! 
We say, the another 3% are in hospitals or are already visiting  doctors. They are Diseased.  Do you agree ? 

What about the remaining 94% , clinging in the middle ? 
WHO says  they are sick.  We say, they are healthy, since they are not actually dependent on doctors or hospitals; but do get sick off and on.  They  get affected by the changing environment.  Their immunity waxes and wanes.  The viruses become active and inactive. Yet, people continue to live and perform their chores.  These 94%  who are healthy/unhealthy; are the subject of Vibrant Health.  They need to take  action to upgrade their health and reach that 3% healthy population, and we are here to help. Let us  reach the zenith of Health.

Herbpathy embarks on a new and a fresh start in our continued journey towards the ultimate health possible and longer lives.

The ultimate goal of this journey is, to achieve the highest degree of health attainable, i.e. THE VIBRANT HEALTH, which in turn will lead to a long and disease free life. 

Here, on this portal, it is assumed that you are healthy. You will have to make notes and interpret them. We can only provide general guidelines.
The portal  is not meant for the sick. If you are severely sick, please visit a doctor, get yourself cured. 
For a mild sickness or disease , like FeverDiarrhea, etc, refer to

Spectrum Of Health

At the bottom of the spectrum of health , is a Diseased state of the mind and body.  A state where human mind and body are not in harmony with nature.  The functioning of the metabolism is impaired. It gets altered due to one reason or the other.  It needs a cure.  The herbs used for the treatment may be called medicines.   Such herbs have side effects and should be used temporarily. 

In the middle of the spectrum is , the so called Healthy state, which can be termed as Apparent Health.  We think we are healthy , only because we are not hospitalized or are not under medication.  We live !  Yes !  but, exist in a state of ennui.  There is no enthusiasm.   Due to the vagaries of  modern life, we exist, but are not fully energetic.  There is no  sense of exultation.
Hereditary, Bad habits, shallow judgments, rancid food, stimulants and environmental toxins are some of the causes of of this state.  We wake up  in a state of mental and physical lethargy.  We drag ourselves out of bed because,  we have to.  We go through life like a Zombie.  We are lethargic in  Physique, sluggish in  Mind and hollow in our Spirit;  a picture of fatigue.

At the apex of the spectrum of health is Vibrant Health, and the aim of this Portal is to guide you towards the achievement of the same.  If you think you are healthy, then only you can reach the peak of the spectrum.  But, If you are diseased,  your priority should be to reach the Healthy state.  Once, you have achieved that, then Vibrant Health is far too easy to gain.
Let's transform this, so called pseudo Health into a state of super abundance of Energy, a highly charged Mind and a Herculean Physique.  But before that, you ought to identify the platform on which you stand at present.  Are you diseased ?  Are you in the state of Apparent Health ?  Or are you already in the realm of Vibrant Health ?  The distinction between the three states is not very clear and at best hazy.  Who is supposed to make that distinction : You.

Vibrant Health, Expanded

What is Vibrant Health ?  
The highest degree of health attainable by an individual. Not the standard form of health. A state where you actually feel vivid, euphoric, alive and full of energy.  Vibrant Health is not the absence of disease but a state of Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional well being.

Where do you get it ?   It is within you.  You have to work for it.  As you travel through life, you stand naked, alone; all by yourself. No one holds your finger forever, not even your father, mother,brother or sister.
We also can only guide you and direct you to walk the right path.  We can only make known to you, the way you should travel on.  You can not wait for your ship to come in.  Get in your boat and row out. You will have to establish the goal and begin the climbing. Your determination will surely get you there.

When can you start ?  
Now is too late.  You should have started at birth.  In the quest for Vibrant health and Longevity,  you cannot turn the clock back.   For example, the eyes start to weaken at age 40.  If they are already weak at age 50 and you are wearing spectacles, you cannot consume herbs and get back your sight to age 30.  However, if you take the herbs at age 30, you can delay the weakening of the eyes to age 60.  This is true for the entire body and its organs.  The good part about taking the herbs is, that, if you start at age 50, further weakening can be delayed.  The aim should be to start as early as possible, or when ever you become aware of this regimen.  We suggest you start at age 20.

Who can be Vibrantly Healthy ?  
This regimen is beneficial for all human beings; male and female, young and old.   

Why Vibrant Health?  
The suggested course of action, given below, will prolong life. It will improve the quality of life.  It will give you an absolute health.  Younger looks.  Better eye sight.  No visits to the doctors or hospitals.  No joint pains.  No osteoporosis.  No hearing aids. Would you like to opt for such a life ?  Many cultures of the world have attempted for millions of years to achieve this state. They succeeded.  They lived well beyond a 100 years and remained healthy throughout.  Don't you wish to live such a disease free, prolonged  life ?  Yes !!!   Then let's move on.


Some of the cultures who succeeded in achieving Vibrant health are the Chinese, Indians and the Greeks.  The Indians developed an intricate science to live their life.  They call it Ayurveda.  Unfortunately, it takes a life time to study any of them.  This portal attempts to distill that knowledge, sublimate it into a concise practical exercise and deliver a Path of Action ( POA).  We have attempted to take out the guess work from the intended activity.

Stumbling Blocks in the Path of Vibrant Health

Before we embark on the path to Vibrant Health, it is mandatory to identify, recognize,  understand and analyze the impediments to Vibrant Health.  What are the hurdles in the path of Vibrant  Health?

Most of us want black and white answers to a question like this. Because such answers provide an image of safety and certainty.

Unfortunately, there is nothing clear in the quagmire of unhealthy living.  The problem is compounded by the fact that each one of us reacts differently to a herb.  The worst is the fact that there are hurdles in the path that leads to Vibrant Health .  There are certain issues that need to be addressed. We address these issues as "enemies", for these are a threat to us, our health and are the obstacles in this journey.   Now is the time to blow the trumpet and declare war on them.  Now is the time to recognize them.

Enemies that have ganged up against us and our health :

Microbes and viruses
The Predator ; Human
Environmental Toxins ; Estrogen overdose
Mind and Psyche; Personal Attitude
Bad Habits and Abusing the body; Lifestyle
Unrealistic approach to medicine
Hereditary and Family Medical history ; Genetics
Estrogen Dominance ; Hormonal Imbalance
You have probably realized that, by identifying the stumbling blocks and changing our habits accordingly, we can take care of ourselves to some extent.  But, we need to do more.  We also need to take positive steps to increase our life span and live a better life.

Alternatives Available To Us

There are many systems of medicine dated back to  thousands of years. Evolution of a medicine system depends on the country and culture.   It encompasses practices which involve dietary changes, exercises, cures, healing and many other measures to cure a disease or optimize health.  Some of the major systems prevalant in the world are
Conventional Medicine
Yoga and Naturopathy
Energy medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Christian faith healing
Traditional African Medicine.

Analysis for selecting the Best Course Of Action : Herbs

Analysis of different medical systems lead us to draw an inference : Herbs or Pyhtotherapy  is definitely the best method to bank on, to accomplish Vibrant Health.
The synergistic power of a herb as a whole, and the synergy of combined herbal formulae bust up the microbes.  Some herbs are curative.  They cure a diseased state.  After that,  they become counter productive.  Some herbs are preventive.  They can protect you against an impending epidemic, or a change in weather. If taken for long periods they will cause a disease.  

Finally, there are  herbs that can be consumed by the healthy to prolong life and improve the quality of life. These Herbs are known by different names in different parts of the world.  Some call them Adaptogens.  The Chinese call them Super herbs.  As per the Indian nomenclature, they are  Rasayana Herbs. Names being different; action remains the same.
Overall impact remains the same- To provide  Healthy, long, exuberant, vivid, and happy life.  These herbs can be taken for long periods without adverse effects.

Please consult your Health Care provider for advice regarding the use and non use of specific Herbs; whether to be combined with other drugs or used individually....

Types Of Herbs  

  • Medicines or Remedies.  These are herbs that are used to cure specific diseases.  They affect specific organs.  They are used only as long as they are required.  Once the disease has been cured, their use must be stopped.  They have adverse affects, commonly known as side effects.  They must be used on the advice of a doctor.  Do not attempt self medication. 
  • Assistant Herbs.  These herbs assist other herbs to enhance their effects.  They are the force multipliers.  Licorice is one of them.  They also must be used sparingly and on the advice of a doctor only.

Super Herbs, Adaptogens or Rasayans.  In TCM, (Traditional Chinese Medicine)  they are called Super herbs.  In India, in the  Ayurveda system of medicine, they are called Rasayans. Universally they are called Adaptogens.   Adaptogens are those herbs that affect the body as a whole.  They will affect the metabolism, the pathology, the physiology, the mind and the spirit.  Their action on the human body is bipolar.  If the blood pressure is high, they will bring it down to normal.  If it is low, they will bring it up to normal.  They optimize the functions of the body.  They have no side effects.  They can be used for long periods without detriment to the body and mind.  This is the general rule.  However, they affect different people differently.  They may be hot or cold in nature.  Some are good for winters and some for summers.  Adaptogens bring about a gradual change.  They fortify the Immune system.  Your own immune system  takes over and cures the minor ailments.  Even if you are suffering from a disease, the use of Adaptogens will so fire the metabolism, that the body tends to correct itself and consequently cure the specific organ. Therefore, it might be in order to attempt a cure through the use of Adaptogens first. If, however,  the cure does not come about, then we can try the specific remedy.  A herb may not be suitable for an individual because of the peculiarity of the latent genetic nature.  With so many variables,  it is best to experiment with a very small dose first.  If it suits you, increase the dose.  However, take the advice of a professional health care provider.

Gear Up

Most of us want a cut and dried solution. However, there is no readymade solution here.  Experiments with your specific body and specific Adaptogens are mandatory.  The portal attempts to advise you , to experiment for  6 months, and, use the Herbs that are suitable for you and then, you may continue to take them for the rest of your life. You should keep yourself informed about the method of taking Herbs, Suitability of Herb, Apparatus required to check your current health status, readings( on the equipment ) and their meanings.  
Read More.........

Suggested Regimen For Taking Herbs

If you have read so far, it means you are ready to take the plunge into active participation. You are ready to take the bull by the horns. You are ready to attack the enemy from within.  We have identified some highly efficient  Adaptogens. However, the variables due to genetics, climate, weather, geographical location can affect different human beings differently. Therefore, a little experimentation by the user is necessary.

A diseased body and mind is vulnerable to any and all influences, including otherwise beneficial herbs. Herbs may act strongly and produce unwanted effects. It is suggested that you start any new herb with a very samll dose. Then, as the body starts accepting the herb, increase the dose. Sometimes the body is so weak that an otherwise beneficial herb may react violently.  If this happens, discontinue the herb.  Take other measures to improve your health, then try the herb again. 
It is advised that if you are sick, you visit a doctor, get a cure and at least reach average health. 

From there, the protocol given below will take you to the heights of healthy living.  A minimum threshold of health is required to take off.

Let us presume that you are healthy.  Role out the carpet. Raise the flags. Blow the trumpets. Let the contest begin. For some, its the battle of the bulge.  For others, its the fight against the cellulite on the hips. The rest of us will try to beat old age, improve our vision and smooth out wrinkles.

Unless a particular organ is ailing, the body as a whole starts to detriorate when the metabolism malfunctions.  There is general malaise.  When the disease progresses, it attacks the Pancreas.  If arrested, you get cured, otheriwse it will affect the Liver, then the Kidneys, Heart and finally the Brain.  Diagnosis is difficult.  Rather than wasting time and money on pathalogical tests and trying to pinpoint the area of disease, it may be prudent to set the metabolism right and allow it to mend the rest of the body.  There is no guarantee, that the diagnosis will be correct or that subsequently the medication will cure.  Therefore , lets start with Metabolism, and allow it to take cae of the rest of the body. 

Part 1 -- Care of the Metabolism. The body and mind as a whole.

Metabolism  is the combination of chemical processes that must occur within the body to maintain life.   It is the process by which the body converts food ( in the digestive system ) and Oxygen ( air in the lungs ) into energy.  Metabolism is the foundation of the  very function to life. This is the most important aspect of Vibrant Health.  All diseases hit it first, then the organ system and finally a specific organ.   So why not prevent the disease from setting its foot on the metabolism.  Let's take care of it by consuming some Adaptogens or Rasayans.

Rasayanic Method (The way they do it in India)

Triphala.   Takes care of your digestion

Amla   This herb tonifies the entire system. It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C.  Cures DiarrheaDysentery,  and boosts the Immunity.

Isabgol. ( Metamucil )   A powerful Cholesterol scavenger.  It roots out Constipation by its laxative action.

Punarnava The very name means Rejuvenation.  In India, the herb is known to rejuvenate and revitalize the body.  It will optimize the functioning of the metabolism.

Ashwagandha.  (Primarily for Males) The Indian Ginseng. If you are a male, it will make you a man.

Shatavari.   (Primarily for Females) A superb Herb for the female; specially for their Reproductive System.

Tulsi. aka Basil.   It regulates Blood Pressure, Combats Stress, prevents Hair loss and Dandruff.  Relieves the symptoms of Common cold and Flu.

Shilajeet  aka Asphaltum is the ultimate weapon in our fight against aging.

Liquorice  is the herb that rejuvenates  both mind and body.  It is an adjunct rasayana which is used with other herbs.

Via Adaptogens (The Universal method)

This protocol incorporates the thinking of India, Chinese, Greeks, Unani and other systems of medical treatments around the world. No culture in the world has a standardised format or sequence for the administration of antiaging herbs. All cultures have herbs that are antiaging, adaptogens and or bipolar. There are herbs that affect the metabolism as a whole, like Ginseng and Aswagandha. There are herbs that benefit specific organs, like Goji berry is good for the eyes.

A suggested sequence of herbs is given below, starting with the herb least likely to affect a human being adversely.
All Herbs should be taken in capsule form, except Gojiberry, which should be taken as fresh or dried berries.

Goji Berry.  It has an affinity for the eyes.  

Ganoderma. aka Reishi : Top herb for longevity.

SchisandraGuarantee your youth forever. 

Gynostemma  Provides relief from Stress and Fatigue, relaxes mind and nerves.  Deals with Depression, Obesity, Anxiety, Constipation and Diabetes.  The herb has great Anti Cancer action and strengthens the Immune System.

Notoginseng.  This is an all weather longevity Herb. Acts as an excellent Blood tonic, increases Blood flow to the Heart, improves the consumption of Oxygen, lowers Blood Pressure and takes care of any bleeding, internal or external.  If Notoginseng is suitable to you, make a note of this fact.

Siberian Ginseng.   This Herb is perfect to revitalize your mind and to get rid of Stress. It is a great Immunity booster and an amazing Health agent.  So, if you are constantly pestered by Stress, this Herb is your best bet.  Note.  It is hot in nature and should be preferred in winter.

American Ginseng.   Best used to cure Diabetes and Stress.  Disease proof your Immune System. Fortify yourself against Sexual Debility.  Note.  It is cool in nature and should be preferred in summer.

Cordyceps.   The herb takes care of the Cardiovascular System.  It is an amazing Lung Tonic.  It balances the anabolic and catabolic activity of the metabolism.  It is a potent herb to prevent and combat Cancer, Sexual Dysfunction and Stress.

For a detailed methodology ,

Read More...........                      .

Part 2 Care Of The Organ Systems

Let us assume the Metabolism is functioning optimally and all is well.  Vibrant Health can still not be taken for granted.  Any system can malfunction and get diseased.  Disease is usually manifested either in the whole body ( Like Fever ), or, in an organ system ( Like the Cardiovascular System ) or, a part of the body ( Like the Liver ).  However, this is the end result.  The deterioration must have begun some time before the visible symptom.  The decay usually sets in a system rather than a specific organ.  Diagnosing the problem before the appearance of any visible symptom is difficult.  It is therefore, prudent to take care of the Organ systems as a whole.
The body is made up of  Organ Systems working together as a synchronized unit.  They are all dependent on each other.  The result is a beautifully vibrantly healthy Organ(ism)

Read More...........                     

The major systems of the body and the Herbs associated with them are :

Cardiovascular System .  The Heart and the Blood vessels.  It circulates blood throughout the body.  Herbs that bring harmony to the system are
Read More :  Mini  / Detailed...

Lymphatic System .   The Thymus, Spleen, Tonsils, Appendix and the Lymph Nodes.  It defends the body against Infections . Herbs that fight infections are
Sweet Wormwood
Red Clover          
Read MoreMini  / Detailed...

Digestive System.   Gastrointestinal Tract (GI tract), Mouth, Pharynx, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestines, Large Intestines, Rectum, Anus.  The digestive system helps to digest food and absorb or extract nutrients from the food.  Herbs that nourish this system are
Psyllium Husk

Endocrine and Exocrine Systems Endocrine System.  The Glands.  They secrete Hormones and keep all other systems in Harmony.  Herbs that augment the secretion of Hormones are
Wild Yam.  

Read More : Mini  / Detailed....

Nervous System.  The Brain and the Spinal Cord.  The Brain controls the functions of the body through this system. Herbs to keep this system healthy are


Integumentary System.   Skin, Hair, Nails, and Sweat glands.  The system  acts as a barrier or  a shield to protect  the body from the outside world.  Herbs for strengthening  the system are
Read More : Mini  / Detailed...                                     

Muscular System. 
There are three types of muscles : Visceral ( stomach, blood vessels, intestines ), Cardiac ( Heart ), and Skeletal.  This system moves you.  Its makes possible, the movement of the body as a whole and parts in particular.  Herbs that bolster this system are
Sida Cordifolia  
Read More : Mini / Detailed...

Female Reproductive System   Vagina, Uterus, Fallopian tubes, Ovaries.  Major Herbs to tonify the FRS are
Chaste Berry

Read More : Mini / Detailed...

Male Reproductive System.  Testicles, Penis, Prostate and the Duct system.  The Reproductive System ensures that humans are able to reproduce and survive as a species.  Herbs to tonify the Male Reproductive System are
Saw Palmetto
Read More :  Mini / Detailed...

Respiratory System.  The system  supplies the blood with oxygen so that the blood delivers oxygen to all parts of the body.  The
respiratory system does this through breathing.  Herbs that take care of the Respiratory System are

Skeletal System.  Bones, Cartilages, Muscles, Tendons and LigamentsThe skeletal system provides the shape and form to the body.  Herbs that provide strength to the skeletal system are

Urinary System.  A pair of Kidneys, two Ureters, Bladder and the Urethra. The system filters excess fluid and other wastes from the bloodstream.  Herbs that  rejuvenate the system are

Part 3 Care Of The Vital Organs

The regimen mentioned above was meant to optimize the functioning of your Organ Systems. If you fail to optimize the functioning of the Organ Systems, then the target(s) of the disease will be one or more organs.

The body and the mind give you many indications that things are going wrong.  If you pick up the clues and act , you can save yourself a lot of trouble.  Rather than going through a series of tests and diagnostic calisthenics, let us embark on an error free course to fortify the organs.  

Most serious diseases start when the Metabolism malfunctions.  Either the digestive system or the Endocrine system is affected.  If not cured in time the disease will attack specfic organs.  Normally, the first organ to be affected is the Pancreas. 

Sugar is the food for all cells.  Sugar can enter the cells only in the presence of Insulin.  Insulin is produced by the Pancreas.  In a diseased state of the Metabolism, the Insulin, though being produced, is ineffective.  Cells order the Pancreas to produce more.    To combat the diseased Metabolism the Pancreas first start manufacturing excess Insulin.  In the process they get worn out.  Then they cannot produce the required amount of Insulin.  When the Pancreas are affected the patient will not come to know for quite some time. This is when the sugar in the blood, rather than being absorbed by the cells, remains in the blood and manifests itself as excess in the blood.  Voila ! You have Diabetes. 

When glucose level increases in the blood and body, the Liver has to store more, the Kidneys have to work harder to filter the same.  The over worked Liver and the Kidneys break down.  They get damaged or worn out.  The Kidneys are a strong organ, and do not complain or malfunction till the time they are damaged 80%, and by that time, it is too late.  If they get bad, it then affects other intricate organs like the Heart and the Brain.

Therefore, the answer lies, in taking an action before anything goes wrong with these vital organs.

We have listed some of  the Vital Organs along with the Herbs associated with them. 

Pancreas :
Gymnema Sylvertre ( Gurmar )
Land Caltrops ( Gokharu )

Liver : 
Milk Thistle

Kidneys :

Heart :

Spleen :



Brain :   

Velvet Bean

Do not worry, we do have a  detailed protocol that will guide you through the regimen to  fortify your Vital organs.


Motivation.  If you think the task outlined above is arduous,  think of the alternative. It should make you shudder !!!!!

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Ranga N
07 Sep 2016
Great website! So much information. Could you also include fruits and vegetables in your website, explaining their benefits along with herbs/pulses etc. I am thinking all these facts should be part of school syllabus so children learn the benefits of fruits/vegetables/herbs/pulses etc at their young age and start practicing early in their life to be healthy naturally!
Nitin Kundalia
13 Oct 2016
Yes, it is. Just now I was going through the page Geer Up and Cheer Up. It is Commendable. The way you people portray this bulk of info in such a simple manner. Will go through the next pages now.
Yes,Ranga N. You are right, the site can be an excellent source of information for the kids. Almost all the fruits and pulses are already there on the website. You can check them in the herb section, just write down the name of the fruit you wish to know about..
What we are missing : is a catalogue of the categories. Let us wait and see if e can see it in the near future.
Thank you Herbpathy. Thank you Vibrant health. Stay healthy all of you. :)
24 Oct 2016
Great website! So much information. Could you also include fruits and vegetables in your website, explaining their benefits along with herbs/pulses etc. I am thinking all these facts should be part of school syllabus so children learn the benefits of fruits/vegetables/herbs/pulses etc at their young age and start practicing early in their life to be healthy naturally!
Shreshta Gulati
03 Nov 2016
Rajnui You are right, all this should the part of school syllabus. A child should be made aware of what health is and what is the value of true health. This information is invaluable. I loved it. Wish i could download the entire data. Would want to keep it for the life time.
10 Feb 2023
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18 Aug 2017
Its very nice site.

I am a patient of ulcerative colitis..may I know any health tips of relate thses.

Like which type of yoga ,excecise etc

Please help
Rituraj Bakshi
23 Feb 2018 Read this link, I have shared
26 Aug 2020
This is nice effort to create awareness about health and longevity.I would request the administrators of this website if they can enable the services of copying the content and pasting them into word file so that printouts can be taken and a booklet can be prepared for those not having internet facility at least for the content of topics covered under Vibrant health and longevity.This topic has been covered nicely and aware people about how the holistic approach of Ayurveda can lead us to physically,mentally and emotionally healthy life.
Syed anwer ullah
29 Oct 2020
i have tulsi leaves in dry form...
Andrew shelton
09 Dec 2023
I have a lung bacterial infection. What should I take?
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